Analysis: IBM-Twitter deal marks Big Data ascendancy

Paul Gillin | October 29th

IBM's landmark alliance with Twitter, Inc. is a symbol of the changes that are sweeping through the IT industry, transforming both the role of technology and who uses it inside corporations. The deal also shows...»

How to kill YouTube ads

Mellisa Tolentino | October 29th

Supposedly out to eliminate annoying ads on YouTube videos, Google’s video-sharing service is said to be working on a paid-subscription model. The effort is reportedly led by Google veteran executive Susan Wojcicki, who took over YouTube...»

Suicide watch for your Twitter friends with Samaritan Radar

Eric David | October 29th

U.K.-based charity Samaritans launched a new web app called Samaritans Radar that notifies users if their friends have made any worrying tweets that could indicate depression or a risk...»

Wall Street does not understand the value of Twitter | #ibminsight

Alina Popescu | October 28th

“Twitter is misunderstood on Wall Street and in the mainstream,” said John Furrier, SiliconANGLE cofounder, commenting on the recent results released by the social network. “What they have is an amazing real-time notification network,” Furrier explained. But,...»

More alternatives to Facebook Rooms

Mellisa Tolentino | October 28th

Last week social networking giant Facebook Inc. launched Rooms, a new chat app available for iOS that lets users create their own rooms based on topics. Each room is highly customizable, and signing...»

Twitter shares plan for world domination as user growth slows

Eric David | October 28th

Twitter is doing well financially, but their current growth in registered users has been a bit disappointing. That's according to Twitter's Q3 Earning Report, which shows that the social network has seen...»

No shoes, no shirt, no Twitch streaming

Eric David | October 28th

[caption id="attachment_203260" align="alignright" width="258"] Meg Turney's current Twitch profile image[/caption] In a move to improve its reputation, popular video game live-streaming service updated its rules to include a dress code that effectively bans streamers who dress provocatively. ...»

Microsoft co-founder tops the bill in Ebola donations – some think it’s not enough!

James Farrell | October 27th

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft Corp., has topped the list of the biggest donators in the computer tech industry in fighting the deadly Ebola virus outbreak. He tweeted late last week, “I'm...»

Be careful what you say online—it could turn into a TV series

Eric David | October 27th

In case you hadn't heard, the things you say online could have real-life consequences. But for one user on the public Q&A forum Quora Inc., that consequence could be a television series. The show's premise came...»

Twitter acquires Twitpic’s archive at the eleventh hour

Collen Kriel | October 27th

Twitter Inc. has saved Twitpic Inc. Noah Everett, creator of Twitpic, announced on their blog on October 25 "I'm happy to announce that we have reached an agreement with Twitter to give them the ...»