What’s Wrong with Today’s Enterprise Software? [Emergent Intelligence]

Meri Gruber | February 1st

What does an Emergent Business Execution Platform look like? Building up to this question, I had argued that “excellence in execution is infrastructure, because processes and tools can incorporate and model best practices in execution to


Jason Calacanis to Arthur Sulzberger: “You’re a Fool”

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | February 1st

Jason Calacanis gave us a peek into what he calls his latest neurosis on This Week in Startups that I caught from a clip featured this afternoon on PaidContent. Jason is upset about the prospect of the


Is Hulu Coming to the iPad?

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 29th

Om Malik thinks so.  I’m not so sure.

Om talked to Hulu CEO, Jason Kilar at the DLD conference in Munich this week and talked specifically about the iPad plans for the popular destination


Do We Simply Give Up on Google as a Social Entity?

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 29th

Back in 2006-2007, when Facebook was performing their final ascent, Twitter was a twinkle in everyone’s eye and no one was yet talking about the gPhone, there was a company named Google. Google was king of


The New Browser Wars: Flash vs. Swipe

David Strom | January 29th

Pardon me for adding yet another iPad analysis (certainly, when a computer product launch makes it into Doonesbury, we have crossed a new threshold of hype), but one thing actually missing from the copious words and


In the Future We’ll All Have Online Reputation Scores

Hutch Carpenter | January 28th

In a recent interview with EMC’s Stu Miniman about the future of the web, I predicted that in 20 years, we’ll all have online reputation scores. Little badges, numbers that communicate our level of authority, this sort


Apple iPad Announcement – Apple iPad #iPad #Apple #SteveJobs

John Furrier | January 27th

Apple releases information on iPad.  The facts about the Apple iPad and Apple's official release.

After listening to Steve Jobs this morning (post is here), it is clear that their vision of technology


Socialnerdia: Angela Natividad and Bill Green of AdRants

socialnerdia | January 27th

On the most recent “The Social Nerdia Show!” I had a conversation with  Angela Natividad and Bill Green, the podcasters behind AdVerve.

Angela’s Twitter profile tells us that she is “VP-Marketing, hypios.


Going Rogue: Managing the Double Agents in Your Community

Angela Connor | January 26th

I have a rogue group of members in my community. They don’t think I know it. But I know it all too well. Their tactics are completely juvenile. They plot against other members, and pat each


Winning the Muggles: Designing for the Mainstream

Mark Suster | January 26th

Chris Dixon wrote a blog post last week titled, “Techies and Normals” in which he defined “Techies” as people who are not just “early adopters” but also have more of a geeky, technical, product