Live: The Open Social Enterprise #TEDatIBM CrowdChat

John Furrier | September 18th

IBM is having a live crowd conversation 10am PST today. Come join the crowd from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook users for a unified conversation on the hashtag #TEDatIBM as pre-event conversation about the open social enterprise....»

Cali’s Almond Board is nuts about cloud collaboration

Guest Author | September 18th

In the past decade, Internet, mobile, and cloud technologies have redefined our lives and enabled a new generation of collaboration technology that is driving business value by allowing officer workers to interact around content more effectively than ever...»

Another open-source consortium for Facebook, new project to go along

Maria Deutscher | September 17th

Even though it doesn’t depend on developers for revenue as much as some of the other web-scale companies that have been making headlines in the ecosystem lately, Facebook Inc. is investing heavily in...»

Tableau #Data14 CrowdChat Conversations

John Furrier | September 11th

Tableau #Data14 conference CrowdChat transcript. ...»

Secret identities revealed: 4 ways anonymous chat apps can give you up

Tavis J. Hampton | September 11th

Anonymous chat apps may not be as protective of users' identities as we'd like to think. Would you like to vent about your annoying coworkers without anyone finding out who you are? Do you have a marital indiscretion...»

Advertisers win in Facebook’s efforts to dethrone YouTube

Maria Deutscher | September 9th

Facebook Inc. appears to be positioning itself as a rival to YouTube with new functionality aimed at bringing the media viewing experience on the News Feed more up to par with that offered by Google Inc.’s dominant video...»

Microsoft joins social graph party with Office Delve to help workers stay connected

Mike Wheatley | September 9th

Microsoft Corp. has finally unveiled its long-awaited social networking features for Office 365, with the launch of a new product called Office Delve. We first caught a glimpse...»

Facebook and LinkedIn double down on privacy with new controls

Maria Deutscher | September 8th

The social media sphere has produced quite a few notable privacy controversies in recent years, a reputation that the top networks are now trying to shake off with new features aimed at enabling users to take responsibility over...»

CrowdChat Example of Engagement Container Technology

John Furrier | September 5th

This is an example of the embedded application of our new "engagement container" technology in action. All updates from is happening anywhere the container is embedded. What Beta Users Are Saying About CrowdChat Making sense of...»

Twitter’s Big Data crunching ‘BotMaker’ muscles in on spam

Mike Wheatley | August 22nd

If you're an avid Twitter user, you might have noticed a significant drop in the amount of spam messages and tweets bugging you. That's because Twitter's introduced a new anti-spam system called BotMaker that's helped...»