Microsoft’s new Azure App Service makes building web and mobile apps across all platforms easier

James Farrell | March 25th

Microsoft today revealed its three-in-one cloud service, Azure App Service, that has bundled Azure Websites, Azure Mobile Services, and Azure BizTalk Services, in an effort to provide developers a one-stop single-service facility in...»

Apple pulls ahead in race between Microsoft Band SDK and Apple WatchKit SDK

Saroj Kar | March 12th

Microsoft has announced the availability of a substantial update to its wearable device, the first since the launch of the Band and the Health service first introduced about four months ago. The other likely...»

Strange bedfellows: Google deal with Microsoft sees AngularJS 2 adopting TypeScript

Duncan Riley | March 6th

In one of the more interesting meetings of minds in recent times, Google Inc., and Microsoft Corp. have announced that they are working together to merge two of their javascript technologies into the one platform. The announcement sees Microsoft's TypeScript...»

IBM, ARM announce IoT Starter Kit based on Freescale board but not the price

Saroj Kar | February 26th

The IoT Ethernet Starter Kit is a new hardware development kit dedicated to the world of connected objects. This solution, proposed by ARM Holdings plc (ARM), was created with the support of IBM. The only...»

Big Data solutions should start at the business level | #IBMInterConnect

Alina Popescu | February 25th

The core problems enterprises try to solve should be the foundation of a Big Data project, says Joel Horowitz, Director of Portfolio Marketing, Big Data Analytics, IBM. In his joint interview with Nancy Hensley, Director of Marketing, Analytics Platform,...»

Developers moving their work from local machines to the cloud | #IBMInterConnect

Alina Popescu | February 23rd

IBM Bluemix’ main focus is determining how “to make developers successful by bringing their apps to Bluemix,” says Simon Kaegi, Live Sync Lead and DevOps Web IDE Architect, IBM Bluemix. In his live interview with theCUBE co-hosts John...»

0% of companies are doing DevOps well | #IBMInterconnect

Rachel Schramm | February 23rd

  "The entire industry is still trying to figure out what doing [DevOps] well means," remarked Adam Archer, DevOps Core Services Lead at the IBM Corporation in a live interview with theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante. Which...»

Flocker creator ClusterHQ gets $12M to simplify container data management

Mike Wheatley | February 5th

ClusterHQ, a little-known startup that's driving development of the open-source Flocker container manager, believes there's a fortune to be made by whoever can capitalize on the nascent technology. And now, thanks to a new $12 million...»

Internet of Things and Smart Cities: what happens when the ‘unconnected’ connect

Saroj Kar | January 7th

Up until now, the Internet has been used primarily as a medium for the transfer and exchange of data and information and has been optimized for access and speed. Experts now agree that the next phase of the...»

Chef Study: Developers emerge as the new millionaires power class in business

Saroj Kar | January 6th

The DevOps methodology has become a winning strategies for enterprise computing and development. Application development has always been a slow process and timelines were often extended, leading to delays in deployment. With DevOps, enterprises meet the main challenges...»