Game Mechanics in the Enterprise

Tom Foremski | June 15th

Last week I caught up with the folks at CrowdCast, a provider of Q&A marketplaces for enterprises. CrowdCast secured a $6m follow financing round led by Menlo Ventures in addition to a $3m series


Mea Culpa: Cord Cutting May Not Yet Be a Trend

Daisy Whitney | June 15th

In the last year, the nation's largest TV providers added more than 1.7 million new video customers, suggesting that cord cutting is not a trend, according to fresh research from Leichtman Research Group as Daisy Whitney reports in


Nintendo Marks the End of the Graphics Race with the 3DS

Ramine Darabiha | June 14th

Rumors of specs for the Nintendo 3DS (to be revealed this week at E3) surfaced earlier today, with developers claiming it would have roughly equivalent power to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Today also marks


ESPN and Live Sports Events Coming to the XBox 360

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | June 14th

After watching the Microsoft announcement for the last hour, the first real announcement aside from all the new games and add-ons everyone already knew about – ESPN is coming to the XBox 360.

ESPN will


TripAdvisor Says Your Friends are Smart and Important

Kristen Nicole | June 14th

It's summertime and I keep hearing the anthem on the radio, reminding me that I need to get out and enjoy the warm weather. A vacation, you say? Sounds fine! And where do you recommend...»

You Can’t Automate Community Management

Angela Connor | June 11th

This isn’t intended to be a rant against my former employer; they did what they had to do, much of which involved figuring out next steps for the community and how they’d like to see it develop


World Cup 2010 on the Web, Cake Walk.

Kristen Nicole | June 11th

Stephen Colbert may have reminded us Americans how much we loath soccer, but the world wide web has brought the World Cup 2010 to every corner of the world. That includes the United States....»

On Location, Privacy and Risk

Jay Livens | June 11th

I was recently listening to the Infosmack Po dcast #50 over at StorageMonkeys and the speakers were discussing location-based social networking applications. Specifically, they talked about Foursquare although the same discussion to


Tribes: Adopting Convergence [Godin]

Stuart Miniman | June 9th

Seth Godin, a prolific marketing blogger and author, spoke to the World Innovation Forum about innovation.  Much of his material was from his two most recent books – Tribes and Lynchpin.


Twitter Fail Whale Returns, in So Many Ways

Kristen Nicole | June 9th

When's the last time you saw the Twitter fail whale? OK, it may not have been that long ago, but something is definitely astir at the Twitter offices today. The microblogging company finally...»