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VMware kills off vCenter Heartbeat

Mike Wheatley | June 5th

VMware has somewhat interestingly announced the end of availability of its vCenter Heartbeat product, which is designed to protect vCenter Server against application, operating system, hardware and network failures,...»

IBM-Lenovo x86 server deal delayed due to security fears

Mike Wheatley | June 5th

Lenovo's acquisition of IBM's x86 server business could be on the rocks after the two companies asked US regulators for more time to carry out a security review. The...»

Hadoop to lasso the enterprise with YARN | #HadoopSummit

Alan McStravick | June 4th

This week's #HadoopSummit is a coming out party, of sorts, for the platform. A theme that Hortonworks VP of Strategy, Shaun Connelly, really wanted to stress was 'Enterprise Hadoop In Action'. In the few years since


Actian Vortex details its new design, claims fastest database engine on the market | #HadoopSummit

Alan McStravick | June 4th

At this week's #HadoopSummit, Actian promised to make waves with their teaser hashtag campaign #CutHadoopLoose. It appears, with their Vector product, they have done just that. Professor Peter Boncz, Senior Research Scientist at the University of Amsterdam...»

How can Hadoop go mainstream? Microsoft + Hortonworks share their master plan | #HadoopSummit

Alina Popescu | June 4th

Making Hadoop mainstream, and enabling customers to pull Hadoop data to use with familiar tools -- these are the main goals of the Microsoft-Hortonworks partnership. Eron Kelly, General Manager of SQL Server Marketing at Microsoft, and John Kreisa, VP...»

Hadoop’s horse race: Will Cloudera & Hortonworks go the distance?

Mike Wheatley | June 4th

One of the biggest talking points at this year's Hadoop Summit is the race between its two high profile competitors, Cloudera and Hortonworks. The competition is heating up as the market matures, particularly in light...»

For the sake of business : SAP focuses on Hadoop, finance + new pricing

Maria Deutscher | June 4th

Enterprise workers today expect the same consumer-grade experiences in the workplace as they are used to in their private lives, a requirement that is driving demand for simplicity CIOs are struggling to address amid the proliferation of connected...»

What’s game-changing about VMware DR services? #EMCworld

Cheryl Knight | June 4th

The introduction of cloud computing in the 2000s has allowed companies to maximize the use of the available computing power on a cloud server. This in turn reduces the environmental impact of running a number of separate servers....»

What do the Oculus Rift, self driving cars + the Cloud have in common?

Guest Author | June 4th

Facebook surprised quite a few people when the tech giant purchased Oculus Rift for $2 billion. It wasn’t immediately clear to everyone why Facebook would make this acquisition. Valve, a popular SaaS gaming company, would have been the more logical...»

Personal clouds + Smart shirts may be key to accurate health tracking

Mellisa Tolentino | June 4th

This week’s Smart Health roundup features Apple’s take on health monitoring, Intel’s ‘smart’ shirt, and Taiwan’s highly anticipated tech show embraces the Internet of Things.

Apple introduces HealthKit and Health app


The Worldwide Developers Conference officially