#CES2010 Cemented the Paths of Convergence and Disruption

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 11th

I’m still only just recovering from being awake far too


Why is the Government Competing with Google, Yahoo and Navteq?

Jeff Nolan | January 11th

The Federal government, specifically the Federal Highway Administration, is spending $1.2 billion of your money to nationalize the 511 highway traffic reporting system, replicating what Yahoo, Google, Navteq, and others are already doing. This is


How Should Tweets Appear in Search? Three Suggestions.

Hutch Carpenter | January 11th

In a recent post, I described some ways in which tweets should be ranked in search results. A good follow-on question is

How should tweets be presented in search results?



The Internet Is Turning TV Into The Wild West

Rob Spectre | January 11th

At CES 2010, no battleground rages between the traditional gatekeepers of the last century and the connected upstarts of the next like television.  TV is center stage at this year's show, from Samsung's stunning 3D TV


You’re Too Fat for This Community

Angela Connor | January 11th

This is exactly what nearly 5,000 members (or should I say "former" members) of the website BeautifulPeople.com were told after packing on the pounds during the holidays, according to a story on CNN.com. Founder, Robert...»

#CES2010: The Boxee Set Top Box Fortells the Coming Convergence [video update]

Michael Sean Wright | January 10th

Today’s the last day of CES, but we’re getting our first few features done and posted. First up, Boxee.  A company that continues to gain momentum and pile up awards for their slick, robust and cutting-edge...»

#CES2010: Is Social Media Killing Your Battery?

Anthony Farrior | January 8th

We don't always talk about this too much, but it’s something we all think about: if you have a smartphone, prepare to plug it back up by the end of


How To: Make Your Blog Go Mainstream

Anthony Farrior | January 8th

I figure the beginning of 2010 is the perfect time to ask the above question. Two years ago the question was how to make money blogging, and many found the answer to that.

The key


Why I Trust Microsoft but not Google

Anthony Farrior | January 8th

I couldn't do it. I was there ready to order the Nexus One but something terrible happened. When i looked up the T-mobile rep said thanx for ordering my new


Pete Cashmore Almost Denies an Aol Buyout

Art Lindsey III | January 8th

Hello, boys and girls. Welcome to day two of “As the Overrated Blog Turns”.

Just a little while ago, Pete Cashmore took some time off between mirror visits to bang out a response