Observers say Microsoft layoffs had better be a one-time thing

Mike Wheatley | July 18th

Microsoft's plan to slash 18,000 jobs that was announced this week was met mostly with approval by market watchers, but they cautioned that the cuts need to be a one-time event and not the beginning...»

Weekly Cloud review: From OpenStack to AWS

Maria Deutscher | July 12th

The last few days saw a string of major industry updates spanning the open-source private cloud all the way up to the proprietary public cloud. It was Red Hat that fired the opening shot with the...»

Jeremy Burton on EMC’s #megalaunch: #RedefinePossible CrowdChat

Tavis J. Hampton | July 10th

On Tuesday, John Furrier and the people at SiliconANGLE had an opportunity to hold an open question and answer CrowdChat with Jeremy Burton, EMC Corp.'s President of Products and Marketing, in


Cortana everywhere? Why not, it’s Cortanagate!

David Coursey | July 9th

So far, new Microsoft boss Satya Nadella has tried to have it both ways, with a strategy described as "cloud first, mobile first." That's a nice way to say cloud and mobile are...»

Chat LIVE with EMC’s Jeremy Burton : “Ask me anything”

Kristen Nicole | July 8th

It's a mega-launch day for EMC, with a new storage line up designed for cloud, Big Data and software-led infrastructure. Unveiling a string of new product releases today, EMC addresses its dropping storage sales head...»

CoreOS takes the fight to Red Hat with Managed Linux

Mike Wheatley | July 1st

CoreOS, one of the youngest new distros in the Linux family that relies on Docker containers to manage both the system and applications, has announced $8 million in series A funding. At the same time,...»

Weekly Cloud review: analytics meet the as-a-service model

Maria Deutscher | June 27th

The simplicity and scalability offered by cloud computing make the model highly complementary to analytics, as evident by the fast growing amounts of business information being shipped off-premise for processing, but decision makers are only now beginning to...»

What Microsoft says about privacy that Google will never say

David Coursey | June 23rd

Microsoft's new Services Agreement says something hugely important we can safely bet Google will never say. "We won’t use the content in your emails to target you with ads," says Microsoft's updated agreement, effective July 31. The Microsoft Services Agreement also...»

Cloud wars: AWS hits back at Google with SSD-backed block storage

Mike Wheatley | June 18th

If you needed any more proof that Amazon Web Services sees Google's pubic cloud as a serious threat to its market dominance, here it is. Just 24 hours after Google announced ...»

Opinion: Why CIOs should cheer Google’s latest open source move

Paul Gillin | June 17th

In 1943, legendary IBM Chairman Thomas Watson Sr. (that's the dour fellow shown here) is reported to have said “There is a world market for maybe five computers.” Whether Watson actually uttered those words is debated, but...»