The confusing case of email court rulings: Complexity in the cloud

Mellisa Tolentino | July 23rd

Can an entire Gmail account become evidence in a court case, or should access to personal data be limited to relevant content only? The question is one of privacy rights, and has garnered contracting rulings in several


SAP joins software rivals on the open cloud bandwagon

Maria Deutscher | July 23rd

The old guard of the enterprise software industry has been charichastically slow to recognize the potential of OpenStack as a means of countering Amazon’s advance on its home turf, but it eventually adapted, at least to some extent,...»

Big Switch extends SDN vision to the physical plane

Maria Deutscher | July 23rd

Four years after setting out to change how enterprise networks are operated with an overlay solution designed to provide a centralized management  layer atop existing infrastructure, Big Switch Networks is rolling out a new platform aimed at...»

The innovation process behind HP Moonshot | #HPdiscover

Cheryl Knight | July 23rd

Among the industry's top research organizations in computer and digital technology, Hewlett-Packard (HP) provides a list of hardware, software, and services to a large variety of customers, including small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as larger companies. One of...»

VeloCloud launches virtualized WAN-as-a-service offering

Mike Wheatley | July 23rd

Fresh off a $21 million investor funding round, networking startup VeloCloud is officially open for business, unveiling general availability of its cloud-based wide area network. The company...»

Patent trolls, open source and building trust | #HPdiscover

Cheryl Knight | July 22nd

Launched in May 2014, Hewlett-Packard Helion is a part of the company's OpenStack offering. A free and open-source cloud platform, OpenStack is derived from a series of similar projects, including processing, storage, and networking applications. Lisa-Marie M. Namphy and...»

AppDynamics lands $120 million to ignite Application Intelligence market

Kyt Dotson | July 22nd

Application intelligence leader AppDynamics just finished a massive round of funding securing $120 million in growth financing. This new financing raises the total capital gathered by AppDynamics to over $200 million and will fund the expansion of...»

VMware offers safe passage from lock-in with low-risk migration path

Maria Deutscher | July 22nd

VMware is making it easier for organizations to migrate to its software with a new initiative that aims to address both the technical and financial barriers to moving off rivaling offerings. Safe Passage, as the program is known,...»

4 top cloud storage services for managing files

Mike Wheatley | July 22nd

Convenience is the most often-cited benefit of the cloud, and for good reason. Few things are easier than syncing files and accessing them on multiple devices, be it a PC, smartphone or tablet device. But what...»

Observers say Microsoft layoffs had better be a one-time thing

Mike Wheatley | July 18th

Microsoft's plan to slash 18,000 jobs that was announced this week was met mostly with approval by market watchers, but they cautioned that the cuts need to be a one-time event and not the beginning...»