Startups Can Learn From HP Board Fiasco – Board Of Directors Are Very Important

The blog Monday Note has a great perspective written by Jean-Louis Gassee.   He talks about how a board of directors can make or break a company.  I can tell you first had this is the case for not only HP but startups.

One big mistake (among the many) that I made in my last venture backed startup was that my board sucked.  They not only screwed me but added no value to my startup.  In the end we all ended up losing money.  For me it was my own for the VCs it was someone else’s money.

Great lesson by an industry vet Jean Louis Gassee.

Link:  How Bad Boards Kill Companies: HP

Gassee makes some great points but he is way off base on Whitman.  Jean Louis is completely missing the point of her appointment.

Stay tuned for more HP news here.

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