Happy New Year

John Furrier | December 31st

2009 was the year SiliconANGLE was born. What a great year. In our first 10 month of existence we managed to produce over 1100 posts reaching over 600,000+ unique users. What's more exciting is the...»

2010 Predictions: Ken Camp and Sheryl Breuker’s Lists

Ken Camp | December 31st

[Editor’s Note: Ken Camp was one of the first to turn in his reflections and predictions posts here at SiliconANGLE, but he and his wife Sheryl Breuker wanted to sit down and talk at greater length about what


2010 Predictions: Rick Gardinier’s List [The Marketing Perspective]

Rick Gardinier | December 31st

[Editor’s Note: A number of SiliconANGLE community members, readers and contributors are just too darn busy to sit down to write several hundred words on what last year held for them and what tech trends they


2010 Predictions: Michael Sean Wright’s List [online video]

Michael Sean Wright | December 31st

Does anyone win these prediction posts? If I get four out of five, am I deemed a Wiley E. Coyote 'Super Genius'? Perhaps a better title for this exercise is - 'My Projections.' In


2010 Predictions: Andrew Smith Lewis’s List [Smart.fm and e-Learning]

Andrew Smith Lewis | December 31st

2010 will mark a great change in the way we learn. We’ll be able to create dynamic learning materials customized to our individual interests; these materials will be available wherever we are – at home or on the


Robbie Hearn of giffgaff: “People love to communicate, we’re just facilitators.” [crowdsourcing]

socialnerdia | December 30th

I’ve been thinking about the idea of crowdsourcing a lot this year. Last month, I wrote about giffgaff’s unique approach of crowdsourcing not just marketing and R&D, but also customer service. And, for the 33rd and

2010 Predictions: Shion Deysarkar’s List

Shion Deysarker | December 30th

[Editor’s Note: New contributor Shion Deysarkar, the CEO of 80legs, sent in his thoughts on key trends to watch next year. Prior to joining 80legs, he founded and ran EXC, a


How to Ditch Your Cable with Netflix and the Roku

Art Fewell | December 30th

Not long ago, I set about the task of completely ditching my cable subscription, and stumbled upon a solution that is really cheap and really easy, withou thte need to sacrifice comfort or quality. If you...»

2010 Predictions: Art Lindsey’s List

Art Lindsey III | December 29th

Just like everyone else here at SiliconAngle, I have been asked (no, ordered) to do a predictions post for 2010.  That being said, we all know that everything in the tech world is open to interpretation. 


Open Standards and The Common Ground (As I See It) [DataPortability]

chrissaad | December 29th

Over on the Open Web Foundation mailing list Eran Hammer-Lahav who, despite his gruff and disagreeable personality, I respect greatly for his work in the development of open standards, is effectively calling for a complete shakeup of