Exclusive Profile Series: Being John McAfee


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Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and this story is about as strange as it could be. For all the computer virus infections that John McAfee’s software may have prevented over the years, there has been one situation the man himself was unable to escape unscathed.  He may however be having his day now.

McAfee has stumbled onto a layered story of government corruption, of criminal gangs gone wild, of murder for hire, of the illegal selling of passports and a complex history of public opinions.

This is our investigation and exploration into McAfee’s claims and discoveries.

Chapter 1: John McAfee’s Ultimate Hack

Chapter 2:  Deconstructing McAfee

Chapter 3: John McAfee in Belize, land of pirates

Chapter 4: John McAfee’s Ring of Danger in Belize.

More to come…

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