Big News, Big Data and Smart Storage: IBM Edge Recap

Josette Rigsby | June 7th

IBM kicked off the inaugural year IBM Edge on Monday in Orlando, FL. It’s been a busy two days at the new conference that Wikibon co-founder Dave Vellante has dubbed IBM storage’s coming out...»

The Outlook for HTC Continues to Decline

Josette Rigsby | June 6th

It may be summer in the US, but things are not looking so sunny for HTC. The mobile maker has amended its second quarter sales projections due to lower than expected demand for its devices...»

18 Months Later Microsoft’s Metro Still Advancing

Kristen Nicole | June 6th

Throughout the past 18 months Microsoft has been carving out a new niche in user experience with its Metro interface.  It’s used by Windows Phone 7 and will be the default UI setting in the...»

Better Stats, More Data for Revolution R Enterprise

Maria Deutscher | June 6th

Revolution R unveiled the latest version of its flagship product this week – a commercial distribution of the popular mathematics-oriented programming language optimized use in the enterprise. R Enterprise R 6 introduces a number...»

Larry – The Oracle Cloud Is Seven Years Old? If So, it Sure Looks Like It

Alex Williams | June 6th

Larry Ellison talked on stage today, squinting his eyes at a desktop and laptop screen to show the new social marketing tools Oracle has developed. I have so many questions after listening to Larry. My first...»

The Future of the Converged Infrastructure and HP

Josette Rigsby | June 6th

The Cube is live from Las Vegas at this year’s HP Discover 2012. Dave Vellante sat down with Dave Donatelli, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Group, Hewlett-Packard (full video below). HP created the...»

Windows Phone to Surpass iOS by 2016, IDC Says

Saroj Kar | June 6th

2012 is the year that will see highest number of mobile handsets sell in mobile history. IDC released its Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report on Wednesday in which it provided the current market...»

Microsoft Windows Azure Makes Good With Linux Virtual Machines

Matt Weinberger | June 6th

Microsoft is spoiling its own party. Even though Microsoft was expected to deliver updates to its increasingly popular Windows Azure cloud platform at a webcast event tomorrow, the wizards at Redmond decided to steal some...»

Cyberthreat Weekly: Flame Virus Discovery and More Reports of Cyber Breaches

Kristina Farrah | June 6th

The digital age has only made its ingress but the world has seen a great deal of nasty viruses infecting computers. The most recent one--and perhaps the most lethal--is Flame virus. It was detected


Buffer Using MongoDB for Real-Time Analytics Without MapReduce

Matt Weinberger | June 6th

In a blog post, Tom Moor - co-founder and chief hacker at social media post scheduling app Buffer - describes how his company uses the NoSQL database MongoDB to gain real-time insight into internal analytics without noticably...»