Flashback Malware Mac Attacks Linked to Luckycat Hacker Campaign

Mellisa Tolentino | April 18th

Earlier this month, it was reported that a certain malware is infecting Mac OS X machines. The malware was identified as BackDoor.Flashback.39--a Trojan that targets an unpatched JavaScript codes (CVE-2011-3544, CVE-2008-5353 and CVE-2012-0507) vulnerabilities...»

Spotify Goes Great with Coke, Launches Branded Apps

Mellisa Tolentino | April 18th

Spotify really wants to achieve everywhere access.  Aside from recently launching the Play Button, a widget that people can embed on their sites to share their favorite tunes, the cloud music service unveiled branded...»

Some Still Affected by Gmail Outage that Hit 30M Users

Mellisa Tolentino | April 18th

Google suffered an outage in some of their services yesterday that affected almost 10% of their user base, or about 30 million subscribers. Google acknowledge that their service was down and they’re investigating as to what...»

Social Tools to Measure Your Real Influence and Success

Saroj Kar | April 18th

With the growing buzz around Klout, it's clear people want to gain a better understanding of our social network presence, its reach and influence.  There's several tools out there to help determine this to some...»

Will Apple and Samsung Finally Settle?

Mellisa Tolentino | April 18th

Today’s mobile news roundup features Apple and Samsung's orders to settle their legal dispute, RIM hoping to gain users in Asia, HTC clearing rumors and more. Apple-Samsung Truce? It looks like Apple and Samsung are both open...»

The Larrys Appear in Court: Day 2 of Oracle-Google Trial

Mellisa Tolentino | April 18th

Quick recap:  Oracle is suing Google for illegally using their Javascript patents, which the company acquired when they bought Sun Microsystems in 2009, in developing the Android platform.  Now the two giants face each other...»

Healthy Big Data: Devices Plus Information Make Us Fit

Kristina Farrah | April 18th

Technology, often considered detrimental to our health, is changing its tune for our benefit.  In today’s health and fitness big data write-up we look at the latest ways in which devices team up


VMware Gets Into Cloud Consulting Services, Makes Benchmarking Acquisition

Matt Weinberger | April 17th

VMware is the latest major technology market player to get into the cloud consultancy game with this week's formation of VMware Accelerate Advisory Services, a new business group of former IT executives that aims to lend their expertise...»

Raising Questions About IBM’s Services Approach

Alex Williams | April 17th

IBM posted mixed earnings results today. Its dividend beat street estimates by 13 cents but revenues were flat with services showing limited gains. Big Blue's Global Technology Services segment saw revenues increase 2% to...»

Skybox Imaging Raises $70 Million To Take Hadoop To The Final Frontier

Matt Weinberger | April 17th

Skybox Imaging, a fledgling services startup that's building a business around applying big data analytics to satellite imagery and video, has raised $70 million in Series C funding from Canaan Partners and Norwest Venture Partners, bringing its overall funding to...»