Mobile Industry Gets Bad for Workers: Verizon Strikes, Robot Replacements and Suicide

Mellisa Tolentino | August 8th

Verizon is not doing quite well, as just last week they lost the infringement lawsuit filed against them by Active Video, in which they have to pay $115 million in damages. Now they are faced...»

The LightSquared Kerfuffle

George Ou | August 8th

We had a great discussion about the ugly problem of GPS interference last week and why it can’t be oversimplified.  Yesterday, venture capitalist Philip Falcone – a major financial backer of wireless startup LightSquared –

Telematic Android Apps Can Get Your Car Stolen

Mellisa Tolentino | August 8th

First off, if you think telematics is the shortcut for ‘telephone mathematics’ then you are not smarter than a fifth grader! It’s actually from the words telecommunications and informatics, which simply means the remote...»

SAP: Critical Security Patch Coming this Week

Maria Deutscher | August 8th

SAP, a Frankfurt-based maker of business software, will release a patch on August 9 to address a potentially hazardous security flaw originally  picked up by Alexander Polyakov, CTO of security firm ERPScan and one...»

Android Should Countersue Apple for All the Rip-Offs in iOS 5 Beta!

Mellisa Tolentino | August 8th

The much anticipated Apple iOS 5 Beta has been released to developers over the weekend, although it’s only the beta version.  Aside from the iOS 5 Beta, the Xcode 4.2 Developer Preview 5, iTunes 10.5...»

PushBI Tops Business Apps for iPad, Android Tablets this Week

Maria Deutscher | August 5th

This week we’ve rounded up five of the best iPad and Honeycomb business apps.  Tablets are of increasing importance as Android seeks to dominate this sector too.  With the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 release,...»

Mobage Gains Carrier Support, Extends Mobile Gaming Revenue Channels

Mellisa Tolentino | August 5th

Just before July ended, DeNA company ngmoco announced that its Mobage social games platform for Android has been released in English-speaking countries around the world.  On August 4, ngmoco announced the roll out...»

Android, iOS or Others: Which Platform Suits You?

Mellisa Tolentino | August 5th

Admit it, you want an Apple device, be it for the design of the software or its outer aesthetics.  But unfortunately, due its higher price compared to other devices, you can’t afford one.  So many...»

Square Fraud was Inevitable. Encryption, Anyone?

Maria Pila | August 5th

Researchers at the Black Hat security conference on Thursday revealed ways in which the Square payment system, which turns any iPhone, iPad or Android into a point-of-sale credit card processor, could be used for...»

HTC Acquires Dashwire, Another Move to Dodge Patent Lawsuits

Mellisa Tolentino | August 5th

In this era, it’s hard to be a start-up company or a company pushing for innovation, because you’ll probably be hindered by other companies too busy slapping patent lawsuits in your face.  So what can...»