Facebook: A New, Final Hope for True Media Democratization?

chrissaad | February 5th

Marshall Kirkpatrick has written a thoughtful piece over on Read/Write Web entitled ‘Facebook and the future of Free Thought‘ in which he explains the hard facts about news consumption and the open subscription models that were


Who Woulda Guessed? Social Media Budgets Grow While Heritage Media Budgets Shrink.

Tom Foremski | February 5th

A global study by Econsultancy, commissioned by ExactTarget, an email and personal marketing firm, has found that 41 per cent of marketers will decrease their spending on print and other offline media this year.


Was Deleting All Daniel Brusilovsky’s Posts an FTC Blogger Guideline Violation? [#bruhaha]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | February 5th

[Update: Mike Arrington contacted John this afternoon and clarified that “the posts were turned off, not deleted.” This really doesn’t change my analysis in the post, since the damage has been done, and attempting to


Techcrunch Blogger Accepts Product for Posts – Fires Under Age Blogger Daniel Brusilovsky

John Furrier | February 4th

UPDATE: Daniel Brusilovsky wrote a blog post and would not go public with the information that he told me which I have on tape.  Daniel's post is not much of a denial and not much an admission. 

Comcast’s impending Regulatory Hurdle: Simple Motives behind a Dream – NBC-Universal

Len Grace | February 4th

Since announcement of the Comcast/NBC-Universal merger consummated the deal creating subsequent analysis and conjecture about how the...»

Nevermind the iPad, What’s Next for Apple?

Alex Calic | February 4th

Now that the long-rumored Apple tablet has finally been unveiled as the iPad, we can turn our attention towards figuring out what Apple’s next big


Bad Sales Tactics: Crocodile Salesman

Mark Suster | February 4th

When I worked in London there were a ton of Aussies.  I love working with Aussies because their outlook on life seems very similar to what I grew up with in California.  Pretty laid back and


Federal Courts Meet Social Media Challenge

Glenn Manishin | February 3rd

[Editor’s Note: Glenn brought to our attention last month a Supreme Court first regarding social media. We now have more judicial news regarding social media in the courts. –mrh]

Well, it took a little


Build-a-Beard Founders Help You Conquer Pogonophobia

socialnerdia | February 3rd

Every so often I stumble into an interesting + funny blog with the potential to stick around for a while. The moment I heard about Build-a-Beard, I knew I had to find out more about this “movement”


Attention Journalism Entrepreneurs: Twitter is Changing the Nature of News Media and Business

John Furrier | February 3rd

I've written on countless of times (and being correct of course) that Twitter (and social media) is massively disrupting many industry ecosystems. Today, NY Times writes a great post that completely validates the impact of the