Video: EMC President Has An Angle on Social Media – Short Vid Worth Watching

John Furrier | May 25th

Pat Gelsinger, President of EMC, sat down with me at SAP Sapphire on SiliconAngle's The Cube. Here is a highlight where he talks about social media and gives his angle on what it means. ...»

The Supreme Court of Technophobes

Glenn Manishin | May 25th

This is an ongoing issue with the American judiciary system. Judges are by institution isolated and by tradition older than the general population. Increasingly, however, they are called upon to rule on technologies with which they have


Journalists Won’t Report on News Unless it Drives Pageviews

Tom Foremski | May 25th

[Ed: See note at end. –mrh]

Sam Whitmore is the best media watcher around, he regularly talks to the press as part of his research for the excellent Sam Whitmore's Media Survey, which is


Privacy: Are You Really As Concerned As You Say You Are?

Tom Foremski | May 24th

Lots of chatter about privacy the past couple of weeks, driven almost exclusively by Facebook's cavalier policies towards privacy.

I took a look at Google Trends, a service that seeks to show the popularity of


Twitter: The One-Company Economic Wrecking Ball [No Instream Ads]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | May 24th

It occurs to me, as I sit down to write another post about Twitter, that I’ve been awful hard on the startup. That springs to mind, of course, because I’m about to write another post that’s going to


Live Tweeting from the Social Graph Symposium.

Hooman Radfar | May 21st

Rapleaf and Microsoft are hosting an amazing group of folks at the Social Graph Symposium.

The Social Graph Symposium is an all-day, invite only event, bringing together the top academics, experts, influencers, executives,


How To: Get To Know Your User [For Your Computer]

Tom Foremski | May 21st

I recently met with Sol Tzvi, the co-founder of Genieo, a fascinating startup based in Israel.

Genieo is a client based news reader, yes, you read that right, it's not in


The GDrive Heating Up Public Cloud Stack Wars? It’s Not True Vendor Lock-In.

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | May 21st

Alex Williams, this morning at ReadWriteWeb, pointed to the new cloud offering from Google as “an exciting development but it also illuminates the lock-in issue and why many an enterprise is reticent about adopting


Steam and the Strengths of PC gaming

Ramine Darabiha | May 20th

 Steam was recently released on Mac and is expected to come on Linux very soon. Suddenly, 1.5M people were introduced to the joys of Portal (for free!) and easy digital distribution.