Twitter asks power users to stop sharing Instagram pics

Eric David | January 23rd

Twitter Inc. is getting tired of users sharing Instagram photos instead of using Twitter's image features, so it is pleading with the most popular "verified" users to stop. The prompt went out to actors, athletes, and other popular accounts...»

WhatsApp finally launches desktop version, but it’s missing iOS support

Eric David | January 22nd

The Facebook Inc.-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp has finally launched a desktop version so you can chat with your friends instead of working, but the service is rolling out without iOS support. Since its launch in 2009, WhatsApp has...»

How social media has changed the State of the Union

Eric David | January 21st

The format of the State of the Union has changed little over the last few decades, but the way it is both broadcasted and discussed has rapidly evolved from year to year, especially with the recent widespread adoption...»

Betty White isn’t dead, and Facebook wants to hide hoaxes like that from your News Feed

Winston Edmondson | January 20th

A few times a year, you might notice a sudden outpouring of emotion on your Facebook news feed as friends and acquaintances express their condolences to each other about the sudden death of America’s favorite Golden Girl,...»

Facebook’s hiring spree adds nearly 1200 jobs

Eric David | January 20th

After a big year in 2014 and the acquisition of several technology startups, Facebook Inc. is looking to fill 1,159 new jobs across a wide range of positions. "We are an ambitious company run by an ambitious...»

Facebook open-sources some of its deep learning AI tools

Eric David | January 19th

[caption id="attachment_213592" align="alignright" width="300"] Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg[/caption] Facebook Inc. has open-sourced several of its artificial intelligence tools by making them available on the Torch open-source library. The tools will...»

Social media relieves stress in women—except when it causes it

Eric David | January 16th

Does social media stress you out? The answer is more than likely "not really," but a new study by the Pew Research Center's Internet Project shows that social media can have a...»

Facebook’s Zuckerberg brings free internet program to Colombia

Eric David | January 15th

Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken another step in his plans to bring internet connectivity to developing nations by introducing a free application to Colombia. In 2013, Zuckerberg founded, a non-profit...»

MySpace traffic up 575% to 50.6m uniques in November. Also MySpace still exists

Duncan Riley | January 15th

Former social network turned social music sharing service MySpace appears to be Lazarus rising in 2015 with news that traffic to the site is booming. According to the Wall Street Journal Myspace traffic hit 50.6 million...»

Soon you’ll get paid to Facebook. Sort of…

Winston Edmondson | January 14th

How would you like to get paid to use Facebook, Inc.? Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Well it’s coming. Let me clarify... Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg isn’t going to send you money for every...»