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Is digitization a true win-win for bosses and employees? | #EC16

Technology has changed the way we work in many ways over the years, and now the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here — it is going to help up work less. At least that is according to Craig Walker, founder and CEO of Dialpad, Inc. Formerly Switch.co, Dialpad is a communications technology company used by […]

Disrupting the office: Will new tech make cubicles and commuting obsolete? | #EC16

If you’re thinking of packing up and trying the digital nomad lifestyle, you may soon get your chance. Telecommunications companies are going high tech and leaving bosses with fewer excuses to require employees to trek into the office every day. CaféX Communications, Inc. is one company that is using technology to provide easy, frictionless ways […]

Faster, stronger, smaller: How cloud is changing the role of the IT department | #EC16

Cloud continues to subsume previously bulky and expensive hard technology into itself, and communications continue to make their way in. Technological disruption in businesses and life is being matched by the disruption of IT itself thanks to the cloud — and it constitutes “a seismic shift” for the industry, according to Alan Masarek, CEO of […]

The digital transformation picks up steam | #IBMInterConnect

The IBM InterConnect conference at the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas wrapped up its final day this afternoon. Guests had a chance to weigh in on many aspects of digitization and how it affects their own platforms, businesses, clients and operations. “It’s been all about the digital transformation,” according to John Furrier, host […]

How one company started shortening links and wound up data scientists | #IBMInterConnect

Feeds for the new data science keep showing up in unexpected places from weather forecasting to grocery purchases. Bitly, Inc. CEO Mark Josephson has found one such source in his company’s main, deceptively humble-sounding business: Shortening links. “We started with a very simple problem — links on Twitter were too long,” he told John Furrier […]

The personal empowerment economy: My data for my benefit | #IBMInterConnect

The digitization of everything is embodied for many in the share economy and its manifestations, such as Uber. But as far as Scott Amyx is concerned, the share economy in its current form is just a stepping stone to something much greater: The personal empowerment economy. Amyx, managing partner of Venture1st and CEO of Amyx + Internet of […]

Will ‘citizen developers’ build more apps than pros do by 2020? | #IBMInterConnect

Many professionals in the data science field have predicted that we will all one day be “citizen data scientists,” mining and utilizing data to improve our businesses and lives. Now, the exciting prospect of democratizing development is on the horizon, said Sandy Carter, GM, IBM entrepreneurs and developer ecosystems, social business evangelism at IBM. Carter told John […]

Cognitive computing: Unlocking goldmines at the speed of thought | #IBMInterConnect

The technology industry is all ears these days for Big Data use-cases that give clues as to how the new data science will transform our lives. It sometimes seems we are sitting on this goldmine just waiting for the tools to extract its riches. Where are we going with all this? For Doug Balog, GM of […]

Time was ripe for IBM merger with The Weather Company, says CITO | #IBMInterConnect

IBM’s announcement that it would take over The Weather Company was perplexing to some, but not to The Weather Company’s Chief Information & Technology Officer, Bryson Koehler. To him, it’s a natural fit, and the reason basically comes down to data. Koehler told John Furrier and Dave Vellante, cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, that The […]

Data not doping: Is tech the new way to win in sports? | #IBMInterConnect

The days of the notebook and stopwatch are on their way out for sports trainers, according to Neal Henderson, founder of APEX Coaching & Consulting, LLC. Now, and moving into the future, pro athletes are making use of cutting-edge technology to monitor their progress, he told John Furrier and Dave Vellante, cohosts of theCUBE, from the […]