HP’s Big Data Mashup – Cobbling Together Autonomy and Vertica Wrapped Up in 3Par

HP is announcing the big strategy around their big data platform -link here. Details are emerging about their cloud play as well which will detailed tomorrow.

Here’s the deal. HP is taking the “big bang” approach to rapidly integrating Autonomy and Vertica. These are the two of the big three latest strategy acquisitions by HP this year – the other big buy was 3Par (more on that later).

This is step one in HP’s plans for information management or big data. What HP is doing is cobbling together Autonomy and Vertica wrapped up in 3Par or HP Storage. The new entity of big data will be managed by former Autonomy CEO Dr Mike Lynch who willl ead the effort of the combined group of Autonomy, Vertica, and Information Management. Mike Lynch will report directly to Meg Whitman.

Autonomy is the “linchpin” to HP’s future cloud plans. Cloud, mobile, and social as we reported is Google’s key enterprise strategy. HP has a few tricks up their sleeve and one of them is information governance or eDiscovery. This is where deployment of big data will be won or lost – compliance. As enterprises rollout big data solutions and applications the key driver to massive adoption will be around security and compliance.

I wasn’t a big fan of Autonomy because of the price but I will say HP is going for it which is better than just twisting in the wind as they have been with their data and cloud strategy.

The engine that is really driving the innovation and sales for this strategy is 3Par. HP is wrapping the recycled Autonomy and Vertica around the storage and converged enterprise platform mainly 3PAR and StoreOnce.

This is a smart strategy for HP because this will show long term benefits same as we are seeing in how HP collapsed servers and networking together – convergence works. Lets see if the Autonomy culture can blend with HP’s.

Here is the presentation Dr. Mike Lynch CEO and founder of Autonomy gave to analysts for HP Discover in Vienna. You be the judge of his vision.

Notable: notice the branding of Autonomy. HP is keeping the Autonomy branding with HP sub branding – Autonomy an HP Company. Interesting branding which immediately gets me speculating that HP will spin it back out? Notice no mention of cloud?

hmmmm.. wheels are turning…

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