Two years late, Instagram adds new filters and hides the ones you never use

Mellisa Tolentino | December 17th

Instagram has recently hit a new milestone, surpassing Twitter, Inc.’s 284 million users. The photo editing and sharing service has reached 300 million users, taking the opportunity to announce five new filters and a slew of other filter updates. New...»

Facebook app now improves your pictures for you

Eric David | December 17th

New updates to Facebook Inc.'s mobile app include features that automatically enhance photos uploaded to the social network, improving both image clarity and lighting. Proving the old adage that "the best camera is the one you have...»

Zuckerberg’s Facebook page under bizarre attack by Brazilian trolls

Eric David | December 16th

Internet trolling can happen to anyone, even – or perhaps especially – to Facebook Inc. CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. But the most recent attacks on Zuckerberg's Facebook timeline come from an unexpected source: Brazil. The...»

Skype Translator preview goes live: Spanish-English spoken, 40 languages written

Duncan Riley | December 15th

Microsoft Corp.'s Skype division has launched a preview version of its new Skype Translator, a service that allows realtime translation from one language to the next. The tool, which Microsoft has been working on for over ten years is said ...»

Facebook banishes the word “user” from its vocabulary

Eric David | December 15th

Facebook Inc. is changing its internal processes to eliminate the word "user," choosing to use the term "people instead. Margaret Gould Stewart, Facebook's Director of Product Design, spoke at The Atlantic's...»

Hostage used to communicate demands via Facebook in Sydney terror attack

Duncan Riley | December 15th

A hostage in the terrorist attack in Sydney, Australia has been forced to post the demands of the terrorist on their Facebook Inc. account. A post to Facebook from bank worker Marcia Mikhael includes a range of demands from the ISIL-related...»

Facebook dumps Bing for search

Duncan Riley | December 12th

Microsoft Corp.'s longstanding relationship with Facebook Inc. appears to be slowly winding down as the social networking giant today quietly dropped use of Bing for search. The move, first reported by Reuters, comes following the rollout of new search functionality...»