Google Project Tango: the world of infinite possibilities for developers in 3D

Saroj Kar | February 24th

What would happen if you built a 3D sensor on a smartphone? Google is trying to find an answer to this question and thus introduced Project Tango designed to explore this possibility. Google’s department for...»

Mobile DevOps means different mentality : Skills + experience | #IBMpulse

Alina Popescu | February 24th

Developing for mobile requires a completely different approach and mentality from web applications, said Mike Gilfix, Director, MobileFirst Platform & Analytics at IBM, in a live interview with theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante at IBM Pulse...»

How IBM SoftLayer is gaining an edge over Amazon for game developers

Saroj Kar | February 20th

Through the middle of 2013, IBM has shown a keen interest in the cloud gaming industry. After the acquisition of cloud server company SoftLayer that serves more than 25,000 customers, IBM states that...»

Google and VMware Desktop-as-a-Service goes into battle against Microsoft

Saroj Kar | February 19th

Google last week announced a partnership with VMware, the software power house engaged in the development of tools dedicated to virtualization. The goal is to enable all persons who are in possession of...»

Ask DevOps Guest: ‘Mobile First’ is no longer enough

Guest Author | February 19th

Many organizations think a “mobile first” strategy for new apps and services is enough to keep their customers engaged. I think they’re missing the boat. The challenge to your business is way bigger than just mobile, and extends into...»

BitPay introduces open source Bitcore JS library to facilitate Bitcoin apps development

Saroj Kar | February 18th

If you’re a developer and would like to implement something that interact with the Bitcoin protocol, there is some good news for you. BitPay--one of the most important providers that allow you to integrate the encrypted, virtual currency payments...»

City of Paradigm: The Internet of Things

Kyt Dotson | February 18th

Across the city, it was raining. It didn’t rain often in the City of Paradigm; but when it did, nobody was surprised. Every raindrop that fell within city limits would be detected by something, millimeter wave doppler on rooftops,...»

Round-Up: What APIs are transforming the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and the computing world

Saroj Kar | February 17th

A milestone event for the Social Media world was the 2012 London Summer Olympics. The 2012 Summer Olympics was the first that leveraged big data analytics in a major way to understand sentiment...»

Ravello Systems simplifies application development with RESTful APIs

Saroj Kar | February 14th

Building automation tools for the purpose of developing and testing applications can be hampered by differences in the organization of local data center infrastructures and cloud services. Ravello Systems corrects this problem with...»

SOASTA cloud based testing shapes Olympics games for 10 years

Saroj Kar | February 14th

Cloud based testing simulations can help prevent web disasters during games like the prestigious Olympics. For the last Olympic official site,, the London Organizing Committee used SOASTA cloud-based testing tools to simulate...»