Hacking Abound: What Mobile Users Need to Know

Cherr Aira | July 18th

While Harry Potter’s end may have brought gloom to many, the culmination of hackfest is perhaps something else the world is longing for. Just when everyone thought that LulZec’s shutdown would release the web...»

HTC Shares Fall after Apple Wins Patent Case, Plans Stock Buyback

Robert Manto | July 18th

Shares of HTC Corp., Asia’s second largest manufacturer of smart phones, has dropped after losing out in a preliminary ruling by the US International Trade Commission against Apple Inc. The ITC ruling says that...»

Can a Combo Cloud Strategy and Upcoming Devices Save RIM?

Maria Pila | July 18th

Complete restructure and an extraordinary makeover. That’s what analysts said to Research In Motion, a company that's losing market share with its smartphone portfolio to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android technology.  RBC analysts...»

How to Manage 4.5 Million Human Gene Samples

Alex Williams | July 17th

You have a freezer. The ice cream has to stay cold or it will melt and go bad. You can look in the freezer and tell if everything is okay. There's a thermometer. Pretty simple. Now...»

Using the Cloud for Better Backup and Disaster Recovery: Problems & Solutions

Saroj Kar | July 16th

Cloud computing is transforming the way companies manage and protect their data. Companies are now providing services to store data in the cloud for backup, archiving and other user cases. Of late many enterprises have started...»

The Sony Online Soap Opera [Infographic]

D. Edmond | July 16th

[caption id="attachment_6444" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Sony Versus GeoHot"][/caption] When it's all said and done, 2011 could go down in the geek history books as "The Year of The Hacker",  and Sony vs. George Hotz has seen all kinds. The term...»

IPO Websites’ Speed Test; Fusion-io Oddly Fails

Cherr Aira | July 16th

There seems to be a bridge now connecting the tech community and IPOs—a channel that has seen a lot of freshly paved passages in the last two to three months.  The majority of high profile...»

This Week in the Cloud: From vSphere 5.0 to Dropbox

Maria Deutscher | July 16th

This week featured several major developments from the enterprise to the consumer cloud, first and foremost the announcement that VMware vSphere 5.0 will be available in late August. The cloud OS features several improvements to...»

Android is Good Business for Google, and Oracle Too

Maria Deutscher | July 16th

Android has grown from being the underdog of the smartphone industry to the number one mobile platform in terms of market share, and it seems Google has managed to maintain this momentum. This week several...»

NordicANGLE: How a Wider Market Influences Game Developers

Maria Deutscher | July 15th

The Nordic region, and in particular Finland, has spurred several major game development studios that are responsible for some of the most popular titles on the globe. This is apparently because the local companies are designing their...»