Ask DevOps: The game industry is turning to the IBM SoftLayer cloud environment

Kyt Dotson | February 7th

Since the launch of the first Atari game Pong in 1972, video game industry has experienced tremendous transformation. Today, the cloud is the origin of a new revolution in the virtual battlefield. Millions of players around the world...»

Google opens Chromecast SDK for all developers, here’s what developers should expect

Saroj Kar | February 6th

Google has released the software development kit for its HDMI Streaming Chromecast to all developers. Previously it was available only for selected partners like HBO, Pandora and Netflix. Google has now made available...»

Splunk releases Eclipse plug-in and SDK for Python to extend Big Data capabilities

Saroj Kar | February 6th

Splunk, the leading provider of operational intelligence software used to monitor, report and analyze real-time machine data, released a new plug-in for Eclipse for building applications that use and extend Splunk. Eclipse is an integrated development environment for open source...»

CloudMunch open DevOps platform aims to ease application portability on Windows Azure

Saroj Kar | February 4th

The cloud has conceptually influenced software development, design and testing--changing the nature of both simple and complex systems. As companies leverage the capabilities of the cloud developers and administrators find it more necessary to have the tools on...»

Orchestrate launches commercial service to simplify multiple NoSQL database management

Saroj Kar | February 4th

Portland-based startup Orchestrate has launched a commercial product for NoSQL that provides a developer-friendly service for managing data across multiple regions and cloud providers. This makes it suited to companies with concerns about complexity...»

Coverity brings development testing platform to the cloud

Saroj Kar | February 3rd

The Coverity Development Testing Platform, which was released last year, allows code and unit test analysis and policy management for Java, C# and C/C + +. The new version of the code analysis...»

Applications and challenges of OpenStack | #OEForum

Valentina Craft | February 3rd

The OpenStack and Enterprise Forum, recently concluded at the end of January 29, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, was moderated by Lydia Leong, Research Vice President with Gartner. Panel 2 of "OpenStack:...»

Cloud player Cloudyn places a bet on the Google public cloud

Saroj Kar | January 30th

Joining the list of more than 300,000 business customers, Cloudyn, a  solution for cloud monitoring and optimization, announced the general availability Cloudyn tools for use in Google Compute Engine and the addition of capabilities for managing deployments Google...»

The culture gap: Enterprises might give a skip to DevOps this year again

Saroj Kar | January 30th

DevOps is a reaction to the interdependence between software development and IT operations. It aims to help organizations to produce software and services quickly. Companies that release new versions of software often need the guidance or considerations of...»

SDN has the potential to deliver benefits like x86 virtualization | #VTUG

Saroj Kar | January 29th

The single platform virtualization infrastructure is a thing of the past. Today, IT administrators are leveraging various virtualization platforms to reduce costs and manage workloads. Virtual networking has been called by some the next big thing in the...»