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Smart kitchens get wave of new tools and funding

Mellisa Tolentino | July 28th

This week’s Smart Living roundup features a smart baking companion, an immersive movie and lighting experience for home entertainment, and more star power behind smart home products.

PantryChic's smart baking tool


Nicole Sollazzo Lee, inventor, Founder and


Big Data needs drive R as a powerful enterprise ready language

Kyt Dotson | July 28th

As Big Data continues to reach larger enterprise adoption, the programming languages that support writing schema and producing Big Data analysis algorithms will rush to keep up. As a result, the open source statistical language R...»

SAP’s 4 keys to data governance | #MITCDOIQ

Rose Meadows | July 28th

For some people, data governance is still a little unclear in terms of what it is and how it's applied to the enterprise. In an interview with Dave Vellante and Jeff Kelly at this year’s MIT CDOIQ Symposium...»

PostgreSQL enhancements aimed at luring skittish MySQL users

Maria Deutscher | July 28th

Four and a half years after Oracle Corp. completed the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, MySQL continues to cast a formidable shadow over the web database market despite losing much of its original open-source character under Oracle's new ownership....»

GlobalFoundries reportedly pulls out of deal to buy IBM’s chip business

Mike Wheatley | July 28th

IBM's hopes of pulling off another fire-sale of one of its businesses look to have been dashed, with reports suggesting that GlobalFoundries, Inc. has pulled out of a deal to buy IBM's loss-making semiconductor division. Bloomberg...»

MIT CDOIQ day 2 wrap-up: Public cloud to put CIO’s to pasture? | #MITIQ

Alan McStravick | July 28th

Often times on SiliconANGLE's theCUBE, guests will have a final question posited them regarding what they believe the bumper sticker on the vehicle pulling away from the event should read. In short, it is a briefly worded...»

Rackspace powers up bare-metal cloud servers

Mike Wheatley | July 28th

Rackspace, Inc. has just revealed pricing for its new OnMetal servers, which are now generally available following a limited trial phase. The dedicated, single-tenant bare-metal machines are designed for applications that can...»

US consular database crash: Not a good time to renew your passport

Mike Wheatley | July 28th

Thousands of travellers awaiting US passports and visas have been left on tenterhooks following an unspecified glitch in a database used by the Bureau of Consular Affairs, according to officials from the State Department. "The Bureau...»

What you missed in Big Data: another spike the analytics investment chart

Maria Deutscher | July 25th

It’s been a historic week for the analytics market,  with Hortonworks Inc. bagging $50 million in equity from Hewlett-Packard Co. as part of a broad strategic alliance that will focus on integrating the...»

No more ‘army of one’ with Big Data accountability revolution | #MITIQ

Alan McStravick | July 25th

At this week's MIT CDOIQ Symposium, held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, you wouldn't have been faulted for recognizing that two industries that have embraced the Big Data revolution are healthcare and the financial sector. The benefits of