Beep, beep! Make way for Linux on connected cars

Mike Wheatley | July 3rd

Move over Apple, Windows and Android – Linux is making its own play to become the default operating system for smart cars with the release of downloadable code from its Automotive Grade Linux project. ...»

Google opens Gmail to developers in bid to replace IMAP

Mike Wheatley | June 26th

Google has decided to lift the lid on its Gmail service, allowing every man and his dog to write apps that can access your inbox, so long as you agree to let them in. Hailed as...»

IE Developer Channel offers ‘sneak peek’ at Microsoft’s next browser

Mike Wheatley | June 18th

Developers can now get their mitts on a special version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser offering previews of forthcoming capabilities and features. Called the Internet Explorer Developer Channel, the special...»

ServiceNow DevOps Round Up: Empowering the service-oriented enterprise with DevOps | #Know14

Saroj Kar | May 8th

With the rise of DevOps applications in the cloud, gaining extensive knowledge and control of applications has been a challenge for IT. The combination of growth in volume of data and the proliferation of automation tools has led...»

Windows Phone 8.1 download now available

Mellisa Tolentino | April 15th

Microsoft has revealed what new features Windows Phone 8.1 will deliver once it finally rolls out to consumers. Though it doesn’t seem like the new version of the OS will bring much, this


Microsoft pitches ‘write once, run anywhere’ cross platform universal development with Visual Studio 2013 update

Saroj Kar | April 9th

To support “write once, run anywhere” application development on new Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update 1, Microsoft announced the release of the Release Candidate of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2. This...»

Twitter is developing multi-tenancy database to support 6,000 tweets per second

Saroj Kar | April 8th

As Twitter is now considered the global platform for public conversation, the company’s storage requirements have grown as well. In recent days, Twitter experiences something on order of 5,000 to 10,000 tweets a second (see the...»

AWSSummit DevOps Round up: Composite application development accelerating DevOps 2.0 Model

Saroj Kar | April 8th

While the cloud allows most organizations easy access to nearly unlimited compute power, it also creates significant complexity and scaling challenges. Approaching these issues with the same IT strategy of years past will fail. Simply put, companies need...»

Build 2014 DevOps Round Up: Unified development platforms serve up DevOps

Saroj Kar | April 7th

Microsoft continues to woo the app development community and announced several new developer opportunities at Build 2014. These announcements included several interesting developer sessions focusing on Windows Phone...»

Microsoft makes web developer tool WinJS open source

Saroj Kar | April 7th

Microsoft has just had its JavaScript library WinJS placed under an open source license. WinJS, a JavaScript library that enables a native-quality experience in Windows Runtime apps using familiar web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, is now ...»