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Robert Hof is editor in chief of SiliconANGLE.

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Buying Magic Pony, Twitter dives deeper into machine learning

Machine learning, the branch of artificial intelligence that helps computers learn without being specifically programmed, has quickly emerged as table stakes for companies to remain competitive in everything from media and advertising to enterprise computing. Now, it’s apparent that Twitter Inc. aims to keep up in machine learning with giants such as Google, Facebook, IBM and […]

Why Spark is on fire: a conversation with creator Matei Zaharia

Apache Spark, the open source software framework for distributing computing across many clusters of machines, has caught on like wildfire among companies looking to divine insights from their growing masses of data. Nowhere was that more apparent than at a conference this week in San Francisco centered on the software. Spark Summit West drew a […]

Data services startup aims to untangle Big Data hairball

Two-year-old Israeli startup aims to untangle the current hairball of ways to store and move big data for analytics.

Acquisitions trump IPOs as the software cycle hits a turning point

Software companies are suddenly finding it tough to go public, and the situation isn’t likely to ease much soon.

Mary Meeker: Internet and iPhone peak as voice interfaces take off

The number of people streaming onto the Internet has stalled, Apple’s iPhone has peaked and voice interfaces are one of the next big things, according to Mary Meeker’s latest Internet Trends report.

Google beats Oracle in long-running Java lawsuit

A jury today handed Google a victory in a $9 billion lawsuit by Oracle America Inc. over the Java programming language.

The top 10 coming tech trends, from five top tech investors

Designers will succeed programmers as the kings of Silicon Valley, machines will become as smart as humans, and ambient computing will supplant smartphones in the next few years.

HPE shares jump on services spinoff, better-than-expected earnings

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co. distanced itself from fellow enterprise technology companies in two ways today: by announcing the spinoff of its troubled services business and by posting better-than-expected second-quarter results. In a surprise move, the company said it’s merging its enterprise services business, which accounts for more than a third of its business, with Computer Sciences Corp. to […]

Google revamps its ads and analytics for a mobile world

Google today is announcing what it calls the biggest changes to its iconic search ads since they launched 15 years ago.

Storage systems startup Datrium debuts speedier Insane Mode

Since early last year, Tesla has had an “insane mode” on its Model S P85D that turbocharges the car’s acceleration at the press of a button. Now, a startup has borrowed the concept for its storage systems. Sunnyvale-based Datrium Inc. today is introducing a similarly faster Insane Mode in the latest release of the DVX […]