IBM’s Vision of Data Scientists: Our Bridge to the Future

Kristen Nicole | August 26th

What is the role of a data scientist?  That’s something we’ve been trying to pin down as the world of big data grows wider, and the need for professionals that understand this semi-vague trend...»

Intel Perfects its $30M Research Plan for Cloud Computing

Phoebe Mandap | August 26th

During Intel’s Channel Alliance Summit done in Portland, the company summarized their vision for the future of computing technology as well as the channel.  According to Michael Ray, Intel’s North American channel Sales Manager, a...»

Oracle VM Version 3.0 Takes on VMware

Maria Deutscher | August 26th

Database giant Oracle launched the third version of Oracle VM this week, its hypervisor offering which it hopes will help it gain a foothold in this space by luring in VMware customers. Monica Kumar, senior director...»

Announcing VMworld Live #theCUBE Schedule – 8 hrs/day x 4 days of Live Video Coverage of #VMworld 2011

John Furrier | August 25th

I am excited to share with you the full schedule for our live video program at VMworld 2011 where we will be on the scene with blanket broadcast coverage. Productions with VMware,, and bring to...»

Cisco’s New Router Connects ATMs, Vending Machines to the Web

Saroj Kar | August 25th

When it comes to routers, Cisco is an unparalleled leader in the industry. Cisco made itself a fortune by selling routers and network equipment to enterprises, data centers and service provider networks.  But the company...»

Cook Inherits Apple, What Happens to the Ensemble Now?

Cherr Aira | August 25th

When I saw Steve Jobs trending on Twitter, my bubble thought says “uh oh, what’s the cause of death?” To my surprise and possibly a good portion of the planet, Steve Jobs is still alive,...»

EMC to Buy Back $2BN of Its Own Stock

Maria Deutscher | August 25th

Storage giant EMC said in a 8-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it plans on buying back $2 billion worth of shares in fiscal year 2011.  This expands its existing plan...»

Hey Apple Fan Boy! We Don’t Need You Anymore

Kristen Nicole | August 25th

The first thought on many minds after Steve Jobs announced his resignation is what will happen to his brand?  The Apple cult has become as prominent as Jobs himself; as an individual, he’s become an...»

OpenStack Training Woos Developers as Open Cloud Gains Traction

Maria Deutscher | August 25th

Cloud host Rackspace will start offering training courses for OpenStack, delivered by the Rackspace Cloud Builders, the company’s core development team responsible for the NASA Nebula Cloud Platform and the Rackspace Cloud. OpenStack is...»

Rypple Captures the Pulse of Organization with Social Feed

Kristina Farrah | August 25th

From the latest in social enterprise trends comes a new launch from Rypple, a web-based SaaS platform.  The new product is called Flow, a newsfeed optimized for large format TV monitors especially built for...»