Google+ Beats Facebook for Mobile Developer Interest: Report

Kristen Nicole | August 3rd

The iPad rocks, Android tablets are determined to catch up, and everyone’s mixed up in some legal battle involving patents, code, or something of the sort.  Got it.  But as summer winds down and a...»

SaaS Gains Enterprise Help Desk with Zendesk Update

Maria Deutscher | August 2nd

Zendesk today announced that its popular help desk offering, which is used by Sony and Twitter among others, will become more worthwhile for large organizations with an enterprise plan scaled up for the company’s...»

New Layar Technology Recognize Real World Objects

Maria Pila | August 2nd

Shortly after Qualcomm releases its AR SDK kit for iOS, Layar, the open platform for mobile augmented reality (AR), unleashes Layar Vision. Layar Vision enables the mobile phone to recognize real world objects, and...»

Hyundai Australia Frugal on Storage System Costs, Turns to Virtualization

Cherr Aira | August 2nd

IT economics’ consistent interest in virtualization attracts organizations that are serious in implementing cost-savings in their infrastructure and storage systems. This is what Hyundai Australia has explored beginning eight months ago, now reporting on...»

The Era of Healthcare IT Made Possible By the Cloud, Virtualization

Cherr Aira | August 2nd

When we let cloud and virtualization cross the threshold our society, we welcomed these two breakthrough technologies to improving the quality of our lives, medical concerns being at the top of our priorities. It’s a...»

With 1 Billion Transactions Daily, Can eBay Survive Without the Open Source Cloud?

Cherr Aira | August 2nd

The recent OSCON 2011 event has paved the way for some open source cloud education. The event that highlighted enterprises like OpenStack, VMware and Hadoop created a positive impression in this space. And,...»

iCloud Out for Developers, Skype Pulls “Premature” iPad App

Mellisa Tolentino | August 2nd

Aside from being busy with court appearances, Apple has launched its iCloud for developers.  Its cloud-based service hat stores your files and pushes your data across your Apple devices automatically, but it’s only accessible for...»

Is the Recession or Clean Tech to Blame for Lower Energy Consumption in Datacenters?

Maurice Johnson | August 2nd

Every service we use through a connected device has a back end and a support system--simply put, somewhere there’s  a room of servers supporting every action, every email and banking transaction.  And the amount of...»

AppleTV Gains Momentum, Google TV Lags Behind

Maria Deutscher | August 1st

Online video is taking up more and more bandwidth, as both demand and quality rise exponentially and companies are quick to catch up with this growing market.  Some have managed to do so, while others...»

Magazine Ads Get Interactive with Zinio 2.0

Cherr Aira | August 1st

The mobile enterprise invasion has altered the ways we live.  With tablets around, the gravity of its effects radiates from our global workforce, students and casual daily use, such as reading and media-sharing.  This...»