Innovation happens out in the open for modern IT | #RHSummit

Valentina Craft | April 16th

Webcasting live in San Francisco from the Red Hat Summit 2014, John Furrier and Stu Miniman welcomed to theCUBE Ashesh Badani, Vice President and General Manager of OpenShift at Red Hat. Furrier started by asking Badani for a...»

Red Hat unveils ‘Project Atomic’ to rule container-loaded servers #RHSummit

Mike Wheatley | April 16th

This week saw Red Hat showing off its newest enterprise Linux technologies, and it's betting big on virtualization containers. At its annual Red Hat Summit yesterday, it showed off a new virtualization initiative...»

Red Hat is really becoming cloud, says CEO | #RHSummit exclusive

Alina Popescu | April 16th

Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO, discussed open source evolution and its role in driving innovation with theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and Stu Miniman in a live interview yesterday at Red Hat Summit 2014. The birth and growth of...»

Intel on open source: Software, hardware conversations must merge | #RHSummit

Alina Popescu | April 15th

Doug Fischer, VP & GM, Software Services Group, Intel, took a trip down the memory lane of being a part of the open source community since its beginning and discusses his takes on the matter with theCUBE co-hosts...»

Red Hat Summit then and now: Big Data, OpenStack top-of-mind

Maria Deutscher | April 15th

In the IT industry, large-scale corporate conferences usually serve the same purpose as invite-only analyst meetings, giving the relevant parties a chance to gain first-hand insight into the current position of the company organizing the event and a...»

Red Hat launches cloudy marketplace at #RHSummit

Mike Wheatley | April 15th

An app store of something of a 'must-have' for any budding tech giant these days, and that's why Red Hat has become the latest player to launch its own digital marketplace. The Linux company has just...»

Is Heartbleed the sum of our open source fears?

David Coursey | April 14th

Whatever trust a sane person could have in the Internet was lost last week, thanks to idealism and cheapness. The awfulness that is Heartbleed would have been difficult to imagine, except it is now right...»

Dirty data centers: Greenpeace slams Amazon & Twitter

Mellisa Tolentino | April 3rd

The cloud may be the next frontier as more people and business transition to cloud computing to make data easily available as well as make operations more efficient. But what does this transition mean


CIOs: Plan mega-datacenter migration now

Bert Latamore | April 1st

Every two or three years Wikibon CTO and Co-Founder David Floyer writes a piece of research that defines the next major strategic shift in CIO thinking. Last week he published the latest of these, “


Cloudera raises monster round of $900 million; $740M from Intel for 18 percent

John Furrier | March 31st

Cloudera announced that they raised a total of $900 million in equity in a private round of funding.  Notable was the monster investment from Intel a whopping $740 million.  Reuters...»