Spotify Update: US Launch Delivers $1.1B Valuation, Facing Lawsuits

Mellisa Tolentino | August 8th

Spotify graced the US digital airwaves just a month ago, and it was quickly hit by an infringement lawsuit, as is the American way.  Spotify, tirelessly compared to other music services like iTunes,...»

SAP: Critical Security Patch Coming this Week

Maria Deutscher | August 8th

SAP, a Frankfurt-based maker of business software, will release a patch on August 9 to address a potentially hazardous security flaw originally  picked up by Alexander Polyakov, CTO of security firm ERPScan and one...»

Yahoo Loses Hadoop Leader; Data Chief Moves to Battery Ventures

Maria Deutscher | August 5th

Todd Papaioannou, the VP and chief cloud architect at Yahoo who was responsible for the cloud and Hadoop teams working at the internet company, resigned to take on the role of entrepreneur in residence at...»

Cloud Week in Review: iCloud for Developers, VMware License Update

Maria Deutscher | August 5th

There were a few major updates this week in the cloud space, starting with VMware’s vSphere 5 licensing change. When the fifth version of the currently dominant hypervisor was launched, the company sought to cash in...»

In-House SaaS, Security and Other Software Questions Answered

Bert Latamore | August 5th

Wikibon member and Software-as-a-Service expert Derek Singleton, who provides detailed information on SaaS and in-house business software on Software Advice Web site, has posted an article providing answers to the top three questions that...»

HTC Acquires Dashwire, Another Move to Dodge Patent Lawsuits

Mellisa Tolentino | August 5th

In this era, it’s hard to be a start-up company or a company pushing for innovation, because you’ll probably be hindered by other companies too busy slapping patent lawsuits in your face.  So what can...»

Warner Music Narrows Loss, Thanks to LimeWire Settlement

Saroj Kar | August 4th

Warner Music Group announced its current quarterly sales this week; the company is narrowing down its loss more than it did in this time frame last year. And a lot of this gained income wasn't from increased sales,...»

Gluster Powers Biometric Solution Firm’s Open Cloud

Maria Deutscher | August 4th

Open-source cloud storage platform provider Gluster announced that CIC, a maker of biometric signature verification solutions for the financial industry, has migrated to the cloud using Gluster’s offerings. The platform will run in CIC’s AWS...»

Erasure Coding – The New Approach to Data Archiving

Bert Latamore | August 4th

Long term data archiving is a major problem for businesses of all sizes and market areas, but particularly for those who operate under regulatory environments that require long-term archiving of fairly large amounts of data...»

Keep Budget Discussions at Lowest Business Level Amidst Debt Crisis

Bert Latamore | August 4th

CIOs should keep their language at “the lowest possible business level” when discussing their budgets with CFOs and CEOs, writes financial commentator Gerald Hallaren in a piece on titled IT and the economy:...»