BOOM! Mobile ANGLE by Jean-Louis Gassée and Michael Mace

Boom!! Blowing open the mobile angles. Great post with a deep mobile angle by Jean-Louis Gassée on his Monday Note blog. Insight of this post is amazing. It’s worth the long read.

link to the story is here—

This is a great read for all in the industry from developers to executives.

Here is a link to another BOOM .. Michael Mace CEO of Cera Technology, an early stage startup focused on information management. He’s a former Chief Competitive Officer and VP of Product Planning at Palm, VP of Strategic Marketing at PalmSource, director of Mac Platform Marketing at Apple, and served in a lot of other roles.

LINK Amazon vs. Apple? No, it’s Amazon and Apple vs. Everyone Else

If you want to sniff out the opportunities in mobile and the new Internet wealth creating shifts then read the two posts above. The puzzle pieces are all there.

If it’s not clear just keep reading and we’ll get you there.

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