Roambi Tops this Week’s Tablet Business App Roundup

Maria Deutscher | June 1st

Roambi is the nifty iOS app that allows you to view data not as Excel spreadsheets but rather as aesthetic, visualized charts. This week the application turned even more attractive with an announcement from MeLLmo,...»

Google’s Data Artists Will Inspire at Eyeo Festival

Kathryn Buford | June 1st

Bringing together pioneers in data science, arts and community engagement, the 2012 Eyeo Festival is sure to live up to its slogan: “Converge to Inspire.”  Speakers include innovators working at the intersections arts and...»

Kontagent’s Seven Deadly Sins of Big Data

Matt Weinberger | June 1st

I stopped by Kontagent Konnect yesterday, the up-and-coming data analytics service provider's inaugural user conference. And while most of the event's content may have focused on Kontagent's core social/mobile/gaming app verticals, a presentation on the so-called...»

Data Gravity in a Converged Infrastructure

Alex Williams | May 31st

VMware's Dave McCrory created the concept of data gravity. It's a way to show how data has a gravitational pull. Yesterday, I discovered a blog post by Steve Chambers, who works in the office of the CTO...»

Fusion-IO Continues Its Path to Dominance in Storage Market

Josette Rigsby | May 31st

Apple is expanding its use of Fusion-IO. Apple’s increasing use of the Fusion-IO storage platform may move the company ahead of Facebook as Fusion-IO’s biggest customer. If you aren’t familiar with Fusion-IO, you might be soon. Some analysts...»

Google’s F1 Brings NoSQL Scale To Relational Databases

Matt Weinberger | May 31st

MySQL familiarity or NoSQL scalability seems like a binary choice. But Google's F1 -  the new relational database management system (RDBMS) underpinning several of Google's customer-facing, business-critical advertising services - lays claim to combining the...»

This Week in Big Data: HANA Moves into Mobile, Cloud and More

Maria Deutscher | May 31st

SAP is stepping its big data play up a notch. The business software maker’s vision is based largely on the HANA in-memory analytics platform which gained a surprising amount of support in the past 12 months, most recent...»

Hadoop Open-Source Community Disrupting The Rapidly Growing Big-Data Market

John Furrier | May 31st

The HBase conference ( San Francisco was a gathering of the who’s who of open-source technical developers for the most advanced Big Data projects.  These elite developers, architects, and open source contributors shared their...»

Flame Blame? – Israel, US Shift Rumors of Responsibility

John Casaretto | May 31st

The recently discovered Flame cyberattack, believed to be directed primarily against Iran and collect data, has attracted significant international attention in recent days.  A number of reports had pointed the responsibility for the attack against Israel or...»

This Week in the Cloud: from Salesforce’s Big Buy to Xbox Video Streaming

Maria Deutscher | May 31st

This week’s major highlights spanned across quite a few areas, ranging from the M&A scene to the personal cloud and the latest move in Xbox’s campaign to take over the living room. Yesterday we learned that enterprise...»