Is IBM Downgrading? Clients Look Beyond Big Blue for Data Centers.

Mellisa Tolentino | July 7th

IBM’s Newton center is soon to be closing, but a newer, $80 million-state-of-the-art center was launched by IBM to replace Newton center.  Though there’s already a better replacement planned, two IBM data customers have already...»

USA PATRIOT Act May Put Microsoft Cloud in the Doghouse with the European Union

Kyt Dotson | July 7th

The Patriot Act has had far-reaching implications for United States citizens, but now it threatens to reach into other countries who also do business with the U.S., Microsoft warned the E.U. recently. With the expansion of the...»

Hulu Definitely for Sale, says Disney CEO

Kristina Farrah | July 7th

Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger said that owners of Hulu are “committed to selling [the company].”  Hulu's board has been in talks about a possible buy out over the past few weeks, and finally,...»

VMware Furthers Mobile Social Enterprise with Zimbra for Android

Kristen Nicole | July 7th

Things have been very quiet at Zimbra of late, but the recent announcement of the availability of VMware Zimbra for Android (VZA) is perking things up.  Initially the app has been described as just...»

Big Media Has Big Dreams in the Cloud: Ex-Startups Taking the Lead

Cherr Aira | July 6th

When biggies like Facebook start turning their head onto the media business direction, you realize that this is potentially lucrative. And it is.  The shift towards the cloud makes this industry all the more...»

Will Facebook’s Skype Video Chat Grow Network’s Big Data Demands?

Kristen Nicole | July 6th

Facebook’s holding steadfast to its social dominance, teaming with Skype to offer even more points of interaction within its network.  The “something special” we’ve been waiting to hear about all week is indeed video chat on Facebook,...»

Dell’s Turning into a “Lifestyle Brand” via the Personal Cloud

Maria Deutscher | July 6th

Dell launched its new “More You” ads this week, presumably to make it clear for the end-user that it can stand up to the criteria set forth by Apple, HP, and the numerous other...»

More Universities Turn to Virtual Desktops; UConn’s New HTML5 Solution

Maria Deutscher | July 6th

Virtualization solutions maker Ericom announced that the University of Connecticut is piloting its AccessNow flagship offering – a purely HTML5-based virtualization client for VMware View customers. The university has already tested the product successfully,...»

Pillar Acquisition: A Major Bust?

Mellisa Tolentino | July 5th

Days after Oracle released a statement saying that the company will not be making any acquisitions anytime soon due to the fact that Oracle is focusing more on internal growth rather than acquisitions,...»

The Private Cloud Sees Big Growth, Drives New Services

Maria Deutscher | July 5th

A new report released by cloud host StratoGen says that the second quarter has seen a whopping 82 percent growth in private cloud deployments. The company pointed towards the much wider trend of cloud...»