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Is the answer to exploding sensor data a public cloud mimic on premises? | #VTUG

The scramble is on to secure huge data streams inundating enterprises from new sources like sensors and the Internet of Things. While that prospect is challenging enough, a simpler logistic problem also looms: Where does a company store those gargantuan data sets? “Everybody’s hitting this juncture, because the data’s growing faster than the [IT] budget,” said Steve […]

Curing self-driving car fears: Watson’s cognitive role in the auto revolution | #NAIAS

The potential for cognitive intelligence in autos includes more than the fully autonomous, self-driving car that gets all the hype. Even now, IBM is collaborating with other companies to add cognitive technology to cars as an assist to the driver, not a replacement. “The big announcement at World of Watson was that IBM and General […]

Can auto disruptors play well with incumbents? Collaborating at the last mile | #NAIAS

The first release of URB-E, a compact, foldable electric vehicle, drew a lot of fanfare in 2016. Capable of traveling up to 20 miles, it might serve as some urbanite’s main transport method. And the new lighter, cheaper version is even more convenient, according to Grant Delgatty, co-founder and chief creative officer at URB-E. According to Delgatty, […]

A self-driving minibus from concept to market in 12 weeks? Yep, here’s how AI did it | #NAIAS

Shortening the time a company can go from concept through testing to market can save and earn them money and result in better quality products. We spoke with one International Business Machine Corp. employee who shared how he used new technology to deliver a fully functioning self-driving minibus to market in 12 weeks. Sachin Lulla, […]

Will 2017 be the year the security ‘white hats’ get a leg up on cyber attackers? | #ACCELERATE2017

The question of cyber security is hard and getting harder: Billions of Internet of Things devices are expanding the attack surface area. Who will secure these connections and how? One security expert says the answer lay not in hiring more geniuses or automating everything, but rather in pairing humans with machines so they both can […]

The missing piece in digital transformation schemes | #theCUBE

With all the technology products aimed at digital transformation, companies may feel spoilt for choice. Some IT managers may believe if they just find the right software, they can sit back and wait for profits to roll in. But according to one consultant, the technology alone cannot hack it without human team members becoming more […]

Why conventional vs. autonomous cars is not a zero-sum game | #NAIAS

It’s not difficult to find predictions about autonomous vehicles completely replacing conventional ones in the near future. Naturally, this may have some in the automotive business worried about the industry’s trajectory. Will there be a place for their skills as conventional car engineers in the autonomous future? “I strongly believe that we still will have conventional cars […]

Why reinvent the wheel? A smart way for startups making inroads to smart cars | #NAIAS

In Los Angeles, the joke is that everyone and their mother has a script they’d like to sell. In Silicon Valley, the joke could be that everybody has an idea for an app. PC and mobile users are bombarded daily with offers to download yet another one. It’s not hard to see why some startups […]

Your network is your net worth: How security affects the bottom line in the Digital Age | #ACCELERATE2017

Disagreement on exact numbers aside, most everyone agrees that Internet of Things products will increase in coming years, with Gartner’s estimate clocking in at 20 billion. The actual number of events that come out of these connected devices is staggering, creating rich opportunities for hackers looking to cash in on device-accessed data. How will businesses secure all of […]

Uh-oh — is your enterprise security spending about to go up threefold? | #ACCELERATE2017

Recent cyber security research suggests nearly 90 percent of companies’ security budgets go toward the perimeter. Ironically, the research reveals that only about 20 to 25 percent of breaches occur there — the rest happen on the inside. Does this mean that enterprises should reverse their spending ratio? Or will they have to keep spending steady at […]