YouTube and Prop 8: When the Government Backs a Horse in the Online Video Game…

Jeff Nolan | January 14th

There has been quite a bit of commentary about the decision by a Federal judge to allow video of the ongoing Prop 8 constitutionality trial to be posted on YouTube, a decision that has been stayed


How To: Craft Your Killer Pitch [PR 2.0]

Tom Foremski | January 14th

I'm often asked by PR people about the best type of pitches. There is a widespread belief in the PR community that there is a way to make the perfect pitch about a client company and


Google vs China Update: Chinese Targeted Internal Spy System

Tom Foremski | January 13th

Computerworld has a very interesting story about the Google/China flap.

Reporter Robert McMillan quotes an unnamed source:

...they [hackers] apparently were able to access a system used to help


So We’re All Supposed to Believe Google Finally Developed a Conscience? [The Dissenting Opinion]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 13th

Ryan Tate at Valleywag wrote an uncharacteristically positive opening line to a post today: “Google is putting its profits and growth on the line to stand up to China's [sic] authoritartian practices.”

Are they


Google is Right: China is Not a Developing Country

Jeff Nolan | January 13th

Larry wrote this today and I think it pretty much sums up the situation for Google in China.

Reading all of this laid out in a blog post can be summed up in one

Google Pulls a Conan O’Brien, Would Rather Close Down Search than Censor

Tom Foremski | January 13th

Yesterday I wrote that when it comes to China, "Google's backbone is as flexible as that of a Chinese circus contortionist." Because Google is quick to bend over backwards and appease the Chinese


War Against The West – Google China Situation

John Furrier | January 13th

Here is a round up of some of the facts being reported around the web.  Obviously to me this is a war against the west. Google has gone above and beyond the call of duty to comply with the...»

Fear Not Google, A Cloud Challenger Will Appear

John Casaretto | January 13th

Today I want to talk about possibilities.  In reading John Furrier's great post about Google's impending dominance in the world of cloud computing, at SiliconANGLE and its network this story has sparked


Justin.TV’s Community Creates 30 Hours of Video Per Minute

Robert Scoble | January 13th is a technology company first, a spokesman insists, and a live video broadcaster second — a distinction that could explain why stats published late in 2009 show that more video was uploaded every minute to its


Advertisers Looking to Build Their Audiences Rather than Rent Them

Daisy Whitney | January 12th

Why rent an audience when you can buy your own? That's the new philosophy of marketers who are spending money this year to build out a social networking presence through "earned" media rather than paid media. Some advertisers,