HP-Palm: Do Mobile Phones Really Need the Phone Part?

Jeff Nolan | April 29th

Enough has been written about HP acquiring Palm that I don’t think it’s that newsworthy today… however something has been bouncing around my hamster cage since reading the coverage yesterday that I’m not ready to


Google is Quick. Facebook is Sticky. Which Strategy Will Win?

Tom Foremski | April 29th

Google has always been about getting people connected to the content they are looking for as quickly as possible. They even publish how quickly, in milliseconds, they perform a search.

This has been a much


Where Does Online Video Go From Here?

Alex Calic | April 29th

Google’s acquisition of YouTube in October 2006 was supposed to usher in a new era of opportunity for video creation, distribution and monetization that leveraged the power of the internet. Now, three


Daily Show Video: Apple Busting Down Doors WTF Is Going On

John Furrier | April 29th

Ever since Gizmodo broke the news of the new iPhone 4 which was acquired illegally, the entire iPhone 4 thing has been a disaster. Everything went wrong with it. My Angle: Gizmodo never should have bought...»

Luxury Paid For in the Currency of Privacy

Ramine Darabiha | April 29th

I ’d like to address the recent discussion regarding the announcement of Facebook’s new features, last week at f8. There’s been a considerable outcry among web-enthusiasts and open advocates, calling the new Like button a threat


Siri Gets Acquired by Apple (and Why I’m Disappointed)

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 28th

I’ve long been a fan of the ideas behind Siri and their artificial intelligence powered personal assistant.  Obviously, as a non-iPhone owner, I’ve had to watch from the sidelines on this one, and follow their growth


Microsoft Windows 7’s Warm Release an Advent to the Shared Computing Space

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 28th

Windows is doing well, it would seem:

Just six months after its release, Windows 7 is now installed on one in 10 of the world's PCs, Microsoft has confirmed.


Where is Your Ning Community Going to Live?

Angela Connor | April 26th

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands or even millions of people running an online community on Ning, it’s time to pull out your credit card or look for new digs.

The company announced


What the FTC and Facebook Can Learn from the Final Fantasy Franchise [Make Menus More Fun]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 26th

This Sunday, Chuck Schumer (Democrat Senator from New York) held a press conference around a letter he wrote to the FTC asking for regulation around privacy settings on social networks. From TheHill:


Facebook Insights: Not Scary and Not Effective (Yet)

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 23rd

I wrote a post the day of Facebook’s f8 developer conference trying to mitigate the outrage and panic expressed by a lot of Open advocates. Since I wrote that post, a great deal has happened