Microsoft Brings Windows Azure Services to Hosting Providers, Puts VMware in Crosshairs

Matt Weinberger | July 10th

At today's Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft announced that the hosted service provider community is getting access to deliver Microsoft Windows Azure-compatible cloud services from within their own data center as Redmond moves to expand its...»

Chinese Hackers Break into Indian Naval Computers, Harvest Confidential Data

Isha Suri | July 10th

As the concern for cyber warfare increased more than ever, China has become a favorite flogging-horse in the security sphere. In fact, IP addresses from China and Chinese-code has been caught repeatedly part of corporate and state cyber...»

BlackBerry App World Hits 3B Downloads, New CMO Pumps Up the Faith in RIM

Mellisa Tolentino | July 10th

Research in Motion has been hit with a lot of criticism for some months now.  There's  plummeting shares that've dropped an embarrassing 90% since their peak back in 2008, and their newer devices aren’t as...»

How Physical Stores Can Apply Big Data Like An

Alexei Agratchev | July 10th

As the Big Data technology megatrend steams ahead, we’re seeing the rapid development of Applied Big Data. Applied Big Data refers to technology platforms that use Big Data computing techniques, platforms, and tools to


What Comes After Cloud Collaboration? Alfresco CEO Shares His Vision

Kristen Nicole | July 10th

With a penchant for scalability and modularity, Alfresco's free enterprise cloud management software has a steady eye on open source trends.  Having recently come out of beta, Alfresco's tools are now available for the general public....»

Microsoft’s Tablet Push Gets Bigger (Literally) with Pixel Buy

Maria Deutscher | July 10th

Microsoft is getting into the hardware business. It’s so confident in Windows 8 and Surface, its own branded tablet that will run on the mobile-optimized OS, that it is willing to risk a huge backlash...»

Which Smartphone Makers Can Help Microsoft Take Down Apple?

Mellisa Tolentino | July 10th

If the late Steve Jobs declared war against Android devices, Microsoft declared war against Apple’s. At the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated that they are not about to let Apple...»

Populating the World with Virtual People: How Augmented Reality Can Amplify Us

Kyt Dotson | July 10th

We essentially have wearable computers, an Android smartphone of sufficient power can do a great deal of computing and if it can’t succeed all on its own it can have a cloud-computer do the heavy lifting and beam...»

Analysts a Bit Chided Ahead of VMware’s Upcoming Earnings Call

Maria Deutscher | July 10th

Researchers at  Wunderlich cut the firm’s target price on VMware from $120.00 to $100.00 in a report sent out this week ahead of the virtualization software maker’s upcoming earnings call on July 23rd. They retained...»

Feeling Inadequate Today? You Can Blame Facebook

Mike Wheatley | July 10th

A new study of social media users has found that more than half of all users’ lives have been changed – with half of these claiming that these social websites have made their lives...»