Social Search Saga Sets Off Hyper-Local Ad Industry

Maria Pila | July 12th

Hyper-local marketing is an important way for local business' to dominate search results quickly and easily, and it has to do with the mobile revolution. Our connected devices are in fact the next generation...»

Apple Addresses Privacy with iOS 5 Beta 3

Maria Deutscher | July 11th

Apple promises to launch iOS 5 to its users by this fall, and it’s making sure developers are ready. After all, one of the biggest issues with rival Android's Honeycomb OS was that there were...»

iOS Apps Rule, but Mobile Apps Aren’t All That

Jennefer Almirante | July 11th

The growing app market on iOS has shot up again, headed by connected devices like the iPad and iPhone.   There is no...»

Video Chat Summer Revival Inspired by Social, Mobile Tech

Kristen Nicole | July 11th

Video chat is seeing a big boom again, with social networks and mobile technology driving new points of integration for established services.  Skype, Google, Facebook and AOL are gaining new opportunities to extend video chat...»

HTC Appeals to Bootloaders with Latest Update News

Ruth Isabel | July 11th

In August of this year, HTC's new bootloader unlocking software update will be featured with the latest HTC mobile devices. A few months back, HTC reconsidered its policy on unlocked phones but details about it...»

Millennial Media May Be a Good Buy for Apple

Maria Deutscher | July 8th

Apple’s iAd mobile marketing platform is certainly not the company’s biggest money maker, but the consumer electronics giant is still trying to expand its foothold in a market, which is expected to be worth $2.5...»

Kik a Dev Into Gear. Real-Time SDK in 10 Minutes

Ross LaRocco | July 7th

Kik Messenger strikes again, with more real-time goodness.  I love that phrase so much.  Everything should feel real-time, and now the doors are open to make it so.  What does this mean?

"Kik Messenger's

Google’s Laptops Are Big Sellers

Anton Wahlman | July 7th

Hey Microsoft, if you're in the car check the rearview mirror and move into the right lane. It looks like there is a laptop freight train called Google that's about to pass you in sales. I just checked...»

Fully Functional Bitcoin Wallet Comes to Android

Kyt Dotson | July 7th

We’ve been following the saga of this peer-to-peer cryptocurrency for a while now. Bitcoins have found themselves in the media recently, and had their share of ups-and-downs, adoption as a currency has been low in real world...»

Springpad Now Picks Up Your Luggage. iOS Users Rejoice!

Ross LaRocco | July 7th

Ever leave your bag somewhere?  It's so easy to misplace things these days.  Springpad has been my personal assistant for quite awhile, but who would think of making a reminder for something like, not forgetting...»