Netflix Suffered Some Setbacks But its CEO Has a Plan

Mellisa Tolentino | October 25th

Netflix is under a heaping mess right now.  Earlier this year, they announced a price increase in their service, angering consumers. Then Netflix CEO Reed Hastings apologized for the lack of transparency in the...»

Workday Announces Integration Partnership with Business Analytics Provider Tidemark

Klint Finley | October 25th

Today at its Workday Rising event, Workday announced a new integration partner: Tidemark, an enterprise performance management company that just came out of stealth last week after changing its name from Proferi. It offers an...»

SAP Adds New Exec to Boost Big Data, Cloud Strategy

Maria Deutscher | October 25th

Business software maker SAP has embarked on several ventures to strengthen its cloud and big data portfolio, and the company is pushing through with this approach.  Alongside a couple of new developments in recent weeks,...»

LiveChat Completes Management Buy-Out, Now 60% Employee Owned

Mellisa Tolentino | October 25th

LiveChat announced the completion of a management buy-out from their previous investors, Naspers, a South African-based multinational media group. The management buy-out is backed by funding from Tar Heel Capital, giving the LiveChat...»

Managing Apps in the Hybrid Cloud

Alex Williams | October 25th

Companies that adopts cloud computing do not pick one vendor. In most cases, they will have a number of different applications that run on any number of cloud computing providers. They will use a cloud service where the apps...»

You Gotta Stretch That Neck! This Infographic Will Help

Kristina Farrah | October 25th

Technology is on the rise, and along with it is the growing agitation of my grandparents about how people cease to go outside and do some manual labor.  It seems we prefer to


AppFog Adds Java Support

Klint Finley | October 24th

AppFog, previously known as PHPFog, rounds out its PHP, Ruby and Node.js platform-as-a-service offering with Java support today. AppFog was founded last year as a PHP PaaS, but changed its name to AppFog in August when it...»

IBM Watson Moves Beyond Jeopardy to the Doctor’s Office

Alex Williams | October 24th

IBM Watson now has its own group dedicated to moving Watson beyond the game show world and into the commercial markets. "We want to correct the notion that it is a question and answer technology," said...»

Fortumo Unleashes the First Cross-Platform Mobile Payments for HTML5 Apps

Kristina Farrah | October 24th

I used to think that the future of payments was going to be all about cards. Of course, I was being unimaginative. These days, we have mobile payments, and I have to admit


Who Will Own Your Living Room?

Maria Pila | October 24th

Hybrid set-top boxes are rapidly being deployed by pay-TV operators worldwide, and especially on satellite platforms, to help them deliver advanced services and manage bandwidth scarcity in broadcast networks, according to AIB Research.

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