Rackspace serves up Hadoop on bare-metal cloud platform

Mike Wheatley | October 17th

Rackspace Inc., burst into the Strata + Hadoop World conference yesterday with a unique solution to a Big Data problem an announcement that could massively impact Big Data. It's just ...»

OpenStack’s 10th release reflects heavy telco influence

Mike Wheatley | October 17th

OpenStack has just pushed out its tenth release, adding new elements that should make it a more viable option for telecommunications companies. Called Juno, it adds support for Network Function Virtualization (NFV), as well as new...»

Salesforce.com’s crashes Big Data analytics party with Wave platform

Mike Wheatley | October 13th

Big Data is such a booming business that it was only a matter of time before Salesforce.com Inc. entered the market, and it is doing so with a splash. Salesforce.com's new product, called Wave, is set...»

What you missed in Cloud: EMC making lock-in work as startups push for openness

Maria Deutscher | October 10th

The sheer number of moving parts involved in piecing together a full-blown hybrid cloud with comparable scalability and cost-efficiency as top infrastructure-as-a-service platforms make it all but impossible for the majority of organizations to fully realize the model....»

EMC unveils fully integrated ‘virtualized’ data center for hybrid clouds

Mike Wheatley | October 9th

EMC corp. might be under pressure to break itself up into bits and pieces, but that hasn't stopped it from pushing ahead with its federation strategy. Today, it's just launched its...»

Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference 2014: What’s in store for developers | #conf2014

Saroj Kar | October 6th

Splunk’s fifth annual Worldwide Users’ Conference, known as .conf2014, kicks off this week in Las Vegas, promising lessons in how leading companies are using Splunk showcased in more than 160 sessions, more than 70 customer speakers, and hundreds...»

Divide and conquer: HP plans to split itself into two companies

Mike Wheatley | October 6th

Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) is poised to split into two separate entities, according to an unconfirmed story in the Wall Street Journal. The restructuring move will result in one company that's focused...»

Pica8 grabs $12.5M funding to show its software is key to SDN

Mike Wheatley | October 2nd

Software-defined networking (SDN) startup Pica8 Inc. has just announced a $12.5 million funding round led by VantagePoint Capital Partners, Cross Head and Pacific Venture Partners, bringing its...»

Oracle OpenWorld day 2: Mobile and verticals take center stage | #OOW14

Maria Deutscher | October 1st

After unloading the bulk of the updates to its core portfolio during the opening day of OpenWorld 2014, Oracle Corp. is shifting gears with a second batch of product reveals that moves the...»

Is Oracle in trouble? Experts debate the outlook as Open World kicks off | #OOW14

Suzanne Kattau | September 29th

For the third quarter in a row, Oracle, Corp. failed to meet many analysts' expectations in its most recent earnings report. Is the software giant in trouble? It depends on who you talk...»