How One Outsourcing Company Thrives in a Down Market

Maria Deutscher | August 14th

Francisco D'Souzo is the chief executive of Cognizant, a New Jersey-based consultancy that is fairing very well in today’s somewhat volatile outsourcing market. He provided an insider’s perspective on the firm’s strong financial performance in a ...»

New OEMs for Microsoft, More Tablet Details Revealed

Mellisa Tolentino | August 14th

Microsoft unveiled the Surface tablet back in June, which raised a few eyebrows but still managed to intrigued consumers and pundits alike.  The surprising thing about the tablet is that it’s made by Microsoft and not other...»

Kim Dotcom Vows To Fight Back With Megabox After Theatrical Arrest

Cherr Aira | August 14th

Embattled file storage magnate Kim Dotcom launching a disruptive music service this year. According to TheNextWeb, Megabox will make good use of social media sites like Twitter to strengthen closer relationships between fans and artists. Dotcom teases the...»

How Etsy Uses Performance Tuning with Syslog-ng

Tavis J. Hampton | August 14th

Etsy is known for helping people "make a living making things". The engineers at Etsy also specialize in making things, particularly when it comes to managing the website's servers. While some companies have embraced fancier...»

Atigeo to Empower Voters with Big Data Analytics Platform

Kathryn Buford | August 14th

“On the sixth floor of a sleek office building here [in Chicago], more than 150 techies are quietly peeling back the layers of your life. They know what you read and where you shop, what...»

Google+ Targets Brands with Vanity URLs, Photo and Music Updates

Mellisa Tolentino | August 14th

Google announced new features for their social networking arm, Googe+, which users would surely appreciate. New photo features According to Andrew Lee, a Software Engineer on the Google+ Photos team, since the service launched, they’ve been receiving requests from...»

How “Creepy” Big Data is Slowly Transforming Our Awareness

Mike Wheatley | August 14th

Vitamin supplements, cotton buds, baby lotion, soap, wash cloths... Sounds like a pretty innocuous shopping list right? Sure, these are the kinds of items that pretty much every woman in the world buys at some time or other, but...»

Accenture’s Big Data Lead Points Out New Data Challenges Around Context [Video]

Tavis J. Hampton | August 14th

The Cassandra Summit 2012 is a conference where developers and interested business parties can teach and learn about upcoming innovations with Apache Cassandra in particular and database technology in general. The CUBE host John Furrier and...»

HP Offers Low-End, NonStop Server to New Audiences

Maria Deutscher | August 14th

Hewlett-Packard debuted a new addition to its NonStop high-availability servers line-up that comes in cheaper configurations in order to try and appeal to smaller customers. NonStop servers are used by financial services providers, telcos and other organizations that need...»

Apple-Samsung Trial Sheds Light on Samsung US Sales

Mellisa Tolentino | August 14th

Today’s mobile news roundup features: Apple-Samsung trial shedding light on Samsung sales; burning iPhone 5 rumors; smartphone sales dipping as the world awaits for the next iPhone; and Motorola Mobility’s massive layoff. Apple-Samsung trial update US District Judge Lucy Koh,...»