Vimessa’s Mobile Video Messaging App Comes with Promise of Cross-Platform Sharing

Kristen Nicole | November 17th

Vimessa launches its video messaging service today, taking claim of the world’s first video voicemail app for any mobile device.  You can send high-definition video messages for free to any mobile phone number or email...»

How Google Music Compares to iTunes, Spotify

Mellisa Tolentino | November 17th

There are so many music services available today that you’d have to ask why Google Music is such a big deal.  I’ll tell you why, because Google Music takes on two giants: Apple and Facebook....»

New Relic Gets $15M for Performance Monitoring App

Maria Deutscher | November 16th

Software-as-service provider New Relic announced it has closed a $15 million round of funding led by DAG Ventures and Four Rivers Group. Investors Allen & Company, Benchmark Capital, Tenaya Capital, and Trinity Ventures also participated...»

Giving Android a Chance

richardbennett | November 16th

A little less than a month ago, I wrote some effusive praise for the iPhone 4S on this blog and chronicled my buying experience. The 4S is a very impressive device in many respects,

Google Mobile Initiative GoMo Launches in Mobile. Where Else?

Kristen Nicole | November 16th

The number of people using mobile devices keeps increasing because everybody wants to stay connected while on the go. Google sees yet another opportunity in this growing trend beyond search, mobile OS and


Nook, Kindle Fire Get Ahead with Advanced Product Launches

Mellisa Tolentino | November 16th

Last Monday the Kindle Fire launched ahead of its scheduled date of release, which was supposed to on Tuesday. And its number one contender, the Nook Tablet, launched days ahead of its schedule as...»

Music Madness, from iTunes Match to Android Piracy

Mellisa Tolentino | November 15th

As Google Music nears its full launch and rumors of a new Store flood the headlines, other music services are spicing things up to keep their edge as well.  While Google's leaked hints of what...»

Bright Future for Online Video Ads at BrightRoll: $30M Round

Cherr Aira | November 15th

The best is yet to come for online video advertising, especially with mobile ads catching a powerful triple digit growth rate this year. The holiday season is looking pretty good for online ads...»

Google Releases Android 4.0 ICS Source Code (and Honeycomb, Too!)

Mellisa Tolentino | November 15th

Since Google announced their plan to acquire Motorola Mobility, ODM partners that were already using the Android platform grew concerned that Google would play favorites.  Recently, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, announced that...»

Is the Kindle Fire Really a Hot Piece of Tablet?

Mellisa Tolentino | November 15th

The Kindle Fire is finally available today so those who pre-ordered the device, expect that your Kindle Fire is on its way.  Since the Kindle Fire was first unveiled, it's received mixed reviews -...»