DevOps Weekly Round-Up: Open source, Docker, and Android 64-bit

Saroj Kar | October 21st

Last week, Microsoft announced Docker container engine for its Azure platform, also Orchestrate added Orchestrate Enterprise for rapid, massively scalable enterprise application development. Oculus Rift took the virtual reality to the next level by open sourcing its developer kit. This...»

Big Data applications demand agile infrastructure | #BigDataNYC

Alina Popescu | October 21st

The Big Data transformation headed for the enterprise will be driven by the nature of applications and the new data repository. That means agile applications scaling horizontally will challenge the vertically-scaled notions of infrastructure, said former EMC...»

Microsoft delivers Azure-in-a-box solution for hybrid clouds

Mike Wheatley | October 21st

Microsoft Corp., held a big cloud press event yesterday where it announced the Azure Marketplace together with a new family of Azure products it hopes will convince customers of its ability to run hyperscale, enterprise-grade...»

Splunk Conference 2013 DevOps Recap: Integrating Splunk DevOps platform to developers

Saroj Kar | October 20th

The 5th Annual Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference is just around the corner. But before we get a chance to see what has been happening in the world of Splunk, let’s take a look...»

Market missing the boat on extracting Hadoop value | #BigDataNYC

Cheryl Knight | October 20th

While many organizations now look at Hadoop as an essential part of storage solutions, they are not adequately extracting the intelligence from the open-source tool for storing and processing large data-sets, according to Sam Grocott, Senior Vice...»

What you missed in Cloud: Microsoft expands open source reach

Maria Deutscher | October 20th

Mirroring the trend in the data analytics space, open source is emerging as a key driver of innovation in the cloud, where the big vendors are wasting no time jumping on the bandwagon. Microsoft Corp. is leading...»

OpenStack breaks open the floodgates for big data in the cloud with Juno

Kyt Dotson | October 17th

The OpenStack Foundation unveiled the Juno release of its popular open source cloud stack on October 16 marking its 10th major release. The project features a number of new improvements and advances including the Sahara Data Processing Service,...»

Making it look easy: Big Data culture infiltrates GE | #BigDataNYC

Cheryl Knight | October 17th

  Through innovation and collaboration, General Electric Co. made its transformation to a culture of Big Data look easy. The company’s Global Research team operates under the mission of computing analytics to provide guidance and zero unplanned downtime. “We have...»

Rackspace serves up Hadoop on bare-metal cloud platform

Mike Wheatley | October 17th

Rackspace Inc., burst into the Strata + Hadoop World conference yesterday with a unique solution to a Big Data problem an announcement that could massively impact Big Data. It's just ...»

Huawei & Accenture announce private cloud enterprise push

Mike Wheatley | October 17th

China's Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., has formed a strategic alliance with Accenture Plc.., to develop better cloud services for telecommunications firms and the enterprise. Though the ink is still drying on their pact, the two...»