Ubisoft Accidentally Leaks Hundreds of Customer E-mail Addresses in Watch Dogs Marketing Snafu

Kyt Dotson | July 1st

The video game Watch Dogs—a beautiful-looking technoir thriller about Big Data and paranoia—has gotten its publisher, Ubisoft, into hot water when it comes to the very same sort of sentiment portrayed in the game: accidental breach of privacy....»

Simplenote Tops this Week’s Tablet Business App Roundup

Maria Deutscher | July 1st

This week’s app roundup is all about simplicity, and one of the featured apps even has the word in its name. iPad Simplenote Simplenote for iPad tops the list, and the reason is that the application offers...»

Converseon Gives Big Data a Human Touch and Added Value

Kathryn Buford | July 1st

Social data provides important insights into the desires, habits and inclinations of customers. While, many platforms survey customer remarks on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, such technology is often limited in its...»

Apple’s $95 million Android Wet Blanket

John Furrier | June 30th

Apple just put up $95 million as a bond on their condition of a pre-trial injuction against Samsung (Google).     Apple will do anything to stop the massive momentum of Google Android. The case in...»

This Week in Big Data: Innovation in Travel and Beyond

Maria Deutscher | June 30th

There were several major highlights this week coming from the analytics space, and one is the story of an upcoming travel service that aims to achieve for its industry what Google did for search. Hopper is...»

Spammers Target London Olympics 2012, Become Opportunists Again

Isha Suri | June 30th

Spammers and cybercriminals are rightly called opportunists, as they never miss an opportunity to attack their prospects or dupe people. Be it some event or anything noteworthy, they always try to take advantage of it. And their...»

Apple’s Second Win Against Samsung

Mellisa Tolentino | June 30th

Apple Inc. wins another victory against Samsung Electronics Co. as another one of their devices gets banned from being sold or imported in the US. The Galaxy Nexus, a joint product of Samsung and Google, is...»

What Do the Happiest Workers Need? Breaks from the Boss

Saroj Kar | June 30th

The work-life balance has become a subject that's increasingly important in the debate on the IT market and policy development. This interest is due to multiple factors, spanning personal, social and economic. But given the constraints...»

Data Visualization Empowers Endangered Languages Project

Kathryn Buford | June 30th

“Technology has a lot to answer for when it comes to certain languages gaining supremacy over others, and so it’s good to see an effort where technology is being used to claw at least some...»

Google I/O Essentials for the CIO

Alex Williams | June 30th

It's Google's focus on products and services anyone can use that makes its enterprise story more accessible and easier to understand. Here are five examples of Google's take on enterprise technologies we saw at Google...»