QLogic Disappoints with Q1 Results, Decline Reflects Market Trends

Maria Deutscher | July 30th

Data center networking equipment maker QLogic reported weaker than expected results for the first quarter of the 2013 fiscal year, falling short of analysts’ expectation and triggering a dramatic decline in the company’s stock. The vendor earned a...»

The Best Way to Track SoLoMo Campaigns? Rewards Points

Saroj Kar | July 30th

SoLoMo is becoming an increasingly important part of every marketing campaign, and one mobile ad network is seeing big benefits from brands using their platform. Anne's Pretzels is one, partnering with three global franchises - The Coca-Cola Company,...»

Yelp Tops This Week’s Tablet Business Apps Roundup

Maria Deutscher | July 29th

Location-based social search provider Yelp rolled out new versions of its iOS apps as well as the web-version, introducing new features to both iPhone and iPad users.  The update puts a lot of emphasis on usability, with the...»

This Week in Big Data: Cloudera, Google Steal the Show

Maria Deutscher | July 28th

This week Cloudera and Google’s new cloud platform were the biggest attractions, not just for the blogosphere but also several vendors that decided to align themselves with one or the other to promote their big data plans. Hewlett-Packard said...»

Hadapt Brings SQL to Hadoop

Bert Latamore | July 27th

Hadapt, a 30-employee startup that grew out of Yale University's computer lab with $9.5M from Bessimer Venture Partners and NorWest Venture Partners, has figured out a way to use SQL on Hadoop databases. This neat technical trick means...»

IC-CRIME Software Allows Recreating Crime Scenes

Isha Suri | July 27th

Computers do a lot of things well, and one of them is modeling things. Be it video games, shopping, or anything else, computer modeling happen to reproduce real environments with surprising fidelity. Crime scene investigation has used models...»

Strange Big Data: Sex Intelligence

Mike Wheatley | July 27th

It’s true, humans are sexual creatures. If there’s one common bond that’s shared by all of humanity, it’s our instinctive urge to have sex. From the moment we hit puberty and our hormones start surging, we dedicate a...»

Numerous Banks Still Infected with Zeus, Conficker Malware

Isha Suri | July 27th

A recent report by Lookingglass Cyber Solutions suggests that approximately 18 of world’s largest banks are operating with systems infected with serious malware. Lookingglass conducted a study on 24 banks and discovered that most of banks were...»

33Across Launches Real-Time Personas

Maria Deutscher | July 27th

33Across collects social data, lots of it, and sells it to publishers. It operates a ‘social graph’ that tracks the activities of 1.25 billion internet users worldwide, and  the sheer size of this data hoard is the main...»

Can Smart TV Gaming Replace Game Consoles?

Mellisa Tolentino | July 27th

Television manufacturers are now focusing on making smart TVs as methods of connecting to the web and delivering content directly.  Smart TVs open up a whole new world of entertainment.  It allows you to enjoy media content straight...»