Make Your Own Music Video for Valentine’s Day with Animoto

Cherr Aira | February 8th

February is in full swing, and love is in the air once again. On February 14, the world celebrates Valentine’s Day- arguably the most romantic time of the year. But, the big question now is...»

Social Media Scores Big at the Super Bowl

Madalena David | February 7th

Social media has made its way into a lot of things, including the Super Bowl experience.  It is even more obvious this year that the Super bowl event is barely connected with the football game...»

Can Yahoo Regain its Portal Effect with Personalized Mobile?

Maria Deutscher | February 7th

Yahoo is working on an initiative designed to improve its mobile presence, and help applications personalize user content based on recorded activity and statistics. Not much was disclosed about Yahoo!'s


Mozilla’s Joint Project Around Media Innovation

Madalena David | February 7th

The latest media innovation comes from the Knight Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation, as they join forces to promote "quality journalism and media innovation." The Knight Foundation chose Mozilla as a partner due to its...» Will Make Mobile Users Pay

Maria Deutscher | February 7th

After continuously and gradually losing ground and (millions of dollars) to competitors, the once completely free's music streaming apps will now become


Kinect Hack Allows Players to Draw their Own Controller, Represents So Much More

Kyt Dotson | February 7th

The Kinect tagline “You are the controller,” just took another turn for the different when a homebrew use of the device showed how the technology could recognize buttons drawn onto a piece of paper. This is the outcome...» Tackles In-App Game Ads from a Player’s Perspective

Kristen Nicole | February 7th is one of the latest to tackle in-game mobile game monetization, with a recent launch of its new ad company and $1 million in funding.  With David Cohen as an investor,’s early...»