Apple’s Legal Battles, Worms On Android and More

Mellisa Tolentino | March 2nd

Today’s mobile roundup features Apple’s legal battles against Samsung, Motorola and Proview, AT&T’s new “unlimited data” policy, Sprint and Chrysler partner up, worm attacking Android devices, and a tablet especially made for kids. Apple Both Apple and...»

Facebook’s New Premium Ads and Its Impact on Advertisers

Saroj Kar | March 1st

Shortly before the planned IPO that will boost the world's largest social network, Facebook is targeting investors with their new ad offerings. Facebook, for the first time, is allowing advertising on mobile devices. Facebook launches...»

Hackers Take a Bite Out of Apple Customers, Apple Slow to Resolve Claims

Mellisa Tolentino | March 1st

Hacktivists are quite popular these days, especially with Anonymous taking down government sites to fight corruption and injustice.  But the problem is, other hackers are wreaking havoc in cyberspace.  They’re hacking into user accounts and...»

Windows 8 vs. iOS: the Cloud’s New Battle Ground

Mellisa Tolentino | March 1st

With the consumer preview of the Windows 8 yesterday, the question of how it stacks up to Apple is inevitable.  But Windows 8, unlike Mountain Lion, is also a mobile OS, so instead of comparing...»

SugarSync Pulls in a Sweet $15M in Series D Funding

Maria Deutscher | March 1st

SugarSync, a freemium service that allows users to share their files and data across multiple devices,  earned another very handsome round of VC money. The company raised $15 million in a fourth round of financing...»

Apple Bullies EPAD Over iPad Trademark, AMD Acquires SeaMicro

Mellisa Tolentino | March 1st

Today’s mobile roundup includes Apple’s EPAD complaint and the expected launch of the new Apple TV and 14-inch MacBook Air.  We'll also discuss the blocking of eBooks, AMD acquiring SeaMicro and Sprint’s new app offering...»

Twitter, Groupon Must Bring Analytics to their Mobile Marketing Platforms

Saroj Kar | February 29th

After the recent redesign for user profiles, Twitter launches a new update dedicated to the business of mobile.  About two years after the launch of sponsored links in the timeline - the famous Promoted...»

How Does Bump Handle All that Shared Data? Riak’s NoSQL Database

Maria Deutscher | February 29th

Riak is an emerging big data technology that’s picking up momentum. The NoSQL database was listed on Jaspesoft’s big data connector infographic as one of the smaller offerings accounting for 26 percent of connector...»

First Look at Windows 8 Debut: MWC 2012

Mellisa Tolentino | February 29th

Microsoft created a big splash, not literally, as they hosted their launch on a covered pool at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona when they launched the consumer preview of the Windows 8. During the...»

Day 3 @ MWC: Nokia Blatantly Targets Android with Windows Phone Plans

Mellisa Tolentino | February 29th

We are now on the third day of the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.  For a recap, click here and here for day 1 and day 2 MWC product launches and...»