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4 Ways Apple, Microsoft should work together in the cloud

David Coursey | June 6th

After years of being only a minor cloud player, Apple is increasing its investment, at least in personal storage and entertainment. Attendees of this week's Apple developer conference left San Francisco feeling that the cloud has become something...»

Infrastructure never went away : The systems guys reclaim glory | #IBMEdge

Rose Meadows | June 6th

With new performance enhancements and capabilities, like virtualization and flash, the modern era of infrastructure is upon us. Coders saw their glory, but systems guys are back and building large-scale infrastructures in a modern way. In his return...»

Making virtualization work for the modern era of IT | #EMCworld

Saroj Kar | June 6th

Today's IT teams need powerful solutions for providing tools and support across both office and data center. To assist them, EMC has been working on a multitude of fronts on virtualization and building the infrastructure foundation of the...»

Storage automation frees up DBAs to work smarter | #EMCWorld

Saroj Kar | June 6th

Sam Lucido, Technical Marketing Lead For Oracle, EMC, discussed the Oracle-EMC partnership and the changing trends of DBAs with theCUBE co-host Dave Vellante, at EMC World 2014 earlier this month. The interview started with...»

The present + future of automated IT : Smart World Series

Mellisa Tolentino | June 6th

This week’s Smart Infrastructure roundup features the future of data centers, and the latest in IT automation from Cypress Semiconductor's new partnership with Appnomic Systems.

The future of data centers


Emerson Network Power released the result


Moving from 3-layer to scale-out : Single-layer architecture | #EMCWorld

Rose Meadows | June 6th

The history of innovation is wrought with stories of discoveries and creations that were never truly appreciated until well after their debut. ScaleIO is one of those innovations. It didn’t have much recognition when it first arrived on...»

Gartner: Big Data security should start with the data

Mike Wheatley | June 6th

One of the central requirements of Big Data is that you take a data-centric approach to cybersecurity. Well, that seems obvious enough – if your vital data is stored in huge repositories, it makes sense...»

Oracle lights up open SDN, joins OpenDaylight Project

Mike Wheatley | June 6th

Oracle has said it's joining the OpenDaylight Project, an open-source software-defined networking alliance, as a silver member. The company says it wants to bake OpenDaylight's software into its Solaris 11.2...»

UK joins the witch hunt: Proposes life sentences for ‘hackers’

Mike Wheatley | June 6th

The UK government is mulling over a new law that would see life sentences dished out to hackers who carry out “cyberattacks which result in loss of life, serious illness or injury or serious damage...»

theCUBE spotlight: Intel CIO Kim Stevenson’s key takeaways on the future of IT

Maria Deutscher | June 5th

In closing its latest round of funding, Cloudera has not only secured sufficient capital to fuel operations until its eventual public offering but also gained an important addition to the team in Kim...»