Facebook breaks into the drone business – for charity?

Eric David | November 21st

Facebook Inc. is rapidly increasing its Connectivity Lab project by adding over a dozen new jobs for aeronautical and thermal engineers, as well as other technicians and specialists. The purpose of the new hires? Drone development. The...»

Facebook bus drivers have had enough, vote to unionize

Eric David | November 20th

Drivers of Facebook Inc.'s Silicon Valley shuttle service told the company they had enough of long hours and low wages. On Wednesday they voted 43-28 in favor of joining the local chapter of the Teamsters...»

Confused by Facebook Rooms vs. Groups? How to use these new apps

Mellisa Tolentino | November 19th

Facebook Inc. has launched yet another app to make it easier for people with the same interests to communicate with each other. Called Facebook Groups, it’s another core feature of the popular social...»

Far Cry 4 pirates accidentally out themselves by complaining about missing FOV slider

Eric David | November 19th

Ubisoft Entertainment is not known for taking video game piracy lightly, but with the recent release of Far Cry 4, the Montreal-based developers took a subtler approach than usual to root out pirates. Ubisoft left Field...»

Facebook Groups 101: New app with separate feeds

Eric David | November 19th

Continuing its trend of breaking off core features into their own specialized apps, Facebook Inc. has announced the launch of Facebook Groups. The new app is designed to make it easier for...»

GOP allegedly using Twitter to bypass campaign finance law

Eric David | November 18th

Republicans and "outside groups" have been using Twitter Inc. to skirt laws governing what information can be shared between politicians and the people and organizations who donate money to their campaigns,...»

Scammers use Facebook to find and trick victims

Eric David | November 17th

Social media tools like Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., and the Facebook-owned Instagram are great for connecting with friends or meeting new people, but they are also a breeding ground for online scams. Scams are nothing new to...»

Facebook said to be working on enterprise social network

Mike Wheatley | November 17th

High expectations for the potential of Facebook-like social networks that work behind the corporate firewall have mostly met with frustration, but now a new player appears set to enter the game: Facebook. According to a report...»

Should video game review scores change with time?

Eric David | November 14th

Halo is one of the most popular Xbox franchises of all time, and the recently released Halo: The Master Chief Collection brings the first four games from the classic series to the Xbox One. The collection...»

3 browser extensions to improve your Facebook experience

Eric David | November 14th

Facebook's population is currently sitting at over a billion users, but despite the seemingly never ending series of changes and updates made to the site, there can always be improvements. Here are a three browser extensions...»