Attention eBook Manufacturers: It Isn’t the Coolness, It’s the Price That Matters [An Open Letter]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 18th

While it isn’t the coolness that matters most, when you unveil yet another cool new eBook reader, we all do salivate quite a bit.

I’ve been following what’s been happening in the world of e-Ink since


Skype Has A Big Chance To Own The Social Web

John Furrier | January 18th

I ran across this blog that had the story "Skype's New Dawn" written by Jeremy Wagstaff a technology columnist, author and journalist, writing for The Wall Street Journal and the BBC.  What a great 'angle'...»

I Launched A Blog And Nobody Came

Tom Foremski | January 18th

My one and only 2010 prediction was that the The Media Tsunami Is Coming.... What does this mean?

That means if your company has just now decided to launch a blog, to Twitter, etc.


Stop the Press: Someone Opened a Twitter Account [PR 1.0]

Angela Connor | January 18th

The journalist in me makes it impossible to stop reading press releases. I just can’t do it.  Once a news assignment editor, always a news assignment editor apparently, and part of that job has always been


Let Me Re-Phrase: The Tonight Show Wouldn’t Work on the Web. Conan Might Though.

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 15th

Yesterday, I wrote a piece entitled “Why Conan O’Brien Wouldn’t Work on the Web … Yet.” After reading the next round of rumors about how the NBC nighttime lineup is shaking out, I feel like I


Exclusive: Sean Percival Joins MySpace, Talks to SiliconANGLE About MySpace’s Strategy

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 15th

Yesterday evening, MySpace announced that my friend and SiliconANGLE contributor Sean Percival is now the Director of Content Socialization at the company. Sean’s worked a number of places you’ve heard of, and runs


Why Conan O’Brien Wouldn’t Work on the Web … Yet.

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 14th

Chris Crum relays a very interesting question today over at WebProNews from Jason Falls: “Would Conan Work on the Web?”


Building a $10,000 Home Production Studio

Michael Sean Wright | January 14th

Marc Ostrick and I continue our adventure into emerging tech with a return trip to Vegas for the 2010 International Consumer Electronic Show. We're on a mission to take the lessons learned from our previous outings


YouTube and Prop 8: When the Government Backs a Horse in the Online Video Game…

Jeff Nolan | January 14th

There has been quite a bit of commentary about the decision by a Federal judge to allow video of the ongoing Prop 8 constitutionality trial to be posted on YouTube, a decision that has been stayed


How To: Craft Your Killer Pitch [PR 2.0]

Tom Foremski | January 14th

I'm often asked by PR people about the best type of pitches. There is a widespread belief in the PR community that there is a way to make the perfect pitch about a client company and