Chirp This [infographic]

Michael Sean Wright | April 16th

Well @Chirp, the Twitter conference for developers wrapped up day one with a lot of tension still in the air. Let’s get a few things out of the way:

When Twitter


Seesmic Desktop Evolves Into A Multi-Publishing System

Tom Foremski | April 15th

Seesmic is best known as a Twitter client but the company


Most People Don’t Mind Twitter’s New Promoted Tweets [InfoGraphic]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 14th

Erick Schonfeld highlighted on Techcrunch yesterday a survey from “Twitter Sentiment” that indicated that over 71% of Twitter users hated the idea of “Promoted Tweets.” What wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the post was that


From the Community Management Trenches: Survey Results

Angela Connor | April 14th

If you're hoping to snag a job as a Community Manager in the near future, it would behoove you to gain a real understanding of all that it entails. It is not a job for the weak,


Twitter Userbase Soars To Over 100 Million – Greater Than 200 million Overall Users

John Furrier | April 14th

As Twitter continues to go mainstream, they are still a startup.  Twitter is soaring.  I have estimated in the past that Twitter is not pushing greater than 50 million users.  I was wrong and Twitter is


The Power of Adjacent Communities

Stuart Miniman | April 14th

I recently read a book written by a coworker, Steve Todd, Innovate with Influence.  The book tells the story of Steve’s career, the storage industry from RAID to XAM and


Introducing Yesterday’s Old RealTime Web – Google Innovating Real Time With Yesterdays Web

John Furrier | April 14th

Google's Dylan Casey introduces real time search and timeline discovery via the Google Blog.  This is great for folks looking to harvest what Twitter was failing to do which is go back in time to see what...»

March Metrics and Measuring Social Media

Greg Schulz | April 14th

What metrics matter for social media and networking? Of course the answer should be it depends. For example, would that be number of followers or how many posts, tweets or videos you...»

3D Pops Up as Theme at This Year’s NAB

Daisy Whitney | April 13th

At this year's National Association of Broadcasters show,


The Chair of the IAWTV Comments on #StreamyFail

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 13th

Yesterday, Michael Sean Wright posted perhaps the most scathing review of the Streamys online broadcast of any I’ve seen, and I’ve been watching the wreckage from that trainwreck picked apart by the blogosphere and