Booth Babes Revisited: Just Plain Stupid or Universally Appealing? [#CES2010 Leftovers]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 22nd

We’ve seen a number of interesting videos come out of #CES, including the video that our friends Robert Scoble, Michael Sean Wright and Marc Ostrick put together as a part of their Spark Series as


Even with Android and Nexus One, Google Still has Apple Envy

Alex Calic | January 22nd

While the media has enjoyed positioning the recent launch of Google’s Android-based Nexus One “


Metcalfe’s Law Opportunity Gap: Analysis of the Melting Pot

Hutch Carpenter | January 21st

A general observation of collaborative work is this:

The larger and more diverse are your personal network of contacts,
the higher the quality of your ideas and project work.


Salesforce Has Half a Billion. Who’s Gonna Get Bought?

Tom Foremski | January 21st [CRM] today raised $500 million in a private debt placement, with an additional $75 million to cover over allotments.
Steven E.F. Brown reported in the San Francisco Business Times:


How To: Save Up To $600 a Month on Cable and Mobile Costs

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 20th

I’ve been intrigued by thread starting to make it’s way around the blogosphere started by Brian Barrett over at Gizmodo on the “death by a thousand subscription fees” we all suffer from as geeks and


Which Haiti-Quake Charities are Getting It Done?

David Strom | January 20th

We all know by now about the horrific Haiti quake and how it has decimated that already impoverished country's infrastructure last week. I have been spending time looking into how our own charitable infrastructure is holding...»

NYT Cites Flimsy Evidence Used to Implicate China in Google Attack

Tom Foremski | January 20th

John Markoff reports in the New York Times that a computer security researcher found a link to China in the Trojan software used to attack Google.

Joe Stewart, a malware specialist


4 Steps to Becoming Healthy with Digital Assistance

Mark Suster | January 19th

Bill Gates once famously said that people tend to overestimate the impact of technology in the 1-year timeframe and underestimate its impact in the 10-year timeframe.  That’s always stuck with me.

I tend not to


Google to Speak to the Press Thursday; More China Disclosure to Come?

Tom Foremski | January 19th

GOOG will be presenting its Q4 2009 earnings on Thursday 1.30pm PT you can access the webcast here. Google's executives will be facing tough questions from Wall Street about China and what a pull out will...»

How To: Get There From Here (or at Least How I Did)

socialnerdia | January 19th

[Editor’s Note: Esteban, the man behind the popular “social nerdia” interview podcasts here at SiliconANGLE recently took a job at Samsung as social media manager, a big move for him and one that seems to be more in