The Biggest IT Challenges of 2011: Infographic

Kristen Nicole | December 21st

The job of an IT admin is a sundry string of tasks, managing enterprise networks, protecting employee devices, monitoring applications and weighing the pros and cons of an imposing cloud industry.  The biggest challenge for...»

RIM + Amazon Web Services: What Could Have Been

Klint Finley | December 20th

Reuters is reporting that courted BlackBerry maker RIM for a possible acquisition, but the deal fell apart due to lack of interest on RIM's part. And it's not just that got the cold shoulder...»

You Want Trends for 2012? Predictions? How About More Cowbell?

Alex Williams | December 20th

I'm not interested in same old obvious trends. But if I had a fever, I'd give you these: Cowbell: Benioff! Ellison! More Cowbell: Big data! Real-time! Cloud! Trending Cowbell: Human Capital Management! Social Business! More Cloud! ...»

Accenture’s SaaS and Open Source Strategy

Klint Finley | December 20th

This week I talked to Jim Adamczyk and Tomas Nystrom of Accenture about how the company's software-as-a-service and open source strategies. Adamczyk is CTO of Accenture Software and Nystrom is the Accenture global lead for open source....»

Google Invests in Solar Power, Facebook Adopts Green Trend

Maria Deutscher | December 20th

Tech companies are getting more eco-friendly. Several of the biggest names on the web and in social media have been carrying out similar plans on a very large scale, Google and Facebook being the latest...»

Read This First Before You Purchase That Gift Card!

Mellisa Tolentino | December 20th

Christmas is just a few days away and I bet some of you aren’t done with your Christmas shopping yet.  Most of us are baffled as to what to give our friends, loved ones, relatives...»

Blast From the Past: 15 Movers of Technology (Infographic)

Cherr Aira | December 20th

The last two and a half decades has taken humanity into larger-than-life technological innovations that were once possible only within the scope of our imaginations.  Here we have a line up of the most remarkable...»

IBM Snatches up Curam as a part of Aggressive Analytics M&A Strategy

Maria Deutscher | December 20th

IBM embarked on a series of major software acquisitions recently in order to strengthen its portfolio across a wide range of sectors and industries.  Big Blue pursued the analytics angle for the most part with...»

Google Loves SAP Commitment to HTML5…Whither Silverlight?

Alex Williams | December 20th

We had a call with SAP and Google executives this morning and it went okay. It's great to see SAP show some interest in working with a company that has a real commitment to developers. Google...»

Broadcom Wins Emulex Patent Suit

Maria Deutscher | December 20th

After Emulex rejected Broadcom’s two-month effort to acquire the company in July 2009, it filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the latter that has finally been closed, Bloomberg reported. U.S. District Judge James Selna...»