Gluster Adds Hadoop Support to Storage Offering

Maria Deutscher | August 23rd

Gluster, a maker of open-source storage software, announced GlusterFS 3.3 beta 2 today. The major addition this update brings is the introduction of Hadoop support, a move that likely made Gluster’s platform suddenly much more...»

Viralheat API Frees Sentiment Analysis for All

Kristen Nicole | August 22nd

When it comes to sieving through unstructured data, there’s a great deal of interest from several industries, from advertising to search.  Viralheat’s unleashing its intelligence tool to those companies in need, with the release of...»

Data Gives the Daily Dot a New Media Edge

Kristen Nicole | August 22nd

Take a look at your daily feeds.  They’re likely filled with stories about the latest Valley startup to receive funding, some intrusive piece of Android malware, or a rumor concerning a Facebook change, an Apple...»

Fall Release Of iPad 3 Canceled Due To Retina Display Issues

Maria Pila | August 22nd

It looks like the iPad 3 release date has been delayed until 2012. If you're waiting for it, you probably shouldn't hold your breath. Apple fans have hoped the new device would be released this year, but according...»

Weekly Cloud Roundup: From Microsoft Azure to keeping the Cloud-in-a-Box

Maria Deutscher | August 22nd

This week had its fair share of updates from the cloud-based industry, spanning a number of industries that drew interest from stratups and large solution providers alike. The first one in our round-up is Microsoft. The software giant is...»

HP Transformation Driven by Big Data

Maria Deutscher | August 19th

Hewlett-Packard had a pretty unusual earnings call this week, considering that the company used it as an opportunity to reveal some major internal changes.  After reporting fairly flat results, mainly due to declining demand in...»

Microsoft Blames Outage on “Networking Interruption”

Maria Deutscher | August 19th

Microsoft released some info about the three-hour outage that affected North American Office 365 and SkyDrive customers two days ago, blocking off access to their email and calendar services. The software giant put the blame...»

Music + Mobile Makes Melodic Marketing for MetroPCS, Others

Mellisa Tolentino | August 19th

Earlier this week, MetroPCS Communications, Inc. , the fifth largest wireless carrier in the US and Rhapsody, the leading on-demand music service, announced the unlimited mobile music experience for MetroPCS subscribers. The unlimited mobile music is...»

Dell Sales Nosedive as PC Era Dies Off

Mellisa Tolentino | August 19th

HP isn’t the only one having PC troubles, as Dell, one of the top computer makers globally, also experienced the harsh reality of people shifting away from PC.  Their revenue only rose by 1%...»

Evernote Acquires Skitch, Now Android Compatible And Free

Mellisa Tolentino | August 19th

After receiving a $50 million round of funding, Evernote, the company famous for making everyone “Remember Everything,”  has started with its expansion as they announced in their blog post on Thursday the acquisition...»