Dell Force10 Champions Network Virtualization

Bert Latamore | June 12th

Data networking switches have traditionally been huge boxes that “are about rigid networking, think mainframe,” says Arpit Joshipura,  head of networking product management and marketing for Dell Force10 Networks. Dell is bringing a...»

Cisco Channel Expands into Converged Infrastructure, Energy Management

Maria Deutscher | June 12th

Cisco has a huge partner base that reached a couple of milestones this week, thanks to a new partnership with NetApp, as well as a handful of updates from the Cisco Live gathering. Just a day...»

Can Emotions Make for Better Ads? Microsoft Thinks So

Mellisa Tolentino | June 12th

Microsoft is amping their ads offering by utilizing the power of Kinect - they want to offer ads based on users’ emotions or activities. Though nothing has yet been announced by Microsoft, the expectations came from...»

5G WiFi the New Buzzword? Pray Tell

Josette Rigsby | June 12th

It’s early in the week, so why not kick the week off with a new buzzword – 5G WiFi. Computer manufacturer ASUSTeK (ASUS) has announced its G75VW model laptop, which the company designed for gaming,...»

The Cloud is Not About Technology, It’s About Business

Alex Williams | June 12th

The cloud is not about technology, it’s about business. It’s about re-allocating your existing infrastructure to meet your business needs. Once you know your business goals then you can begin defining how your infrastructure is realigned. This...»

10,000 Twitter Accounts Leaked by LulzSec Reborn via TweetGif

Kyt Dotson | June 12th

The reincarnation of LulzSec—a now disbanded hacker Internet-mayhem group who ruled the cyberseas and media for a portion of last year—has surfaced with a notable leak of Twitter authentication belonging to users who signed up for TweetGif,...»

What Apple’s iOS 6 Means for Google and Microsoft

Mellisa Tolentino | June 12th

At the Worldwide Developers Conference that kicked off yesterday, Apple launched two versions of the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.  The MacBooks sport Retina Display with an extremely high DPI and fidelity....»

Facebook, Mobile Push Online Ads as Sector Achieves Best Quarter Ever

Saroj Kar | June 12th

The world saw Internet advertising for Q1 2012 reach $8.4 billion, according to the biannual report from  the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).  For the first time, Internet advertising revenue reached its biggest number ever during...»

Broadcom’s CTO of Networking on Dell, Smart Networks and SDN

Maria Deutscher | June 12th

Nick Ilyadis is the chief technology officer for Broadcom’s networking and infrastructure group; he’s also attending this week’s Dell Storage Forum, and stopped by theCube to give his perspective on the event and the...»

TechEd 2012: Microsoft Showcases Windows Server 2012 as “Cloud OS”

Mike Wheatley | June 12th

While Apple is grabbing all the headlines with its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, there is another little get together taking place on the other side of the country. Microsoft’s TechEd North American conference...»