Oracle bets big on Java SE 8 with Project Lambda

Saroj Kar | March 13th

Java has had plenty of bad press in recent years because of security issues. The upcoming release of Java has already been delayed, which was schedule to release September last year. But Java...»

JXcore: The V8 engine supported multithreading programming language

Saroj Kar | March 12th

With the V8 JIT compiler, Node.js can interpret scripts in JavaScript and is protocol-independent, can use HTTP to serve HTML pages or other protocols for other types of...»

Splunk and Tableau combine to provide real-time data access

Saroj Kar | March 12th

Splunk and Tableau are among the hottest sellers in the area of ​​big data, machine-to-machine communication and data visualization. The two companies have now announced a partnership. Splunk,...»

A closer look at Red Hat DevOps journey so far

Saroj Kar | March 11th

In the long term of its time as an operating system, service, and software developer, Red Hat has spent a lot of time thinking about development and operations. The result is a thoughtful examination of a path-to-date from ...»

JumpCloud server management automation moves to Rackspace marketplace

Saroj Kar | March 10th

JumpCloud server management tool enables DevOps and IT pros to manage the explosion of cloud, virtual, and on-premises servers through an automated SaaS-based service. DevOps and IT pros utilize JumpCloud to automate the...»

Google moves forward mobile development with Project Ara

Saroj Kar | March 10th

Google announced that Project Ara, its modular smartphone, on which work began not so long ago, would be a real device, not just a concept. Google holds the Advanced Technology and Projects division...»

Atlassian unlocks first fully integrated Git development solution for enterprises

Saroj Kar | March 7th

Atlassian, the provider of enterprise software, has launched its product development solution called Atlassian Git Essentials. It is the company's first fully integrated development solution for Git. Atlassian Git...»

Twitch launches SDK for mobile developers to broadcast live streaming

Saroj Kar | March 7th

Now that the streaming live from Xbox One is a reality, attention is being turned by the folks at Twitch towards putting streaming capability on mobile devices. To make this a reality, the company...»

Ask DevOps Guest: When evolution turns to revolution

Guest Author | March 7th

The democratization of app building has created a new paradigm It wasn’t that long ago that web-savvy marketers were touting the advances in technology that allowed anyone to build a website, publish a blog, or embark on a social...»

Atlassian launches Connect to build secure and scalable add-ons on cloud

Saroj Kar | March 6th

Atlassian, the leading provider of collaboration software for teams, announced Atlassian Connect, a new distributed structure that allows third party developers to create additional modules in the programming...»