GigaSpaces converges DevOps and monitoring with Cloudify 3.0

Maria Deutscher | July 29th

The host of new platforms and services that have made their way onto the CIO radar screen in recent years provide organizations with more freedom than ever in how they operate their environments, but that variety also translates...»

Lightweight Linux distro CoreOS gets production-ready

Mike Wheatley | July 29th

Developers of the stripped-down CoreOS Linux distro have delivered its first ever production-ready release with version 367.1.0 of the platform. CoreOS is a radical departure from other popular Linux distributions. Designed to...»

VMware patent reveals worries about Docker incursion

Mike Wheatley | July 29th

The rapid rise of Docker and its containerization technology has proponents of virtualization quaking in their boots, and there may be good reason. While no one is denying that virtualization is powerful,...»

3 options to build private clouds with public cloud perks

Rachel Schramm | July 28th

At the OpenStack Enterprise forum, Wikibon founder Dave Vellante proclaimed 2014 "the year of the cloud." Now that they hype has died down, he said, true change is beginning to occur in large-scale businesses. Many of those businesses...»

Big Data needs drive R as a powerful enterprise ready language

Kyt Dotson | July 28th

As Big Data continues to reach larger enterprise adoption, the programming languages that support writing schema and producing Big Data analysis algorithms will rush to keep up. As a result, the open source statistical language R...»

Rackspace powers up bare-metal cloud servers

Mike Wheatley | July 28th

Rackspace, Inc. has just revealed pricing for its new OnMetal servers, which are now generally available following a limited trial phase. The dedicated, single-tenant bare-metal machines are designed for applications that can...»

The confusing case of email court rulings: Complexity in the cloud

Mellisa Tolentino | July 23rd

Can an entire Gmail account become evidence in a court case, or should access to personal data be limited to relevant content only? The question is one of privacy rights, and has garnered contracting rulings in several


SAP joins software rivals on the open cloud bandwagon

Maria Deutscher | July 23rd

The old guard of the enterprise software industry has been charichastically slow to recognize the potential of OpenStack as a means of countering Amazon’s advance on its home turf, but it eventually adapted, at least to some extent,...»

Big Switch extends SDN vision to the physical plane

Maria Deutscher | July 23rd

Four years after setting out to change how enterprise networks are operated with an overlay solution designed to provide a centralized management  layer atop existing infrastructure, Big Switch Networks is rolling out a new platform aimed at...»

The innovation process behind HP Moonshot | #HPdiscover

Cheryl Knight | July 23rd

Among the industry's top research organizations in computer and digital technology, Hewlett-Packard (HP) provides a list of hardware, software, and services to a large variety of customers, including small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as larger companies. One of...»