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Robert Hof is editor in chief of SiliconANGLE.

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Virtual and augmented reality plunge into the trough of disillusionment

In Gartner Inc.’s well-known Hype Cycle for tracking the commercial progress of a technology, the “trough of disillusionment” is the point at which “interest wanes as experiments and implementations fail to deliver.” That about describes the state of virtual and augmented reality at the moment. On Wednesday, news broke from Business Insider that Facebook is […]

With ‘Smart Magazines,’ Flipboard uses machine learning to reinvent its app

No small number of people in media think magazines always had something going for them, such as smart stories and beautiful photos for readers and a targeted, self-selected audience for advertisers, that should still work online. Today, Flipboard Inc. is taking yet another crack at proving it. The seven-year-old Palo Alto, California-based company today is […]

Google’s Diane Greene: Machine learning will cost jobs, so skills training is essential

Machine learning will cost us jobs, a prominent technology executive acknowledged today, but she said job disruption isn’t the insurmountable problem that many observers fear. Diane Greene, senior vice president in charge of Google Inc.’s cloud business, said at the Women in Data Science conference at Stanford University today that there’s “no question” that machine […]

Cloud lifts Amazon profits again, but investors wanted faster growth

Once again, the cloud kept Inc.’s profits flying high during the holidays, but its shares fell on lower-than-expected revenues. The Seattle-based online retailer and cloud computing giant said it earned a fourth-quarter profit of $749 million, or $1.54 a share. That was 54 percent higher than a year ago and considerably over the $1.36 […]

Facebook posts strong mobile and video ad growth but higher costs loom

So much for that cautious outlook last quarter. Facebook Inc. today beat back its own executives’ muted forecasts with a 51 percent jump in fourth-quarter revenues. The social network said revenues hit $8.8 billion, easily beating Wall Street analysts’ estimates of $8.5 billion. Profits more than doubled from a year ago, to $3.6 billion, or […]

Big holiday for iPhones and apps helps Apple beat earnings forecast

In a big turnaround, heavy holiday sales of Apple Inc.’s high-end new iPhones and a boost in app and content revenues helped the tech giant post higher revenues year over year for the first time since early 2016. Apple reported a first-fiscal quarter profit of $17.89 billion, or $3.36 a share before certain costs such […]

In conversation with John Markoff: Can Silicon Valley keep the innovation flywheel spinning?

With decades of nearly uninterrupted innovation flying out of Silicon Valley, it often seems as if the tech industry’s well-oiled machine will keep running for decades to come. But that’s far from certain, according to longtime New York Times technology writer John Markoff (pictured). Markoff, who recently retired from the Times after 28 years, sees a […]

Google parent Alphabet’s profit shortfall disappoints investors

Despite more than a year of cutting back on farflung projects, Alphabet Inc. today reported fourth-quarter profits that fell below forecasts even as revenue growth outpaced expectations. The parent company of Google Inc. said it earned a profit before certain costs such as stock compensation of $9.36 a share. Revenues rose 22 percent, or 24 […]

Facebook hires former Xiaomi/Google exec Hugo Barra to head its VR operations

Just a few days after Xiaomi Inc. executive Hugo Barra announced he was leaving the struggling Chinese smartphone maker, Facebook Inc. said on Wednesday that he will head all virtual reality operations for the social network. Barra, a rising star who had left Google in 2013 to head Xiaomi’s efforts to expand globally, will be […]

Amid legal quarrels, Qualcomm shares fall on mixed earnings results

In a week Qualcomm Inc. might prefer to forget, the wireless chip giant today reported a first-fiscal quarter profit that beat analysts’ expectations, but revenues fell short of estimates. As a result, the maker of chips used in many smartphones and other mobile devices saw its shares, which had risen 3.45 percent in trading Wednesday, […]