Why Hire A Data Scientist When You Can Outsource With MasterCard?

Maria Deutscher | February 13th

Analytics -- the golden nectar of the business world.  The finance industry has been on the data bandwagon for decades, always ready to leverage the newest technology.  This week MasterCard Advisors, the credit company’s services subsidiary, injected an...»

BlueStacks Transforms Your Windows 8 Device Into An Android PC (Sort Of)

Mike Wheatley | February 13th

In spite of the bad press it’s received, more than a few consumers have been won over by Microsoft’s Windows 8, but there’s just one major sticking point – it remains almost completely and utterly devoid of apps,...»

Taming Big Data: 12 Best Practices for Analysts

Maria Deutscher | February 13th

Now that IBM has sunk its teeth into the big data market, it wants companies to start using its technology correctly in order to get the most out of their raw information.  The vendor’s latest infographic outlines 12...»

Winston App Creates A Customized Morning News Show, Just For You!

Mike Wheatley | February 13th

It’s been compared to Siri, but quite unlike Apple’s personal assistant, Winston doesn’t come up with dumb answers to your stupid questions, nor does it give you any backchat. Instead, Winston is more of a voice-enabled, visually-orientated...»

VMware’s Newest Acquisition: Staying Ahead of a Doubting Market

Maria Deutscher | February 12th

Every tech firm is in the midst of a massive transition right now, as new developments in datacenter architecture redefine the way we store, manage, access and secure data.  For VMware, the shine of innovation has eroded, revealing...»

William Shatner Disses Reddit on the Social Impact of Poor Moderation

Isha Suri | February 12th

We all know that Reddit is extremely controversial in its capability as a social media and collaborative space--it has had some rather unsavory events occur there. The most recent one is with William Shatner,


Nodejitsu Announces Partnership with Telefonica to Amplify DevOps with Node.js WebOps

Kyt Dotson | February 12th

Nodejitsu just announced a partnership that will change the landscape of Node.js development as deployed across Platform-as-a-Service using the Joyent cloud. By partnering with Telefonica the PaaS company becomes the first on the market to give customers...»

Will Next Gen Xbox Win With Premium Media Combo? [Breaking Analysis]

Molly Sassmann | February 12th

Microsoft's Xbox 360 has been morphing from a gaming console to an entertainment console, and Microsoft intends to capitalize on that in its future Xbox consoles. Although Microsoft has not confirmed that a next gen...»

Report: America Among World’s Best in Broadband

Art Lindsey III | February 12th

A report released by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation on Tuesday shows that access to quality broadband in the United States has increased significantly over the past few years. This of course has been a...»

As Base Virtualization Market Growth Slows, VMware Eyes New Opportunities

Bert Latamore | February 12th

With the vast majority of data centers worldwide already at least partially virtualized, and competition in the base hypervisor market growing, the halcyon days of hypergrowth may be over for VMware. However,...»