Fear Not Google, A Cloud Challenger Will Appear

John Casaretto | January 13th

Today I want to talk about possibilities.  In reading John Furrier's great post about Google's impending dominance in the world of cloud computing, at SiliconANGLE and its network this story has sparked


Justin.TV’s Community Creates 30 Hours of Video Per Minute

Robert Scoble | January 13th

Justin.tv is a technology company first, a spokesman insists, and a live video broadcaster second — a distinction that could explain why stats published late in 2009 show that more video was uploaded every minute to its


Advertisers Looking to Build Their Audiences Rather than Rent Them

Daisy Whitney | January 12th

Why rent an audience when you can buy your own? That's the new philosophy of marketers who are spending money this year to build out a social networking presence through "earned" media rather than paid media. Some advertisers,


LiquidCable: Free Cable TV Over the Internet?

Art Fewell | January 12th

LiquidCable is a service that promises to deliver a full lineup of broadcast quality TV over the internet. At CES last week, I met with Evan Johnson, LiquidCable’s Vice President of Content, and he


Web Informant: Automated Video Image Analysis will be the Next Big Breakthrough

David Strom | January 12th

Remember Chance the Gardener character in Being There? "I like to watch tv" was his famous line. The problem with most business videos is that we produce a lot of unwatchable footage, especially those taken by security


#CES2010 Cemented the Paths of Convergence and Disruption

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 11th

I’m still only just recovering from being awake far too


Why is the Government Competing with Google, Yahoo and Navteq?

Jeff Nolan | January 11th

The Federal government, specifically the Federal Highway Administration, is spending $1.2 billion of your money to nationalize the 511 highway traffic reporting system, replicating what Yahoo, Google, Navteq, and others are already doing. This is


How Should Tweets Appear in Search? Three Suggestions.

Hutch Carpenter | January 11th

In a recent post, I described some ways in which tweets should be ranked in search results. A good follow-on question is

How should tweets be presented in search results?



The Internet Is Turning TV Into The Wild West

Rob Spectre | January 11th

At CES 2010, no battleground rages between the traditional gatekeepers of the last century and the connected upstarts of the next like television.  TV is center stage at this year's show, from Samsung's stunning 3D TV


You’re Too Fat for This Community

Angela Connor | January 11th

This is exactly what nearly 5,000 members (or should I say "former" members) of the website BeautifulPeople.com were told after packing on the pounds during the holidays, according to a story on CNN.com. Founder, Robert...»