City of Paradigm: The Internet of Things

Kyt Dotson | February 18th

Across the city, it was raining. It didn’t rain often in the City of Paradigm; but when it did, nobody was surprised. Every raindrop that fell within city limits would be detected by something, millimeter wave doppler on rooftops,...»

Round-Up: What APIs are transforming the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and the computing world

Saroj Kar | February 17th

A milestone event for the Social Media world was the 2012 London Summer Olympics. The 2012 Summer Olympics was the first that leveraged big data analytics in a major way to understand sentiment...»

Ravello Systems simplifies application development with RESTful APIs

Saroj Kar | February 14th

Building automation tools for the purpose of developing and testing applications can be hampered by differences in the organization of local data center infrastructures and cloud services. Ravello Systems corrects this problem with...»

SOASTA cloud based testing shapes Olympics games for 10 years

Saroj Kar | February 14th

Cloud based testing simulations can help prevent web disasters during games like the prestigious Olympics. For the last Olympic official site,, the London Organizing Committee used SOASTA cloud-based testing tools to simulate...»

How to cut 40 percent from Oracle’s big bite of the IT budget

Bert Latamore | February 13th

Converged systems, flash storage, virtualization and other best practices can reduce the net costs of a typical Oracle system by 41 percent, writes Wikibon Cofounder and CTO David Floyer in his latest Wikibon report, “


Big Data’s current ‘innovation cycle’ leading the DevOps curve #theCUBE #BigDataSV

Kyt Dotson | February 13th

Andre M. Bosivert recently spoke in theCUBE with Dave Vellante and John Furrier about innovations springing up in the Big Data circuit and industry. Much of the discussion centered around the culture, technology, and leadership as seen...»

Andreesen on: Predicting the unification of smartphone + datacenter supply chains | #OCPSummit

Valentina Craft | February 13th

The first Fireside chat of Day Two at the recently concluded Open Compute Project Summit V was hosted by Cade Metz, Senior Editor of Business and Enterprise with Wired Magazine. He was joined on stage by two...»

The revolution of datacenters at ARM’s length | #OCPSummit

Valentina Craft | February 12th

Day two of Open Compute Summit V debuted with Ian Drew, Chief Marketing Officer with ARM, who promised he wouldn't talk at all about marketing in his ...»

Hadoop is not a static data repository, says Splice Machine CEO | #BigDataSV

Valentina Craft | February 12th

Strata Conference 2014 kicked off today in Santa Clara, California. The event aims to "make the database more accessible to users", bringing together the...»

DevOps Round-up: Internet of Things SDKs for Internet of everything

Saroj Kar | February 11th

The technology used for person-to-person communication, such as mobile phones or PCs has become ubiquitous due to network infrastructure, wireless technology, and the Internet. But perhaps a technology is still not widely used is ...»