Palm is Hurting, But Their CEO Keeps it Real [Infographic]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 8th

Remember Palm?

I do.  Some of my first mobile smart phone experiences as an independent developer and as a user were on the Palm platform.

Look around, though, and you’ll barely see any


Radical Transparency and Fourstalking

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 8th

I’ve been playing with my new Windows Mobile phone I got as a gift from my wife last week (more on that later, suffice it to say that I love this thing), and a feature that’s


Why Do Offline Publications Earn 50 Times More Online Than Web-Only Media?

Tom Foremski | April 8th

A survey by Perfect Market, an online advertising optimization company, found that publications that publications that have an offline brand can earn as much as 50 times the revenues of brands that start off on


Predicting the Future with the Real Time Web [HP Interview]

Tom Foremski | April 7th

Computer scientists at Hewlett-Packard recently published a research study that showed that Twitter can predict the success of a movie better than any other measure, including the Hollywood Stock Exchange, considered the gold standard in the


Internet Censorship: It’s Not Just for China Anymore

Glenn Manishin | April 7th

There has been a lot of talk, debate and criticism — leveled at Google, Microsoft and other major Internet content providers — about censorship of Internet content by the government of China. Google


Browser Noise: Firefox Wins on Buzz, Chrome Wins on User Joy [Infographic]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 7th

Truism: Internet Explorer sucks, in terms of user experience. Want another? Firefox’s spread across the web is due almost entirely due to the buzz generated by it’s users. This is the sense that we all had who sit around pontificating...»

Yahoo Buying Foursquare: Sure Yahoo Would Benefit

John Furrier | April 6th

Yahoo is rumored to be looking hard at Foursquare at a price of around $100 million according to Nicholas Carlson of BI.

Last week I wrote a post on Foursquare when the venture


What is Success? The Anti-iPad Manifesto.

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 6th

As you may know, I’m not particularly known for my fandom of the iPad. I’ve heard a number of pundits (Robert Scoble and Daisy Whitney immediately spring to mind) say that now that


How Many Ads Will You Tolerate in Online Video?

Daisy Whitney | April 6th

Are you ready for more ads in your online TV? Because you're going to get them since everyone from Comscore to CBS to ABC to CW says you want them. But will we as consumers tolerate them? Daisy


Fashion Stake: Is Their New Funding Style Legal?

Jeff Nolan | April 6th

A major problem in the fashion industry is that it is very difficult for a new designer to “break the code” that enables a distribution capability, so as a result we have few brands