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Should currencies be privatized and replaced with Bitcoin?

Mellisa Tolentino | June 19th

In a post published by the free-market Institute of Economic Affairs, author and professor of finance and economics at Durham University Kevin Dowd is calling for the privatization of


Red Hat continues OpenStack push with latest acquisition

Maria Deutscher | June 18th

OpenStack holds the promise to provide a common cloud standard across on- and off-premise environments that is both simpler and more scalable than current data center architectures, and provides an alternative to Amazon AWS. But for the CIOs in the...»

Tableau takes data visualization a step further with Story Points

Rachel Schramm | June 18th

Tableau Software's 8.2 update includes a variety of  improvements -- Tableau can now run natively on Macs, for example -- but the new Story Points feature stands out. Story Points allows Tableau customers to accompany visualizations of their...»

Tracking HP as it “gets back to the garage” | #HPdiscover

John Casaretto | June 18th

Hewlett-Packard famously started out as two guys innovating in a garage.  Many years later, HP is finding its way back to those roots. We got a glimpse over three days at the HP Discover event, broadcast live...»

Radoop acquisition paves RapidMiner’s path to the enterprise

Rachel Schramm | June 18th

RapidMiner, a predictive analytics innovator, this week announced its acquisition of Radoop, a close RapidMiner partner and Big Data analytics tool for Hadoop. The integration of Radoop into RapidMiner extends RapidMiner's reach into the Hadoop ecosystem and paves...»

Cisco’s latest buy secures telecom footprint amid shift to SDN

Maria Deutscher | June 18th

Cisco is shelling out $175 million in cash and retention-based incentives to buy a little-known service orchestration company called Tail-f in a bid to extend its ambitious Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI) initiative into the lucrative telecommunications market. The...»

Smart cities need two things to thrive : People + speedy Internet

Mellisa Tolentino | June 18th

This week’s Smart City roundup features a more affordable way to transition into smart cities, America’s "first" smart city, and a few ideas on the areas in which smart cities should be focused.

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Bitcoin Weekly 2014 June 18th: BitPay announces the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl, Expedia to take BTC for hotels, GHash.IO sneaks up on 51% again

Kyt Dotson | June 18th

This week has seen a lot of interesting news and some drama from the world of Bitcoin. BitPay has made news by announcing the world’s first upcoming “Bitcoin Bowl” and also brought news of TigerDirect expanding bitcoin payments...»

Zenoss taps veteran tech leader Greg Stock as CEO

Maria Deutscher | June 18th

With more and more hardware vendors moving up the stack to escape the accelerating commoditization of data center infrastructure, software providers like Zenoss are coming under increased pressure to differentiate against the fast-multiplying competition. The unified monitoring provider...»

EMC is “going to hit its targets” in cloud innovation, says analyst | #EMCworld

Cheryl Knight | June 18th

Since the first EMC World in 2010, EMC has made many acquisitions to help bolster its offerings to its customers. This includes moving into what they call the third platform, which...»