How To Get A Bomb On Board A Plane – Using A Barcode App

Mike Wheatley | October 26th

A newly discovered flaw with barcodes on US airline boarding passes could allow passengers to take unauthorized items onto flights, according to security experts. The vulnerability has to do with the US Transport Security Administration (TSA) and...»

Wifarer Shines With Indoor Mapping As Apple Struggles To Perfect iOS 6 Maps

Mellisa Tolentino | October 26th

The hype over the iOS6 Maps kerfuffle may have subsided but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still making fun of them and other navigation platforms aren’t using this opportunity to shine.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that...»

This Week in Big Data: Strata + Hadoop World, Real-Time and DevOps

Maria Deutscher | October 26th

This has been a huge week for the big data industry. Thousands of experts from a broad range of industries flocked to Strata Conference + Hadoop World in New York this week to share their angle on analytics,...»

Mathematician Discovers Weak Cryptographic Key In Google E-mail

Mellisa Tolentino | October 26th

In December of last year, mathematician Zachary Harris received an interesting e-mail from a Google headhunter inquiring if he was interested to work with the company.  He was confused by the e-mail as he didn’t see himself...»

Breaking Analysis: Microsoft’s New Surface Tablet Looks Good, But Is Its Beauty Only Skin Deep?

Molly Sassmann | October 26th

Yesterday Microsoft put its Surface tablet on center stage at its Windows 8 launch event, hoping the new device will compete with the likes of Apple and Google in the mobile computing market.  With interest...»

Intel’s GM of Enterprise Software on Big Data @ IBM IOD

Maria Deutscher | October 26th

Cube alumna Pauline Nist made her latest appearance at this week’s IBM Information OnDemand Conference. The general manager for Intel’s enterprise software group discussed big data and how IBM fits in with SiliconAngle founder John Furrier and...»

EMC’s Joe Tucci Clarifies Juniper Buyout Rumors And Troubled Cisco Partnership

Mellisa Tolentino | October 26th

Earlier this week, it was reported that storage giant EMC is looking to acquire Juniper Networks. The networking firm is currently in a poor state, having just laid off 5 percent (around 500) of its employees, as part...»

The Huge Potential Of Windows 8 and Surface RT In Enterprise Mobility

Mellisa Tolentino | October 26th

Microsoft’s Surface Windows RT tablet is now available for purchase in Microsoft retail stores across the country with a tag price of $499.  But that’s not the only Windows 8 tablet available in the market as a number...»

Has Google Caved In To French Pressure Already?

Mike Wheatley | October 26th

Earlier this week we reported that Google was threatening to block French news websites from its search engine results, in response to a demand that it pay for the content it displayed on its Google News pages. France,...»

Hadoop Gets Love, but It’s Really About “Brute Force” says Rainstor CEO

Kristina Farrah | October 26th

Along the course of theCube’s pursuit of interesting and smart guests at Strata+ Hadoop World 2012, we came across John Bantleman, CEO of Rainstor. Rainstor is a database designed to manage Big Data for large enterprises at the lowest...»