Where to stream the Super Bowl XLIX online

Mellisa Tolentino | January 29th

Super Bowl XLIX, one of the biggest sports events in the world, will kick off on Sunday, February 1, 2015, at the University of Phoenix Stadium with a game between the Seattle Seahawks and...»

Goodbye Flash? HTML5 now the default video platform for YouTube

Saroj Kar | January 29th

HTML5 has now become the standard technology used by YouTube for viewing streaming media--a step that marks the end of the Flash. Starting Wednesday, after years of testing, HTML5 replaces Flash as the default platform for movie playback...»

Mourn Google Glass no more: 3 other smartglass alternatives

Mellisa Tolentino | January 29th

After Google stopped selling Glass on January 19, 2015, some wondered if Google Glass was officially dead. Google’s Explorer program will also phase out, with no additional software updates planned. So is Google Glass completely dead?...»

Office for Android officially released as Microsoft hopes for equal success with iOS

James Farrell | January 29th

Microsoft Office for Android tablets is now out of preview, bringing Microsoft’s vision of ‘Office everywhere’ a little closer to fruition. As of today Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be available for downloads...»

Samsung posts declining mobile earnings as Apple sets new records

Collen Kriel | January 29th

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. appears to be losing its grip on the top spot of smartphone manufacturers. The company today reported a steep decline in quarterly mobile earnings, just one day after competitor ...»

47 years of Rolling Stone archives available on Google Play starting tomorrow

Collen Kriel | January 29th

Starting Friday, January 30, selective stories from Rolling Stone magazine’s near 50-year archive will be available on Google Play Newsstand free of charge. Announced Wednesday, the deal will see Rolling Stone showcase three to four big stories form...»

Sony dumps its unloved Music Unlimited service in new deal with Spotify

Duncan Riley | January 28th

Sony Corp. is dumping its Music Unlimited music streaming service in a new partnership that will see music provided from Spotify Ltd. The new Spotify-powered service named "Playstation Music" will launch in 41 markets including the U.S., Canada, Mexico and...»

Facebook Q4 revenue increases to $3.85 billion off the back of mobile ad growth

Duncan Riley | January 28th

Facebook Inc. has risen to new highs in the fourth quarter with the social networking giant posting $3.85 billion in revenue off the back of a surge in mobile advertising. Revenue from advertising came in at $3.59 billion,...»

Smile! 3 Impressive photo-sharing apps

Mellisa Tolentino | January 28th

Have you ever dreamed of being a professional photographer? Or do you just wish your amateur shots turned out better? This line of thinking is one of the reasons why photosharing apps have become...»

Where are developers going? PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC

Saroj Kar | January 28th

A few years ago, some reports claimed that games on PC were at risk of extinction. Today, however, we can say that, gaming on PC is far from dead, and that the reports issued years ago were...»