Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins

With 29 years in the engineering world, Tim Hawkins is currently a liveblogger for SiliconANGLE.com. Tim spent 12 years in the defense industry, with tenures at the US Army Corps of Engineers and Northrop Grumman, before shifting focus to the manufacturing sector. Tim served as a product engineer for Abbott Labs, manufacturing engineer for ANS Medical, and as a test engineer for Flextronics, helping those companies to manufacture better products in a more productive and safe way.

Tim enjoys hardcore gaming, excessive reading, getting lost on the dark corners of the Internet and being a general introvert.

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Competition ramps up in the hyperconverged infrastructure market | #NEXTConf

Lenovo Group Ltd. is no stranger to enterprise, but to offer hyperconverged infrastructure on Lenovo hardware, the company partnered with Nutanix Inc. in order to reduce complexity and offer more versatility with its enterprise systems. Gianluca Degliesposti, executive director of the Data Center Group at Lenovo EMEA, sat down with Stu Miniman (@stu), host of theCUBE*, from […]

Why technology management is as important as the technology itself | #NEXTConf

Traditional management styles are changing. In the past, it was enough to set a direction and implement policy to take your company in that direction. But in the Digital Age, and particularly with the high degree of technological innovation seen today, modifying management styles to take advantage of and implement that innovation is critical to […]

Cashflow to cloud: overcoming the financing debacle for small business | #QBConnect

From time to time, all growing small businesses with cashflow problems seek out financing. Unfortunately, many of them find it difficult to secure these small loans from big banks, especially in the timely fashion in which they are needed. In fact, lack of access to capital is one of the biggest reasons companies fail within the […]

‘Firm of the Future’: How cloud, mobile and automation are revolutionizing accounting | #QBConnect

A common perception of accountants and accounting professionals is that they are notoriously reluctant to change. Some of them may believe that they are not subject to the relentless advance of technology, because accounting practices as a whole have been the same seemingly forever. But the tools used to do the job have not stayed […]

Accounting of the future: The move to the cloud | #QBConnect

Accounting is a fundamental part of any business, and accountants are generally educated in the field of accounting alone, with very little consideration given to where technology is headed. However, within the rapidly changing tech universe, the tools themselves are constantly changing, and the days of paper ledgers and pen-and-ink signatures are, for the most part, […]

Survive and scale: How software frees up brain time for small business owners | #QBConnect

When banks shut down during the 2008 crisis, it was virtually impossible for small business owners to get loans to grow or even operate their businesses. The United States Small Business Administration played a major role in easing this problem because it has $100 billion in loan guarantees, and this money was available to small […]

Save time and paper: Automating accounting processes | #QBConnect

Despite how far technology has come over the past few decades, a great number of companies still do a large part of their business on paper. While this practice is old and familiar, it is also extremely time consuming and does not lend itself very well to accessibility or trackability. René Lacerte, CEO and founder of Bill.com […]

How Stanford is empowering women in the data science field | #GHC16

Data science is a field that women have not traditionally gravitated toward, and as a result the field is unintentionally dominated by men. In response, Stanford University began the “Women in Data Science” program, which aims to foster interest and professional participation by women in not only data science, but also in engineering and computer science as a whole. Judy Logan, […]

The politics of proactive cybersecurity | #GHC16

Just in the past few days, the media has been filled with stories of hacked emails and serious threats to national cybersecurity. Endgame Inc. is taking a proactive approach to protecting the sensitive and valuable data of its customers by not only implementing defensive countermeasures and deterrents, but by taking offensive measures as well, all within the framework of what are often […]

How GoDaddy removes glass ceilings | #GHC16

In the past, GoDaddy was known for racy advertising showcasing scantily clad women, a tactic that was targeted toward what was perceived as a male-dominated online world. In the past few years, however, the company has worked hard at creating a fully inclusive work environment, as well as overhauling its advertising to target an increasingly diverse customer base. Auguste […]