Yahoo Contemplates Hadoop Spinoff

Michael Trager | April 26th

An item in today's Wall Street Journal ( indicates that Yahoo (ticker symbol YHOO) may be contemplating spinning off its' Hadoop software engineering unit into a new separate firm that would continue to develop and supply the free...» Secures $2M for Cloud-based Solution

Maria Deutscher | April 26th is a San Francisco-based start-up that offers video encoding services in the cloud. The company has reportedly seen a 500 percent growth in monthly recurring revenues in 2010, and as the online video


Android Video Enhanced with Skyfire 4.0 Web Browser

Kyt Dotson | April 26th

Android phones are in for a treat now that Skyfire 4.0 is out of the beta frying pan and into the Android Market fire. The free-to-use browser has been enhanced with eight new killer social


Amazon Disaster: The Impact and Strength of Cloud Computing at the Middle of the Setback

Cherr Aira | April 26th

Cloud computing is the next big thing in tech sphere, and this place is so enchanting everyone wants to have a taste of it, both critics and supporters alike.  Cloud adoption trends are now...»

Dell Boomi Rolls Out Spring Update, Leverages Cloud Power

Isha Suri | April 26th

Boomi, a recent Dell acquisition made back in November 2010, has rolled out the Spring update for its AtomSphere SaaS integration suite, along with a partner certification program. This will help enterprises leverage...»

Parting of the Clouds

Dave Vellante | April 26th

Back in 2007, Wikibon warned its members to read the fine print in cloud SLAs. At the time we were discussing Google’s terms with enterprise customers when we stated: Google's SLA terms do leave lots of wiggle room...»

Echo CEO Talks Real-Time Data: “We’re Like Amazon for Real-Time”

Kristen Nicole | April 26th

The real-time web has really begun to chart its industry path, delineating several verticals and tucking data into the most obstinate of places.  From local business to virtual services, real-time data and communication methods are...»

Global Cloud Adoption Trends: UK Lags, SMBs Stay Simple

Isha Suri | April 26th

The cloud often seems a magical place, full of promise for businesses looking to scale their growth and work on a more efficient level.  The reality is that many businesses struggle with cloud adoption, as a concept...»

Blogfight Brewing: Is Fusion-IO a Harbinger of Change or Flash in the Pan?

Cherr Aira | April 26th

The hunt for the best storage service provider is on, and competition is arguably at its most rigid, especially when looking at pretenders versus the real contenders.  With mounting demand comes bombarding arguments


Dell Sleeks Up its Remote Desktop Offerings

Kristen Nicole | April 26th

Dell’s delivered a remote desktop workstation, increasing its determined efforts to remain relevant in the workspace.  The workstation acts like a server, from which remote client PCs can run.  With the new release, Dell addresses...»