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R. Danes is a staff writer for theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media's premier channel for live event coverage in enterprise IT.
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The future of problem solving with deep learning | #OpenPOWERSummit

Bringing together silicon and software is what the conversation is about around OpenPOWER. Today’s application architects love the breathing room that open-source software gives them, and IBM thinks all in IT are going to welcome the “opening” of hardware. John Ashley, senior IBM software developer relations manager at NVIDIA Corp., told David Floyer (@dfloyer), cohost […]

Not just for software: Bringing open-source philosophy to hardware | #OpenPOWERSummit

Open-source software is one of the hottest commodities in IT these days. Customers love the choice and flexibility open-source offers, and they are gobbling up new software as fast as developers can create it. With the huge increase in interest in OpenPOWER over the past year, we are about to see what open can do deeper […]

Beyond cloud: The new as-a-service philosophy | #CUBEconversations

What’s more important to you? That your infrastructure works for your applications or that your applications work for your infrastructure? That’s what we thought, and the growing world of as-a-service is turning the old infrastructure-first model right-side up. Developers are now demanding that any application they can dream up will be supported by shape-shifting as-a-service […]

Can Big Data drive up the ROI on IoT? | #HS16Dublin

For today’s businesses, the term Big Data piques both excitement and confusion. Many find themselves knee deep in data they don’t quite know what to do with — maybe it holds the secret that will lead to their next lucrative innovation; maybe they will merely spend time looking through it only to discover nothing of […]

Can you use Hadoop to teach old IT new tricks? | #HS16Dublin

What we all love about IT is the pace of change and innovation that keeps it exciting; what we don’t love are the constant growing pains that come with adopting the changes, the expenses, the worry that this year’s infrastructure won’t support tomorrow’s new advances. So a solution that can weave new technology into existing […]

Is your static network architecture ‘so 20 years ago?’ | #CUBEconversations

The revolutionary changes storage underwent in recent years culminated in the explosion of flash, which solved the latency problem. But IT is like a game of whack-a-mole, where once one problem is solved, another pops up to replace it. Now, according to Rich Napolitano, CEO of Plexxi, Inc., that problem is the network — particularly […]

Is an on-prem stepping stone the cure for public cloud jitters? | #CloudWorld

Despite the hype around public could, some companies are still reluctant to make the move off-prem with all that’s at stake. Others cannot move to the cloud for legislative reasons. Swamy Kuppuswamy, director of system integrations, analytics, data science and enterprise data management at Avaya, Inc., said that, happily, the complexities of moving to cloud […]

Is a sensor data explosion about to dwarf Big Data as we know it? | #BigDataSV

Big Data is a big field with big promise and big challenges. It seems that for every creative or profitable use-case we see, a snafu with storing or working with data rears its head. Some questions facing companies collecting Big Data are: Who’s going to parse it, prepare it and turn it into useful information? […]

Is this the magic wand to turn data into awesome applications? | #BigDataSV

Virtualize, virtualize, virtualize — that’s been the mantra in IT over the years, but one area has been uniquely resistant to virtualization — the database. But now with Big Data applications requiring faster processing and moving of data among nodes, the old systems are proving inadequate. The problem, said Rajeev Madhavan, board chairman and founding investor […]

Uh oh. Have we reached ‘peak B.I.’? | #BigDataSV

Even as predictions of all the wonderful things BigData is going to do for businesses are flurrying heavier daily, a troubling yellow light looms ahead. A recent flattening of consumption of business intelligence — one of Big Data’s main use-cases — has caused some to question whether we’ve hit “peak B.I” (business intelligence). Ian Andrews, […]