Microsoft’s Skype Purchase Biggest Deal of Second Quarter

Robert Manto | August 12th

The Microsoft purchase for Skype stood as the top deal last quarter, helping contribute to a doubling in merger and acquisition activity with the most activity seen since the dot-com era. The deals showed...»

Medacity: Ushering a New Media Revival

Maria Pila | August 12th

Medacity is launching this week, its debut spearheaded by web content development company, Nichenet Pty Ltd. It's latest site launch focuses on the news from the new media sector, spanning video, audio, blogging, hyperlocal, mainstream...»

Box Announces Tablet-Optimized Android and PlayBook App

Maria Deutscher | August 11th

Cloud storage service Box launched two new apps today: one is a tablet-optimized Android app that will replace the company’s old one and scale the view based on a user’s device, and the second is a PlayBook app--the...»

OpenLogic Gets PaaS Savvy with CloudSwing

Maria Deutscher | August 11th

Open-source software developer OpenLogic announced a brand new offering today, called CloudSwing. The open-source PaaS takes a different approach than other products, and lets users customize and change the standard application stacks for the...»

VMware Integrates RabbitMQ Messaging System with Cloud Foundry

Maria Deutscher | August 11th

VMware has integrated RabbitMQ with Cloud Foundry, its open-source beta PaaS offering that competes with the Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure and other offerings. RabbitMQ is an also open messaging system that was originally...»

Social Media Used to Fan the Flames of London Riot

Maria Pila | August 11th

Social media has been a potent force in fueling the riots that began Saturday in London's boroughs, later spreading to other areas such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Bristol.  Messages have also been sent via regular...»

You’re a Cloud Consumer, In Case You Weren’t Aware

Cherr Aira | August 11th

By now you've surely heard of the term cloud or cloud computing. Or, you might be using its products for the longest time, but are not aware of the latest lingo.  I’m betting my...»

Text 911! Are We Ready For This?

Mellisa Tolentino | August 11th

You wake up in the middle of the night, you here unfamiliar voices coming from downstairs, you hear them rummaging through your things, you reach for the phone but it’s dead.   You get your...»

The New View on Personalized Content: Big Data Analysis at Work

Mellisa Tolentino | August 11th

Wouldn’t it be great when you open your favorite site it already shows you the things that you really like or are interested in,  Instead of wasting your time searching through hundreds of articles trying...»

How Can Big Data make Captcha Human Friendly?

Kristen Nicole | August 11th

Who would’ve thought that the cloud could help Captcha become more human?  NuCaptcha has leveraged big data in a big way, creating the “human-friendly” Captcha campaign in an effort to gain new clients around...»