Boundary surges in DevOps processing growth by 400% on cloud, Big Data

John Casaretto | January 28th

Big Data startups are rolling and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  That’s certainly the case with Boundary, which announced a massive growth of 400% year over year...»

JumpCloud raises $3 million funding for DevOps automation

Saroj Kar | January 27th

With the cloud becoming a dominant player in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and the virtualization of servers taking over for specialized physical server hardware the market is becoming ever more complex when it comes to cloud management and configuration. To...»

More developers favor Google’s Android mobile apps development to Apple’s iOS

Saroj Kar | January 24th

By market share, Android is the dominant mobile devices on the market, but the performance of its market share in terms of revenue generation is still lagging behind Apple's iOS. However, the situation is likely to change in...»

Nginx new commercial version is aimed at enterprises

Saroj Kar | January 23rd

In 2014, Nginx has decided to sharpen its presence within business marketing with an enterprise strategy. After winning the biggest names in the Internet and social networks, the ...»

Azul Systems extends Zulu to support cross platform Linux, Windows and Cloud deployments

Saroj Kar | January 23rd

Azul Systems, the leader in Java runtime solutions, has announced that Zulu, its freely-available version of OpenJDK, now extends support for both Java 6 and Java 7 on...»

Treasury.IO: The $11 trillion check book daily data feed automation tool about the US government

Saroj Kar | January 20th

Interested in what the US Treasury is spending out on a daily basis? You're in luck: there's a data-driven report for that. Unfortunately, the information released has always been arcane and difficult to digest. To fix this problem...»

Google Play Services 4.1 update brings location based advertising opportunity for developers

Saroj Kar | January 16th

New Android versions are always a cause for celebration as Google works some interesting new features into its mobile OS. Similarly, updates to Google Play Service should be met with the same kind...»

GitHub aquires collaborative web development company Easel

Saroj Kar | January 14th

GitHub, which offers web development software service, has added another string to its bow by acquiring the specialist web design online firm Easel. For those who do not know...»

Ask DevOps: Interview with CA Technologies’ Shridhar Mittal

Kyt Dotson | January 9th

The needs of the enterprise sector when it comes to development, deployment, and operations has been advancing at a pace that only technology can sustain. In the early days of software, development was a question of producing a...»

Windows Azure now supports DevOps tool Puppet to facilitate Linux and Windows VMs

Saroj Kar | January 9th

Many organizations have in recent years focused on the implementation of Agile software development principles. This has mainly focused on better cooperation between the business and IT development. After the software is developed, and tested, it needs to...»