Build 2014 DevOps Round Up: One Microsoft service across platforms for developers

Saroj Kar | April 4th

Build, Microsoft’s annual conference for independent, third-party developers, is taking place through April 2 to April 4 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The Build Developer Conference...»

Galera Cluster excels at both synchronicity and scalability | #PerconaLive

Alan McStravick | April 4th

General Manager of SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE, Jeff Frick, welcomed the co-founder of Codership, Alex Yurchenko, to speak about his new product, Galera Cluster which, it should be noted, was recognized at this week’s #PerconaLive event with the MySQL...»

Microsoft woos developers with Visual Studio Online

Mike Wheatley | April 4th

Microsoft has finally realized that there's a growing crowd of developers and techies who just don't do Windows anymore. Case in point – last week's rebranding of Windows Azure, now called Microsoft Azure....»

Competition and innovation benefit all MySQL users |#PerconaLive

Alan McStravick | April 4th

At the end of day 1 of this week’s #PerconaLive event, co-founder and CEO of Percona, Peter Zaitsev, joined John Furrier and Jeff Kelly in theCUBE to discuss this year’s event, developments in the MySQL community and...»

MySQL is “still in the running, and very vibrant” | #PerconaLive

Alan McStravick | April 3rd

At this week’s #PerconaLive event, SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE welcomed Robert Hodges for his first appearance to discuss how the company he helms as CEO, Continuent, has been working with the MySQL community to affect better and more effective...»

MariaDB 10 database brings faster replication and combine SQL and NoSQL capabilities

Saroj Kar | April 3rd

MariaDB, one of the most popular forks of MySQL, has announced the availability of version 10. This new release brings significant performance improvements in both speed and scalability...»

Ask DevOps: Unreproducible errors in the software–monitoring, error handling and bug tracking

Saroj Kar | April 2nd

In some companies, programmers ignore non-reproducable errors, however, the normal mission is to support testing and report them. Non-reproducible errors can be the most expensive bugs in your software company. Remember that when we have an error that...»

Docker goes commercial for open source container virtualization

Saroj Kar | April 1st

The, the open source virtualization container technology project, celebrated its one-year anniversary on March 20 and the company has been quick enough to introduce new services including a commercial service to start making...»

Social network giants introduce WebScaleSQL, the scalable and customizable MySQL database

Saroj Kar | March 31st

Databases are used to manage information and to make programs available. These include meta-data such as user. They can also be searched by certain criteria and are useful in statistics and data analysis. MySQL...»