Mobile Malware Hosted on German Server Shows Diversity of Fraud

Kyt Dotson | February 7th

The ecology of mobile malware is beginning to take root and grow into a real wilderness as malicious software authors continue to penetrate the market. Fortunately, we have numerous vendors working to protect people’s phones. Recently, many antivirus...»

Apkudo Launches New Android Analytics, MetroPCS First On Board

Maria Deutscher | February 7th

Apkudo, a company that offers developers solutions to amend the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem and run their apps on multiple devices without the need to rewrite, announced a new offering today. Apkudo Device Analytics...»

Norton’s Latest Android Security App Launches Amidst Market Breach

Mellisa Tolentino | February 7th

During the holidays, the most popular gifts given or received were mobile devices and according to Google’s Andy Rubin, there were 3.7 million Android devices activated between December 24 and 25. But here’s the troubling...»

Leaked White Nokia Lumia 900, Instagram on Android?

Mellisa Tolentino | February 7th

It seems like Nokia inadvertently posted a photo of a white Lumia 900 on their Facebook page.  Though the description on the photo states that it’s the white Lumia 800, Nokia fans were...»

Joyent CEO Tells How Node.js Fits Into Mobile Strategy [Video]

Saroj Kar | February 6th

Joyent, the California-based cloud computing startup founded by Jason Hoffman, caught up with John Furrier and Alex Williams at theCube to talk about Node’s strategy and technical impact (full video below).  He discussed...»

Microsoft on Mobile: Upcoming Launch, Shaky Competitor Relations

Maria Deutscher | February 6th

Software giant Microsoft is one of the many companies heavily invested the PC industry that have decided to apply the phrase “if you can’t  beat them, join them” to their approach with the mobile...»

Rdio Updates for Android 4.0 as Mobile Music Heats Up

Kristina Farrah | February 6th

Rdio, the digital music service started by the creators of Skype, has unveiled their redesigned Android app. It’s available for download from the Android Market in US, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Australia and New Zealand ---or


LBC Startup Mobeam Raises an Extra $1.5M

Maria Deutscher | February 6th

An up and coming company named Mobeam announced that it has received $1.5 million in funding from the Korea-based DFJ Athena VC fund and Ben DuPont. DuPont participated in Mobeam’s first $4.9 million round...»

How Social, Mobile was Super Bowl 2012? A Brand’s Dream Come True

Kristina Farrah | February 6th

Looking back on the biggest game event this year, Super Bowl XLVI sure was a huge success. Marketing and advertising firm Nielsen released a report prior the game that speaks of the trends


HTC Has High Hopes for MWC as Earnings Falter

Maria Deutscher | February 6th

Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC reported its far-from-optimistic fiscal forecast for Q1, during which the steady decline in revenue and share price it has seen throughout last year will likely persist. HTC expects to see something...»