Dropbox needs more than price cuts to keep Pro users

Suzanne Kattau | August 27th

Another price drop seen in the cloud storage wars as cloud storage provider Dropbox, Inc. today announced that new Dropbox Pro customers will now...»

Software-led business cases for the virtualized data center |#vmworld

Rachel Schramm | August 27th

In the past year, software defined data center has become a reality, said John Gilmartin, GM and VP or the Software Defined Data Center Suite Business Unit at VMware, Inc. Now, VMware can provide its customers with what...»

Google, NVDIA + VMware bring graphic-rich apps to the Chromebook

Mike Wheatley | August 27th

Google Inc., just won't give up on its ambitions to unseat Windows from the desktop, no matter how hopeless it's Chromebooks might look to business power users. It's latest plan? It's teaming up with VMware...»

All aboard the Hadoop horse: Can vendors make a difference?

Mike Wheatley | August 27th

Newly formed partnerships between large technology firms and Hadoop startups have refocused attention on the open-source data analysis software. But can such high-profile alliances give one framework the edge over the rest? The most recent of...»

Dissolving silos for seamless data migration, cheap | #vmworld

Alina Popescu | August 26th

Despite claims that web scale is nothing more than a marketing term, Nutanix, Inc. drives down data migration costs by bringing web scale architecture into the complex enterprise environments.  The company provides a cost effective, seamless way to move data...»

Modern data protection shouldn’t be selective on critical apps alone | #vmworld

Alina Popescu | August 26th

Virtualization is still one of the key enablers for the modern IT, but cloud and storage technologies are what drive the overall growth in modern IT environments, said Ratmir Timashev, President and CEO of Veeam Software, describing expanding...»

Ansible brings seamless DevOps automation for enterprise with Tower 2.0

Saroj Kar | August 26th

Ansible, the open source software solution for remote configuration management, announced the availability of Ansible Tower 2.0. Tower 2.0 is a major upgrade to Ansible's complete orchestration, configuration...»

Red Hat eyes up the cloud with CloudForms 3.1 | #VMworld 2014

Mike Wheatley | August 26th

Red Hat Inc., might already be a superpower where Linux is concerned, but it has no intention of resting on its laurels. It has ambitions to become a major player in the cloud as well,...»

VMware unveils its own OpenStack distribution | #VMworld

Mike Wheatley | August 26th

VMware has been focused on the software-defined data center for some years, but now the virtualization giant wants a piece of OpenStack too. Yesterday the company announced at VMworld 2014 its plans...»

VMware embraces Docker to head off container threat| #vmworld

Mike Wheatley | August 26th

If there were any doubts about the disruptive potential of container technology, they've been cast aside by the news that VMware Inc., is teaming up with Docker Inc., Google Inc., and Pivotal Software Inc., to...»