RIM To Open Source BlackBerry OS, Samsung Preps Cloud Service?

Mellisa Tolentino | April 20th

Today’s mobile roundup features RIM's plan to open source BlackBerry OS, Samsung to unveil cloud service, Apple’s 4G issue in Australia and more. BlackBerry OS open source Research in Motion is kind of like Apple in that...»

OpenStack’s Game: The Enemy’s Gate Is Down

Matt Weinberger | April 19th

There's this idea out there that OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform project started by Rackspace Hosting and NASA and since taken up by over 150 other companies, is out to erode the...»

It’s Time to Bring More AppSec Into AppDev

Klint Finley | April 19th

Earlier this month Michael A. Davis wrote for Information Week that NoSQL equals "no security," echoing Alex Popescu's musing last month that for many NoSQL projects, security is an after thought. According to Davis: "In our...»

8+ Splunk Alternatives

Klint Finley | April 19th

Splunk just announced its IPO today, and it's getting a lot of attention. But don't forget about its alternatives. Splunk isn't just for logs, and there's not a clear general purpose alternative to Splunk. However, there...»

Spotify Tunes Up Android but Still Has a Ways to Go

Saroj Kar | April 19th

Spotify for Android gets an update with a complete design makeover and improved navigation, more social media integration and high resolution artist images.  The update comes at a time when users have had many...»

W2O Expands to Big Data with Ravel Merger

Maria Deutscher | April 19th

The W2O Group, an alliance of companies that run marketing and outsourced development, has achieved a foothold in the analytics space with the acquisition of Ravel.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Ravel...»

Another Boastful Anonymous Hacker Arrested in Utah

Mellisa Tolentino | April 19th

It seems like hackers can’t keep their ego in check.  Another hacker got arrested for bragging his feats. John Anthony Borell III of Utah was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as they have evidences that linked him...»

With Its New Marketplace, Amazon Web Services is Becoming the Next Microsoft

Alex Williams | April 19th

Amazon Web Services Marketplace launched this morning. It's a comprehensive service that makes the company a full-fledged app seller with the undoubtable potential to move further up the stack and become the next...»

Anonymous Looks to Obsolete Pastebin for Leaks With AnonPaste

Kyt Dotson | April 19th

The Anonymous hactivist collective has seen a tool arise from amidst its ranks that seeks to replace the use of Pastebin for releasing manifestos, articles of leaked data, and evidence of past exploits (often criminal or sensitive in...»

NAB Recap: Big Data, Mobile Backup and Flash

Maria Deutscher | April 19th

The NAB conference brought thousands of experts under one roof to share their unique insight on one area or another, and to demo their companies’ new products. There were quite a few announcements at the...»