Round-up: Open source technologies are key to the growth of Internet of Things

Saroj Kar | January 5th

Today, there are numerous products that allow the exchange of information on the Internet, but there is little real interoperability. Companies that make fact-based device platforms and proprietary applications may be stifling the creation of a complete ecosystem. The...»

Mozilla to launch developer-focused Firefox browser next week

Mike Wheatley | November 4th

[caption id="attachment_210699" align="alignright" width="300"] Mozilla Chairperson Mitchell Baker[/caption] The Mozilla Foundation is about to release a new version of its popular web browser, but unlike the regular Firefox, this one won't be for consumers. Instead, Mozilla is planning to...»

With Fabric, Twitter wants to be developers’ new best friend

Collen Kriel | October 23rd

[caption id="attachment_208802" align="alignright" width="300"] Twitter Announces Their FABRIC Developer Platform[/caption] At Flight on October 22, their first developer conference in four years, Twitter announced an app development platform called...»

Linux Foundation launches drone initiative

Mike Wheatley | October 14th

[caption id="attachment_206589" align="alignright" width="300"] Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation[/caption] As interest in drones for everything from truck driver training to search and rescue grows, groups are coming together to build standards for what promises to be a...»

Docker adds Official Repos for language stacks to the Docker Hub

Mike Wheatley | September 26th

Docker Inc., has said it's going to deliver additional programming language stacks to its customers after learning from their search habits in the Docker Hub. The company wrote about its plans in a ...»

CloudKit transforms document access & storage in iOS 8

Mike Wheatley | September 9th

Just hours away from the expected launch of Apple's iPhone 6 and not surprisingly all the talk is centered on the actual device. Few doubt that Apple's CEO Tim Cook will have something pretty cool...»

Visual Studio Online hit by another major outage

Mike Wheatley | August 15th

Microsoft Corp's Visual Studio Online service for software developers was hit by its second major outage in the space of a month yesterday, and was inaccessible to users for about four hours. Microsoft has since...»

Cisco rolls out another developer program: “Same same” but different

Mike Wheatley | July 22nd

Cisco has taken another shot at attracting third-party coders into its embrace with the relaunch of a rebranded developer program. Keen followers will remember this isn't the first time Cisco has tried to encourage others to...»

Beep, beep! Make way for Linux on connected cars

Mike Wheatley | July 3rd

Move over Apple, Windows and Android – Linux is making its own play to become the default operating system for smart cars with the release of downloadable code from its Automotive Grade Linux project. ...»

Google opens Gmail to developers in bid to replace IMAP

Mike Wheatley | June 26th

Google has decided to lift the lid on its Gmail service, allowing every man and his dog to write apps that can access your inbox, so long as you agree to let them in. Hailed as...»