Apple Bitten By UK Judges; Ordered To Re-Write Samsung Statement

Mike Wheatley | November 2nd

When Apple posted a statement on its website earlier this month, admitting that Samsung had not copied its iPad design, the company thought it had been very clever with its wording - complying with the demand but...»

Forget SOPA, Russia Activates Web Censorship Blacklist Law

Kyt Dotson | November 1st

Wednesday, the Russian parliament unanimously adopted a controversial bill that would give them a tremendous amount of control over the Internet. Not so ironically, Wednesday was also October 31st—Halloween—the day of the year that the horrors, specters, and...»

Isilon Co-founder Sujal Patel Moves On After Successful Merge

Maria Deutscher | November 1st

When EMC bought out scale-out storage systems maker Isilon in 2010 for over $2 billion dollars, co-founder Sujal Patel took it upon himself to make sure that the company remains successful under the new ownership.  Two years later, he’s...»

CIOs Need to Objectify Data Centers to Prepare for Second Stage of Architectural Transformation

Bert Latamore | November 1st

Virtualization is only the first stage of the transformation of the data center architecture, says Wikibon Analyst Scott Lowe in his latest Professional Alert. The next stage, he says, will be close integration between the...»

Blue Box Raises First Round of Funding after 10 Years in Business

Maria Deutscher | November 1st

Blue Box is a managed services provider that has been offering cloud hosting since 2003. The Seattle-based firm has seen its business grow slowly but surely over the years, and today it boasts nearly 600 clients including big...»

What the iPad mini Means for App Developers

Mellisa Tolentino | November 1st

"It is meaningless unless your tablet also includes sandpaper, so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one-quarter of their present size." - Steve Jobs That’s what the late Apple leader thought about smaller tablets....»

Breaking Analysis: How Can Start-ups Survive Sandy?

Molly Sassmann | November 1st

How are start-up companies dealing with Hurricane Sandy?  SiliconANGLE Founding Editor, Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins gave some personal insight as to how tech start-ups today might be able to utilize the available cloud technology to survive...»

Taking a Peek Under the Hood of LiveJournal

Maria Deutscher | November 1st

Social network and blogging platform LiveJournal has been around a long before Facebook came to be. In the early years of its existence the company had to implement an invite code system that curbed its user base, simply...»

Breaking Analysis: Microsoft Using Halo 4 Launch To Lure Developers Towards Azure?

Molly Sassmann | November 1st

The Halo 4 launch next week will be running on Microsoft's Windows Azure to power the entire multi-player experience.  Microsoft is hoping this will give Windows Azure a boost in developer usage, claiming it's the...»

Breaking Analysis: What Will It Take To Put the Zing Back in Zynga?

Molly Sassmann | November 1st

Zynga had a busy month for October, but it's probably nothing they want to discuss.  Burdened by lawsuits, layoffs and a disappointing third quarter earnings report, Zynga is looking to pick itself up by focusing...»