Cloud’s Week in Review: From Open-source Storage to Intel Research

Maria Deutscher | August 28th

There’s been some buzz around quite a bit of cloud industries throughout the week, following some big announcements including product updates, acquisitions and more. The first one to take the spotlights is Gluster, developer of...»

The Disruptive Nature of NAND Flash Storage Explained

Bert Latamore | August 26th

Flash storage, on everything from large, high speed servers to laptops, is a major technology disrupter that will replace high-speed SAS disk systems on servers and disk drives in laptops and desktop PCs. It is...»

The Future of Music is in The Cloud, from BBM to mySpace

Mellisa Tolentino | August 26th

Sound-tripping has really gone a long way.  There was a time we were content in tuning in our favorite radio station or buying the album on release day, which evolved into downloading music in mp3...»

The Music Streaming Wars Heat Up as Spotify Integrates with SoundHound

Saroj Kar | August 26th

Online Music service Spotify has announced collaboration with SoundHound to enable both free and paid SoundHound users in Europe to access Spotify’s songs tracks. SoundHound makes music search and discovery applications for mobile devices. The collaboration gives Spotify...»

Druva Raises $12M for Mobile Backup

Kristen Nicole | August 26th

Druva, the developer of the InSync mobile backup and data protection offering, announced that it closed a  $12 million Series B funding round led by Nexus Venture Partners, with participation from existing investor...»

Verizon Migrates to the Cloud with CloudSwitch Acquisition

Maria Deutscher | August 26th

Verizon, a telco tilted towards mobile services rather than cloud development, is rehsaping its strategy to avoid the fate of Nokia and other mobile companies that failed to catch up on the market trends in time....»

IBM’s Vision of Data Scientists: Our Bridge to the Future

Kristen Nicole | August 26th

What is the role of a data scientist?  That’s something we’ve been trying to pin down as the world of big data grows wider, and the need for professionals that understand this semi-vague trend...»

Intel Perfects its $30M Research Plan for Cloud Computing

Phoebe Mandap | August 26th

During Intel’s Channel Alliance Summit done in Portland, the company summarized their vision for the future of computing technology as well as the channel.  According to Michael Ray, Intel’s North American channel Sales Manager, a...»

Oracle VM Version 3.0 Takes on VMware

Maria Deutscher | August 26th

Database giant Oracle launched the third version of Oracle VM this week, its hypervisor offering which it hopes will help it gain a foothold in this space by luring in VMware customers. Monica Kumar, senior director...»