Yahoo skips details on Alibaba opportunity, growth strategy in Q3 earnings call

Collen Kriel | October 22nd

Yahoo Inc. have released their Q3 earnings and after many quarters of falling revenues, they have finally reported strong financial performance with sales growth and a higher than expected profit. Yet investors remain confused on how the web giant...»

Google buys Firebase to add real-time sync & store capabilities to its Cloud Platform

Mike Wheatley | October 22nd

Google has acquired backend-as-a-service startup Firebase, maker of a development platform for building Android and iOS apps that can store and sync data in real time. Firebase, which counts some 110,000 registered...»

DevOps Weekly Round-Up: Open source, Docker, and Android 64-bit

Saroj Kar | October 21st

Last week, Microsoft announced Docker container engine for its Azure platform, also Orchestrate added Orchestrate Enterprise for rapid, massively scalable enterprise application development. Oculus Rift took the virtual reality to the next level by open sourcing its developer kit. This...»

Enterprises turning to Hadoop, but can Big Data live up to its potential? | #BigDataNYC

Rachel Schramm | October 21st

Wrapping up their coverage of the Big Data NYC conference, Jeff Kelly and Dave Vellante discussed some noteworthy patterns emerging in the Big Data enterprise landscape. As storage costs increase and budgets remain flat, enterprises are baselining data


Our favorite hoverboard movie scenes

Mellisa Tolentino | October 21st

Calling all Marty McFly wannabes, there's a real hoverboard hitting the crowdfunding scene in hopes of going into production. The Hendo Hoverboard is currently raising funds on Kickstarter Inc., looking to make all our...»

The rise and fall of the Anonabox Kickstarter highlights demand for simple privacy

Kyt Dotson | October 21st

In a world where TV shows make it obvious that most personal communications on the Internet are hardly anonymous—anyone who watches Scorpion or Person of Interest probably has this sense. Many users may desire to return to a...»

Never lose your umbrella again with Blunt + Tile integration

Mellisa Tolentino | October 21st

This week’s Smart Living roundup features the world’s first traceable umbrella, a smart way to accept packages, and a retail giant’s new focus on smart, connected products.


Blunt + Tile = first traceable umbrella

  For Londoners and Seattleites,...»

Landmark ruling blocks counterfeit e-tailers, and freedom of speech?

James Farrell | October 21st

The UK high Court has made a first of its kind ruling in determining that internet service providers must crack down on websites selling fake goods. Five of the U.K.’s ISP providers, BT, EE, Sky, TalkTalk and...»

Big Data applications demand agile infrastructure | #BigDataNYC

Alina Popescu | October 21st

The Big Data transformation headed for the enterprise will be driven by the nature of applications and the new data repository. That means agile applications scaling horizontally will challenge the vertically-scaled notions of infrastructure, said former EMC...»

Amazon deal means cheaper e-books, but not everyone is happy

Eric David | October 21st

Readers craving cheaper e-books have a reason to celebrate today, as»