Next Time, Try Googling “Define:Monopoly” First, Joe Wilcox

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | February 25th

Update: Just after I hit publish Betanews put out yet another flawed post on a Google monopoly, this time on search.  I understand it’s about grabbing pageviews or whatnot, but a quick looksee at a dictionary would...»

Google is a Media Company [Italy v. Google]

Tom Foremski | February 25th

It seems that the New York Times agrees with my view that the Italian court ruling on Google hosting a video of a disabled boy being bullied, [Italian Decision Could Help Traditional Media Orgs], potentially


Please Rob Me: The Sky is Falling

Anton Wahlman | February 24th

If you're active at all on the location based status update sites like BrightKite or Foursquare, then you've more than likely heard about the Please Rob Me website. A good friend let me know about the


Slideshare Founders Talk About Entrepreneurship

John Furrier | February 24th

Jonathan Boutelle and Rashmi Sinha, founders of the presentation-sharing site SlideShare, describe the entrepreneurial process as a series of pivots. Boutelle explains it's not just a jump, but an evolving growth of stages that leads to an idea...»

Make No Mistake: Internet Content Subscription Models will come!

Len Grace | February 24th

Why do Internet users continually resist paid content on a systematic basis? Keep in mind that many current Internet business models were built on the premise,


Why the (My) Damn Channel Deal Matters

Daisy Whitney | February 23rd

Remember when I talked about international opportunities in TV earlier this year in the New Media Minute? Now we're seeing even more evidence of that trend because the popular Web series "Break a Leg" just sold


1938media Names 100 Companies In TechCrunch ‘Payola’

Tom Foremski | February 22nd

Loren Feldman, the publisher of 1938Media, a New York city based web site, has published the names of the companies that were the subject of 100 posts written by former TechCrunch writer Daniel Brusilovsky. [


Pennsylvania School Spying Somehow Getting a Pass in the Media

Jeff Nolan | February 22nd

The Pennsylvania case shows how even well-intentioned plans can go awry if officials fail to understand the technology and its potential consequences, privacy experts said. Compromising images from inside a student’s bedroom


New Blog Monetization Strategy: Report Your Sploggers to the SIAA for $1 Million!

Tom Foremski | February 19th

Wow. This looks like easy money. The Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) "the principal trade association for the software and content industries" is offering rewards of $500 to $1 million, to any whistleblowers that report


No Matthew, The Proper Response is RTFM! [Google Buzz Privacy]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | February 19th

The tech press has worked itself into a frenzy over recent comments from Eric Schmidt at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. According to numerous sources, Schmidt told attendees that "[t]here was a lot of confusion when