State Governments Urged To Adopt Big Data Strategies

Mike Wheatley | September 5th

IT experts are urging state governments to begin laying the foundations so that big data can be utilized for the public good at the earliest opportunity. The report, Is Big Data a Big Deal for State Governments?, was...»

Exclusive Interview: Nicira Martin Casado Presents Vision for Changing IT

Bert Latamore | September 5th

[caption id="attachment_118180" align="alignright" width="223"] Martin Casado before his Cube appearance. Stuart Miniman Photo[/caption] Ed note: At the end of VMworld 2012 SiliconAngle CEO John Furrier and Wikibon Networking Analyst Stuart Miniman had an exclusive interview...»

Megaupload’s Downfall Impact Continues, Filesonic Goes Offline

Isha Suri | September 5th

Looks like Megaupload’s debacle and downfall is going to have strong aftermath for other file sharing and cyberlocker services. And this is evident from the ceased cyberlocker site Filesonic. Filesonic, which was listed among the top 10...»

The Largest Data Industry Will Change Our World: Jose Ferreira of Knewton on Educational Technology’s Global Impact

Kathryn Buford | September 5th

Whether you look at it from the perspective of hard numbers or abstract impact, education is the world's largest data industry with incredible potential to change enduring social problems worldwide. Students produce and consume millions more...»

PC Malware Revived To Wreak Havoc In Mobile Devices

Mellisa Tolentino | September 5th

McAfee, a subsidiary of Intel, released their quarterly “Threats Report” wherein the alarming high number of malware wreaking havoc in mobile devices, specifically on Android devices was discussed. According to the report, there are almost 14,000 available malware...»

HP Comes Out Victorious From the Oracle-Itanium Debacle

Maria Deutscher | September 5th

A sizable portion of Hewlett-Packard’s high end- storage systems are powered by Intel’s Itanium chip, and before Oracle acquired Sun, the database giant committed to producing software for the architecture. That changed after the buy. Sun Microsystems was...»

VMware Horizon Offers Integrated Mobile Workforce Platform

Tavis J. Hampton | September 5th

At VMworld 2012, VMware announced a number of new products and services. Among them is the new VMware Horizon Suite, which allows customers to connect to their corporate cloud workspace using any device from anywhere...»

Facebook Tries to Cheer Up Investors with Buyback, Delays Employee Cash Ins

Maria Deutscher | September 5th

Social media behemoth Facebook lists a sizable portion of the world’s population as users, but is still struggling to monetize those hundreds of millions of eyeballs. That is one of the main reasons the company, which traded $38...»

Premio’s FlacheSAN2 Improves Performance for Windows Server 2012

Isha Suri | September 5th

Premio, a premier global provider of ODM solutions and OEM services, just announced its FlacheSAN2 Flash cache storage array that helps enhance performance of Windows Server 2012-based storage, Cloud, Web 2.0 and high-performance applications. FlacheSAN2 is based on...»

Pluarlsight Does “Call Me Maybe” the Developer Way

Kyt Dotson | September 5th

It’s Wednesday, so let’s just take a short break from our computers and remember that development and operations can be fun. Software development and DevOps isn’t just about computers and numbers, it involves people...»