What We Now Know from the “Twitter Epic Tweet Scandal”

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | March 3rd

On today, the day of Twitter’s 140th employee, I’m left wondering just how many of them really understand the nature of social media.

I just caught Matthew Ingram’s post over at GigaOM


SXSWi 2010 IS About Location

Michael Sean Wright | March 3rd

As we prepare to venture over to Austin for SXSWi I'm prepping my Android HTC Hero with all the latest geo-location apps to help me stay on top of all of the activities. Last year seemed


Big Blue Working on Cure to Writer’s Block

Tom Foremski | March 3rd

Many bloggers complain about not being able to come up with relevant topics to write about (my problem is I have too many ideas).

IBM was one of the first companies to encourage blogging by


Letter From Twitter’s Biz Stone – MicroUpdates From The CoFounder

John Furrier | March 2nd

Here is a letter from Twitter CoFounder Biz Stone.  I'm calling it the 'micro-updates' to communicate to their community.  This is a great sign on top of a good week where Twitter put the stake in the ground...»

Coming Soon: Criminal Penalties for Companies in Human Rights Violations

Tom Foremski | March 2nd

Excellent article at the Washington Post by Cecilia Kang about today's Senate Judiciary hearing "Global Internet Freedom and the Rule of Law."

Here are some of the key points from Post Tech -


The Hits Keep on Rolling in Online Video for the Year of Data

Daisy Whitney | March 2nd

Media agencies and brands are hungry for data - they want better data that they can use to target their potential customers. That's why I took a detailed look in this week's New Media Minute at


5 Tips To Avoid Violating NDAs

Stephen Foskett | March 2nd

I really dislike non-disclosure agreements, but NDAs are a fact of life in the IT industry. Even folks like me that actively avoid NDAs sometimes have to sign the paperwork to gain access to people or


Surprise! App Store Piracy, Like Piracy in General, Isn’t a Big Deal.

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | March 1st

I spotted a surprising article today over at Gizmodo.  It was surprising not for the fact that it deemed talked about piracy in general, but the attitude it treated piracy.  The story focused around Apple App Store


Google Could Run for the Border, Again [Italy vs. Google]

Tom Foremski | February 26th

Following an Italian court ruling earlier this week, Google is facing the prospect of having to check Italian sourced videos before they are posted, to make sure they don't violate Italian privacy laws.



Mark Zuckerberg Started Inventing Facebook at Age 11, According to Patent 7,669,123

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | February 26th

The big news of the morning is that Facebook was granted a patent (7,669,123) on their News Feed. Few people, though, have really analyzed what is covered by this patent.  To highlight the ridiculousness that