No room for Android: Facebook Rooms alternatives for secret chats

Mellisa Tolentino | October 24th

Satiating the rumor mill, Facebook has officially launched its own version of a secret chat app this week, called Rooms. The anonymous service is a standalone app that gives group creators full control over...»

Miss the 90s? Facebook’s Rooms is a niche chat throwback

Eric David | October 24th

For those who miss the feeling of chatting with random people in niche topic chat rooms, Facebook has just launched a new iOS app called Rooms that is designed to recapture that...»

Apple Pay is one week old and it’s been a week of highs and lows

Collen Kriel | October 24th

Since launching to the public on October 20, Apple Pay hasn’t been as smooth a ride as Apple Inc. would have hoped. Apple Pay seems to be catching on with consumers and retailers;...»

Uber worth fighting for: Here’s 3 reasons for the protest

Eric David | October 23rd

Uber Inc. may be pushing its way into new markets every day with its popular ride-sharing mobile app, but many of its drivers are not happy with the direction in which the San Francisco-based company is heading. ...»

With Fabric, Twitter wants to be developers’ new best friend

Collen Kriel | October 23rd

At Flight on October 22, their first developer conference in four years, Twitter announced an app development platform called Fabric. Twitter is aiming to become the first stop...»

Skyscanner buys Distinction, says the future of travel booking is in mobile

Collen Kriel | October 23rd

Skyscanner, a veteran in the travel search market, has acquired Distinction a mobile app development company based in Budapest. The 30-strong team of web developers and designers will continue to be based in Budapest and will form Skyscanner’s...»

Google launches ‘Inbox’ –and it looks like the future of email

Collen Kriel | October 23rd

This could be the future of email. Google Inc. have announced on their official Gmail Blog the launch of a new email app called ‘Inbox’. The search giant invigorated webmail with the launch of...»

3 Apps with creative uses for your camera

Eric David | October 22nd

Mobile apps have made the smartphone a day planner, a gaming system, a calculator, and a documentation tool, to name just a few capabilities. And now, with some innovative technology and creative use of your phone's camera, there are even apps...»

Näkemiin (Goodbye) Nokia! We remember our favorite phones

Mellisa Tolentino | October 22nd

The Nokia Oyj brand is iconic in the world of cell phones, but with Microsoft’s acquisition of the Finnish company's mobile business, the maker of some of the most popular handsets of 90’s and early...»

5 worthy wireless chargers (and 3 to watch out for)

Mellisa Tolentino | October 22nd

Not many smartphones or tablets today have built-in support for wireless charging, but a growing market of wireless chargers could encourage manufacturers to incorporate such capabilities into their devices. If you’re gadget's already setup for wireless charging but can’t find a...»