Exclusive: Sean Percival Joins MySpace, Talks to SiliconANGLE About MySpace’s Strategy

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 15th

Yesterday evening, MySpace announced that my friend and SiliconANGLE contributor Sean Percival is now the Director of Content Socialization at the company. Sean’s worked a number of places you’ve heard of, and runs


Why Conan O’Brien Wouldn’t Work on the Web … Yet.

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 14th

Chris Crum relays a very interesting question today over at WebProNews from Jason Falls: “Would Conan Work on the Web?”


Building a $10,000 Home Production Studio

Michael Sean Wright | January 14th

Marc Ostrick and I continue our adventure into emerging tech with a return trip to Vegas for the 2010 International Consumer Electronic Show. We're on a mission to take the lessons learned from our previous outings


YouTube and Prop 8: When the Government Backs a Horse in the Online Video Game…

Jeff Nolan | January 14th

There has been quite a bit of commentary about the decision by a Federal judge to allow video of the ongoing Prop 8 constitutionality trial to be posted on YouTube, a decision that has been stayed


How To: Craft Your Killer Pitch [PR 2.0]

Tom Foremski | January 14th

I'm often asked by PR people about the best type of pitches. There is a widespread belief in the PR community that there is a way to make the perfect pitch about a client company and


Google vs China Update: Chinese Targeted Internal Spy System

Tom Foremski | January 13th

Computerworld has a very interesting story about the Google/China flap.

Reporter Robert McMillan quotes an unnamed source:

...they [hackers] apparently were able to access a system used to help


So We’re All Supposed to Believe Google Finally Developed a Conscience? [The Dissenting Opinion]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 13th

Ryan Tate at Valleywag wrote an uncharacteristically positive opening line to a post today: “Google is putting its profits and growth on the line to stand up to China's [sic] authoritartian practices.”

Are they


Google is Right: China is Not a Developing Country

Jeff Nolan | January 13th

Larry wrote this today and I think it pretty much sums up the situation for Google in China.

Reading all of this laid out in a blog post can be summed up in one

Google Pulls a Conan O’Brien, Would Rather Close Down Search than Censor

Tom Foremski | January 13th

Yesterday I wrote that when it comes to China, "Google's backbone is as flexible as that of a Chinese circus contortionist." Because Google is quick to bend over backwards and appease the Chinese


War Against The West – Google China Situation

John Furrier | January 13th

Here is a round up of some of the facts being reported around the web.  Obviously to me this is a war against the west. Google has gone above and beyond the call of duty to comply with the...»