Yahoo extends mobile footprint to app analytics with Flurry acquisition

Maria Deutscher | July 22nd

With smartphones and tablets now accounting for more than half of the traffic to its services and related advertising revenue up more than 100 percent from last year,  it’s only natural for Yahoo Inc. to want a bigger...»

BlackBerry CEO recruits another Sybase colleague to drive enterprise growth

Maria Deutscher | July 21st

If there’s a tech firm that has taken the old saying “change comes from the top” to the heart, it’s BlackBerry. Thankfully for the firm, the call had been heeded by CEO John Chen.  Since tapping the software...»

Observers say Microsoft layoffs had better be a one-time thing

Mike Wheatley | July 18th

Microsoft's plan to slash 18,000 jobs that was announced this week was met mostly with approval by market watchers, but they cautioned that the cuts need to be a one-time event and not the beginning...»

Project Ara first modular smartphone developer board takes shape

Saroj Kar | July 15th

Google's experiment with the modular smartphone has become more concrete. Next month, Google will start shipping developer boards for Project Ara, which are designed to facilitate development of modules as defined in the MDK. In a blog entry, Google released...»

Splunk brings machine data analytics to mobile with iOS app

Maria Deutscher | July 10th

The explosion of information coming from connected devices is dominating the analytics discussion today, but in all the talk about exploiting machine-generated transmissions, surprisingly little attention is being given to the growing amount of data getting funneled back...»

Google targets ‘the next billion’ with Android One

Mike Wheatley | June 30th

Google has launched an initiative designed to make smartphones more affordable to develop and produce. The initiative will target OEMs specifically making phones for developing markets, which could help increase Android’s already dominant consumer market...»

Google: Wireless carriers a challenge for Internet of Things

David Coursey | June 24th

According to Google, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) will often require slow-but-cheap connectivity, pretty much the opposite of what wireless carriers offer today. The company has challenged carriers to make this IoT plan known so developers and customers can begin...»

How IBM BlueMix simplifies software development in the cloud

Saroj Kar | June 19th

IBM has added new services to its BlueMix platform as a service (PaaS) and said it's actively exploring a different software development scale in the cloud. IBM launched a number of new services to...»

The encryption process behind Parallels’ new business app

Suzanne Kattau | June 17th

Parallels, a hosting and cloud services enablement and cross-platform solutions provider, today introduced Parallels Access for Business which enables IT admins to centrally assign,...»

Bye, bye Nokia. Microsoft set to ditch iconic branding by next year

Mike Wheatley | June 17th

Microsoft has apparently made the surprising decision to bin the Nokia brand for its mobile products, especially its smartphones, following its $7.5 billion acquisition of the famed Finnish phone maker. The rumor – and that's all...»