SemTech 2010: Semantic Technologies Are Everywhere

Nate D'Amico | July 6th

Last week brought the annual Semantic Technology Conference to San Francisco.  This year saw not only a healthy increase in attendees, speaker sessions, and exhibitors, but also seemed to bring with it a new attitude


OPENapps: Apps for Millions of Websites

Tom Foremski | July 6th

Apps developers are rushing to mobile en masse yet there is another large market, says Joseph Puopolo, director of marketing at OPENapps, and it's web site applications.

"Web site owners need apps for all


TweetUp Acquires Twidroid, Still Room for Twitter Market Growth

Kristen Nicole | July 6th

TweetUp is taking all of Twitter's heeding to heart, acquiring Twidroid and announcing its plans to buy popurls as well. The Twitter search and bidding tool has already created a service on top...»

The Social Customer: SocialCRM in the Age of Commodity Content

Maria Ogneva | July 6th

There has been a healthy discussion around the concept of the Social Customer that I've been observing and participating in, and this post was inspired by this particular discussion. Much like the debate around


Thoughts on the Brand Power of Google Me

Morgan Warstler | July 2nd

Everyone Googles themselves.

So, can Google harness that compulsion in order to compete with Facebook on WebID?

Off the bat, they grant each provable user identity (no BigTool4U) the ability to grab the first


Google Me Wouldn’t Be Any More Private than Facebook

Kristen Nicole | July 2nd

Rumors of a new Google product that could blow Facebook out the water are gaining steam, with social media pundits weighing in on Twitter and elsewhere. Adding fuel is Google's own CEO making...»

Mobile Web Ads Increase 50 Percent in US: Mobile Mix Report

Kristen Nicole | July 1st

Millennial Media released its Mobile Mix Report today, confirming a lot of what you already thought of the mobile market--it's still red hot. In the U.S., the mobile web continues to grow, increasing...»

If You Think Hulu Isn’t Taking Over the World, You’ve Not Been Paying Attention

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | June 30th

The “day after” editorial on major movements in tech is almost always fun to watch. Today is no exception, as I’m seeing a lot of delayed reaction from several bloggers on the news of Hulu coming


EMI Launch on RecreateMyNight, Part of Un-Labeling Strategy

Kristen Nicole | June 30th

Major music label EMI's Virgin Records has teamed up with social media platform RecreateMyNight to offer a multimedia outlet for fans to partake in a musical event. This week's launch is to promote...»

Cyberbullying In Schools NY Times Gets With The Program – About Time

Linda Miola-Furrier | June 30th

When I founded SiliconANGLE in 2009 our editorial motto is "Where Computer Science meets Social Science".   It still is true today.  This is an important angle for technology coverage. That is why we cover a range of topics...»