Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins

With 29 years in the engineering world, Tim Hawkins is currently a liveblogger for SiliconANGLE.com. Tim spent 12 years in the defense industry, with tenures at the US Army Corps of Engineers and Northrop Grumman, before shifting focus to the manufacturing sector. Tim served as a product engineer for Abbott Labs, manufacturing engineer for ANS Medical, and as a test engineer for Flextronics, helping those companies to manufacture better products in a more productive and safe way.

Tim enjoys hardcore gaming, excessive reading, getting lost on the dark corners of the Internet and being a general introvert.

Latest from Tim Hawkins

The politics of proactive cybersecurity | #GHC16

Just in the past few days, the media has been filled with stories of hacked emails and serious threats to national cybersecurity. Endgame Inc. is taking a proactive approach to protecting the sensitive and valuable data of its customers by not only implementing defensive countermeasures and deterrents, but by taking offensive measures as well, all within the framework of what are often […]

How GoDaddy removes glass ceilings | #GHC16

In the past, GoDaddy was known for racy advertising showcasing scantily clad women, a tactic that was targeted toward what was perceived as a male-dominated online world. In the past few years, however, the company has worked hard at creating a fully inclusive work environment, as well as overhauling its advertising to target an increasingly diverse customer base. Auguste […]

The GroundTruth Project: Reporting on gender inequality in the online world | #GHC16

In August, The GroundTruth Project and theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media’s team, announced the three winners of their “Women in Tech” fellowship, which is awarded to up-and-coming female journalists interested in reporting on topics related to both gender and technology. As part of the fellowship, the three winners are reporting live from the Grace Hopper […]

Developer empowerment: How Yelp developed its own Platform-as-a-Service | #splunkconf16

Over the past few years, Yelp, Inc. has expanded the services its offerings by creating an interactive feature called Yelp Reservations, which allows customers to interact with their restaurant of choice and to create dining reservations. Because the app has proven to be heavily data-intensive, Yelp turned to Splunk to help them manage it. Kris Wehner, SeatMe VP of […]

The growing necessity of adopting deep analytics | #BigDataNYC

As customers become more Big Data savvy, conversations around it are becoming less of a “techie” topic and more of a business topic. Customers are beginning to realize that Big Data and deep analytics is not some sort of new toy or concept for their organizations to play around with, but rather it is something that […]

Hadoop, Big Data ecosystem shifting, analysts say | #BigDataNYC

Hadoop has always been seen the “poster child” for Big Data, and indeed the vast majority of Big Data customers use it in at least some variation. But, recently, there have been some changes within the Hadoop ecosystem, as well as some outside competition, and it is creating permanent changes to the Big Data landscape. […]

Entertainment company uses Big Data to enhance marketing | #BigDataNYC

As the playing field for cable and broadcast media evolves, companies that deliver the content available through them have been forced to adapt. Not only is the medium that is used to offer that content itself changing, but so are the ways in which it is being delivered. Shiv Sehgal, product manager of the Media Mantra […]

Deep analytics: Machine learning new trend in Big Data, say analysts | #BigDataNYC

As the BigDataNYC 2016 event kicked off at the Mercantile Annex in New York, NY, Dave Vellante (@dvellante), Jeff Frick (@JeffFrick), Peter Burris (@plburris) and George Gilbert (@ggilbert41), cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, sat down to discuss what could be expected from this year’s event coverage. In particular, the analysts discussed the recent […]

The synergy of VMware and hyper-converged platforms | #VMworld

The ability to easily create virtualized resources is a fast-growing customer market. And Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co. (HPE) is partnering with VMware, Inc. on its hyper-converged platforms in order to quickly create state-of-the-art composable infrastructure. Cullen Ruegemer, senior director of Product Management at HPE, sat down with John Furrier (@furrier) and John Walls (@johnwalls21), co-hosts of theCUBE, from the […]

HPE embraces machine learning, key alliances | #SeizeTheData

The HPE Big Data Conference day two keynote opened with Jeff Veis, VP, HP Big Data Platform Solutions, HP Software, noting that some big announcements would be made during the presentation. Veis quickly moved on to introducing Robert Youngjohns, EVP and GM, Software at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. (HPE). And he immediately set the tone for the keynote, which was “where […]