HP TouchPad Under the Hood: Plans for an Improved Version

Maria Deutscher | July 5th

Now that Hewlett-Packard released its webOS-powered TouchPad tablet, research firm IHS iSuppli broke down the device to individual components to put on estimate on what kind of margins HP will be making of the...»

Security Issues in the Mobile Age: An Expert’s Take

Bert Latamore | July 5th

The proliferation of mobile devices from laptops to smartphones and tablets, has changed the basic profile of digital security threats facing organizations of all sizes. Whereas at one time the focus was on end-point or...»

EnterpriseDB Extends Support to HP Itanium and More

Cherr Aira | July 4th

Open source is one of the frontiers of the cloud system. This is why organizations are gambling on the potential of the open source cloud. We’ve already seen recent developments with the Hadoop spin-off,...»

Dropbox’s Updated Terms of Service: What You Should Know

Kyt Dotson | July 4th

In attempt to reconnect with users who have felt burned by numerous security concerns jumping out of their service from both technical and social angles, Dropbox have decided to address this head on by updating their ...»

This Week in the Cloud: Hortonworks, Storage and IT Consumerization

Maria Deutscher | July 1st

This past week in the cloud featured a handful of updates from the biggest segments in the industry, first of all from the open-source segment.  Yahoo spun off their Hadoop business, launching Hortonworks. The...»

Big Data is More Than Just Managing After All

Cherr Aira | July 1st

While the big focus on big data is always the “managing” part, organizations should now start revisiting their strategies on how they farm within their data-rich landscape. Looking into other essential dimensions of the...»

NetApp CEO Downplays HP and Dell in Storage Market

Robert Manto | July 1st

In a meeting with analysts, NetApp CEO Tom Georgens said that server providers like Hewlett-Packard and IBM are “losing ground” in the storage market to companies that primarily focus on that sector. He added...»

Hadoop Summit Recap: Yahoo, Cloudera and Everything in Between

Maria Deutscher | July 1st

Hadoop Summit 2011 was held this week, and featured some pretty major developments, including what analyst Alex Williams dubbed Yahoo’s smartest play in years. Yahoo’s Hadoop division separated from the company to form a new startup,...»

IBM Counters Flash Bash with Universal Memory Chip

Kristina Farrah | June 30th

Let’s refocus the spotlight on Big Blue for uncovering a new kind of memory chip that can record data 100 times faster than the contemporary flash memory. This breakthrough is a peep into the future...»

Personal Cloud Gives Birth to an Entire Ecosystem

Cherr Aira | June 30th

The personal cloud is driving the industry wild with developments that have led many to believe that this platform is already spawning an entire ecosystem, and a self-sustaining one at that. In the United States...»