Yahoo Buying Foursquare: Sure Yahoo Would Benefit

John Furrier | April 6th

Yahoo is rumored to be looking hard at Foursquare at a price of around $100 million according to Nicholas Carlson of BI.

Last week I wrote a post on Foursquare when the venture


What is Success? The Anti-iPad Manifesto.

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 6th

As you may know, I’m not particularly known for my fandom of the iPad. I’ve heard a number of pundits (Robert Scoble and Daisy Whitney immediately spring to mind) say that now that


How Many Ads Will You Tolerate in Online Video?

Daisy Whitney | April 6th

Are you ready for more ads in your online TV? Because you're going to get them since everyone from Comscore to CBS to ABC to CW says you want them. But will we as consumers tolerate them? Daisy


Fashion Stake: Is Their New Funding Style Legal?

Jeff Nolan | April 6th

A major problem in the fashion industry is that it is very difficult for a new designer to “break the code” that enables a distribution capability, so as a result we have few brands


Federation is the Key to an Open Cloud

Nico Popp | April 6th

This week is the week of the OpenID summit in Mountain View, California. We are all hoping that 2010 will be another pivotal year for open identity. There seems to be a combination of market forces


Is the Location Based War Real or Imagined? [Gowalla vs. Foursquare]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 5th

Henry Blodget today demonstrates an alarming lack of ability to perform basic math in a post entitled “Watch Gowalla Pretend It's Not Fighting For Its Life Against Foursquare.” In the post, he launches a full-out,


Social Media Myths – A Must Watch If In Social Media Marketing – Not Just PR But Branding Applications

John Furrier | April 2nd

Michael Brito who is now a VP at Edelman Digital caught up with Adweek's social media analyst/write Brian Morrissey who is covering social media ad models like a blanket - he's the digital editor of Adweek. Michael...»

News Without a Profit Model? Doomed.

Tom Foremski | April 2nd

I'm not a supporter of philanthropic non-profit news ventures because I believe that we need to find a news business model that is self-sustaining and doesn't rely on handouts from rich people or fundraising. If it


Episodic Acquired by Google, and What it Means for YouTube

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 2nd

It was just announced moments ago on the Episodic company blog that the small video platform startup was acquired by Google.

From the blog post:

We are thrilled to announce


Why I Love April Fools Day (and Halloween)

Stephen Foskett | April 1st

I love April Fools Day. Not because I love getting fooled, mind. No, I love April Fools Day for the same reason I love Halloween: It's a chance for people to loosen up, get creative, and maybe even...»