Apple and Google are Angling for Amazon’s Lunch in the eReader Market

Daisy Whitney | March 24th

With Apple's iPad hitting the market in a matter of days, how big an impact will the computer giant's entrance into the tablet and eReader business make? A huge one, according to several research firms such as eMarketer,


How To: Know When to Put Down the Location-Based Kool-Aid

Michelle Greer | March 24th

I was partially responsible for choosing Gowalla as the Texas Social Media Award winner for 2010. While I am happy to support Gowalla and use it myself, I feel compelled to drop a little


Lunch: Social Reviews That Build Your Social Graph

socialnerdia | March 24th

Lunch is a social reviews site I came across while I


How To: Apply Customer Feedback to Innovation

Hutch Carpenter | March 24th

Customers have always been core to companies’ existence. An obvious statement for sure. Customers are the source of cash flow, and have historically been thought of in marketing and transactional contexts.

But in recent years, we’ve


Google’s Actions Towards China Could Hurt Their Other Businesses [Cold Packet Wars]

Tom Foremski | March 23rd

Last week I asked if Google's opposition to the Chinese government might affect its other business interests in China, and elsewhere. It's already happening. Michael Wines and Jonathan Ansfield reported in today's New York Times: After China...»

CheapTweet: The Act of Dealhunting isn’t Sexy, But it is Effective

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | March 23rd

Hayes Davis (and Jenn) are working this year on a project called CheapTweet (and a site called TweetReach).  The big news from Austin was the launch of CheapTweet 2.0.

The site just went


M6S Launches an Attention API at DEMOspring

Tom Foremski | March 22nd

One of my favorite entrepreneurs is Barak Hachamov, co-founder of My6Sense, the developer of a very interesting iPhone application that manages your content feeds, feeding you only the content that matters to you. It's a great...»

The Austin-American Statesmans’ Texas Social Media Awards and Transitioning from Heritage Media to New Media [#TSMA, #SxSWi]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | March 21st

One of the many cool things that happened down in Austin this year was that I got a chance to win a “Texas Social Media Award.” In general, I’m not a fan of pointless awards to


The Future of Recruiting is Social, and it’s Happening Now

ryanhealy | March 19th

The past few years have seen the social web truly take off.  Activity streams are replacing email and conversations are happening all the time, all across the internet.  People are now more connected, more informed, more


Russia Invests Not in Journalism But Propaganda

Tom Foremski | March 19th

Robert Andrews is puzzled. Why Are Russians Spending Like Mad To Save Journalism? He writes:

The latest - after last year buying France-Soir, the country’s smallest daily, for €50 million, shipbuilder’s son Alexander Pugachyov is now spending