Please Rob Me: The Sky is Falling

Anton Wahlman | February 24th

If you're active at all on the location based status update sites like BrightKite or Foursquare, then you've more than likely heard about the Please Rob Me website. A good friend let me know about the


Slideshare Founders Talk About Entrepreneurship

John Furrier | February 24th

Jonathan Boutelle and Rashmi Sinha, founders of the presentation-sharing site SlideShare, describe the entrepreneurial process as a series of pivots. Boutelle explains it's not just a jump, but an evolving growth of stages that leads to an idea...»

Make No Mistake: Internet Content Subscription Models will come!

Len Grace | February 24th

Why do Internet users continually resist paid content on a systematic basis? Keep in mind that many current Internet business models were built on the premise,


Why the (My) Damn Channel Deal Matters

Daisy Whitney | February 23rd

Remember when I talked about international opportunities in TV earlier this year in the New Media Minute? Now we're seeing even more evidence of that trend because the popular Web series "Break a Leg" just sold


1938media Names 100 Companies In TechCrunch ‘Payola’

Tom Foremski | February 22nd

Loren Feldman, the publisher of 1938Media, a New York city based web site, has published the names of the companies that were the subject of 100 posts written by former TechCrunch writer Daniel Brusilovsky. [


Pennsylvania School Spying Somehow Getting a Pass in the Media

Jeff Nolan | February 22nd

The Pennsylvania case shows how even well-intentioned plans can go awry if officials fail to understand the technology and its potential consequences, privacy experts said. Compromising images from inside a student’s bedroom


New Blog Monetization Strategy: Report Your Sploggers to the SIAA for $1 Million!

Tom Foremski | February 19th

Wow. This looks like easy money. The Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) "the principal trade association for the software and content industries" is offering rewards of $500 to $1 million, to any whistleblowers that report


No Matthew, The Proper Response is RTFM! [Google Buzz Privacy]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | February 19th

The tech press has worked itself into a frenzy over recent comments from Eric Schmidt at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. According to numerous sources, Schmidt told attendees that "[t]here was a lot of confusion when


Companies’ Irrational Fear of Social Media

Tom Foremski | February 18th

Irving Wladawsky-Berger has put together a good review of several studies and reports concerning business use of social networks:

Why are so many companies reluctant to embrace social networking?  One of the articles


Austin IRS Attack: Thoughts and Discussion

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | February 18th

I’ve spent the last hour or two reading up on the various accounts of what happened in Austin today, as well as connecting with various SiliconANGLE members in the area to get their thoughts and checking...»