How Twitter can power the Internet of Things with Fabric

Mellisa Tolentino | October 24th

This week’s SmartDevOps roundup features how Twitter can become the Internet of Things’ best ally, a new Internet of Things (IoT) platform to speed development for connected things and apps, and news of what could be the largest IoT...»

For mooching gamers, Sony launches Share Play

Winston Edmondson | October 24th

We can thank all the online social networks for making the concept of sharing a way of life. We’ve gone from sharing our thoughts, images, and videos online, to sharing our homes and vehicles in real life,...»

How to setup Facebook Rooms: The ultimate anonymous chat app?

Mellisa Tolentino | October 24th

Facebook Inc. has officially introduced Rooms, an anonymous chat-sharing app that lets you create rooms for different topics in hopes of attracting others with similar interests. It is currently available for users in the U.S.,...»

The Queen tweets her first and last?

Eric David | October 24th

Today, Queen Elizabeth II set the Twitter world afire when she became the first British monarch to send a tweet out to the masses.The queen sent the historic tweet this morning when she visited London's science museum, and within...»

Ello raises $5.5 Million and becomes a public benefit corporation

Collen Kriel | October 24th

Ello has received $5.5 million in new venture capital, which ironically coincides with them legally ensuring that they will never take money from the sale of user data or ads and that goes for any acquirer. Paul Budnitz,...»

Airbnb coming to San Francisco despite opposition

Eric David | October 22nd

  A new law passed in San Francisco yesterday will make it easier for residents and travelers to use social network room rental services like Airbnb Inc. and VRBO (a branch of HomeAway Inc.) within the city. These services allow people to temporarily...»

A new messaging app called “Gems” wants to pay its users in Bitcoin

Mellisa Tolentino | October 22nd

A new social messaging platform aims to reward users with Bitcoin for spending time on it. Most social networks and messaging platforms make money from selling information about their users to advertisers. That's what ...»

Role reversal for custom furniture software births Things of the Internet

Kristen Nicole | October 22nd

Things of the Internet. That’s a new phrase coined by Jeff Wilson, the man behind the custom furniture startup Massuni, a branch of Verso Furniture, Inc. Looking at the flipside...»

Jail time proposed for Internet trolls with Chloe’s Law

Eric David | October 20th

Harassing tweets and Facebook comments might seem like a fact of life on the Internet, but they could soon carry a two-year prison sentence in the United Kingdom. U.K. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling told The Daily Mail  on Sunday that...»

How CrowdChat creates transparency, empowers workers and business decisions | #oow14

Rose Meadows | October 16th

An early adopter of CrowdChat, Dan Hushon has found a variety of business use cases for the public hashtag forum. As CTO of the Global Technology Office for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Hushon uses CrowdChat about...»