HTC’s Woeful Tale of Bad Buys and Investments

Mellisa Tolentino | August 20th

Earlier today we featured HTC’s $40 million loss in their OnLive investment, which they made in 2011.  The OnLive "evaporation" followed shortly after HTC sold back a hefty portion of Beats  Audio, another hopeful investment...»

New Shamoon Malware Attacks: Possible American Script Kiddies?

Mike Wheatley | August 20th

Cyber security experts are warning of a particularly destructive new malware that steals data then attempts to cover its tracks by crippling the host computer. The malware, which has been separately dubbed “Shamoon” and “Disstrack”, has reportedly been used...»

Malware Attacks Forces Saudi Oil Co to Shut Down Network

Isha Suri | August 20th

A recent malware attack on the computer network of a Saudi Arabian oil company, Saudi Aramco, has forced the entity to temporarily shut down its entire network; but luckily, this did not affect the oil production. While the...»

Accumulo: Why The World Needs Another NoSQL Database

Jeffrey Kelly | August 20th

If you’ve been unable to keep up with all the competing NoSQL databases that have hit the market over the last several years, you’re not alone. To name just a few, there’s HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, Riak, CouchDB, Redis,...»

The Data Behind Death Can Leave a Beautiful Memorial

Guest Author | August 20th

Today in the United States, 7,214 people will die. And again tomorrow, and the next day and so on. That’s 300 deaths per hour, 5 per minute, and just under 1 per second. In 1990, we saw 5,700...»

sqrrl Raises $2M for Big Data Security System

Maria Deutscher | August 20th

sqrrl just received $2 million in seed funding from Atlas Venture and Matrix Partners. Its technology is still in the development stage, but when it officially launches, enterprises will be able to encrypt data in small portions, rather than...»

Allow Kim Dotcom to See Evidence against Him, Rules NZ Judge

Isha Suri | August 20th

Following the latest happenings in the Kim Dotcom’s debacle as US authorities denied to show the FBI evidence against him, here comes a moment of relief for Dotcom and his associates, as a New Zealand judge, Judge Harvey,...»

Compuverde: The Answer to Big Data Storage Inefficiencies

Mike Wheatley | August 20th

Companies are generating more data now that at any time before, and the problem of what to do with it is causing more than a few CEOs sleepless nights. It seems that everything businesses do these days is...»

From the iPhone 5 Rumor Mill: Churning Faster as September 12 Nears

Mellisa Tolentino | August 20th

The world is excited for September 12th, if you don’t know the reason then you might be living under a rock and (a) you’re not aware that Apple may reveal the new iPhone on that day, (b)...»

Dot-Bomb 2.0? A look around Facebook Groupon and Apple

John Casaretto | August 20th

Well, the news that Facebook’s stock fell to below 19 dollars hit Silicon Valley hard last week.  The milestone marked half the value of its IPO offering price.  And as of this moment there has been an slight...»