Red Hat Deepens Partnership with MongoDB Maker 10gen

Klint Finley | April 9th

Well, it's a not a NoSQL acquisition, but Red Hat is expanding its partnership with 10Gen, the company behind the open source NoSQL database MongoDB. Today the two companies announced that teams from both companies are collaborating...»

How To Stress Test IT Infrastructure Like an Olympic Champion

Matt Weinberger | April 9th

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is relying on Atos, Europe's largest IT services firm, to make sure that everything at the 2012 Summer Olympics goes off without a hitch - at least...»

One Company’s Quest for Affordable Zero Data Loss: Peer Incite this Week

Bert Latamore | April 9th

Tim Hays, VP of IT at Animal Health International, will discuss his the quest for an affordable zero data loss solution at the next Wikibon Peer Incite meeting. The company, a distributor of premier...»

A Breakdown of Facebook’s Goals with Instagram Acquisition

Saroj Kar | April 9th

Facebook has taken control of the popular social photo sharing application Instagram for $1 billion, as reported by Mark Zuckerberg in his own Facebook wall. The acquisition will be Facebook’s biggest acquisition to date. The...»

eXo Announces UXPaaS for the Enterprise

Kristen Nicole | April 9th

eXo is introducing a new hosted collaboration solution for the enterprise named Cloud Workspaces, dubbed as  a “user experience platform-as-a-service.” The concept of an enterprise social network designed to help workers leverage the social tools...»

Rotten Easter Egg for Nokia Lumia 900 Holiday Launch

Mellisa Tolentino | April 9th

On Friday, April 6th, New York’s Times Square was filled with thousands of Nokia and Nicki Minaj fans to launch the Nokia Lumia 900.  Minaj performed the “Starship Remix” and much to the delight of...»

Utah Gets a Cybersecurity Rude Awakening: 181,000 Medical Records Hacked

Kyt Dotson | April 9th

With cybersecurity the way that it is, data breaches are constantly rolling news and when it comes to cultures such as Anonymous and hactivist groups like LulzSec it was the amount of data taken or the number of...»

What Facebook’s Instagram Buy Means for its Mobile Strategy: Data, Search

Kristen Nicole | April 9th

Facebook’s taken the proactive measure of acquiring Instagram, the mobile photo-sharing network regularly referred to as Facebook’s biggest competition.  What’s most notable about the deal is the price tag - $1 billion for the startup...»

Pastebin Starts Policing Hackers’ Posts, Says They’re Not Against Anonymous

Cherr Aira | April 9th

Pastebin reinforces the responsibility that comes along with the freedom of speech on the web. The platform allows uploading of snippets of text for public viewing is hiring more hands to start screening the site for “sensitive...»

More Growth Expected for EMC Earnings Report

Maria Deutscher | April 9th

Storage vendor EMC, ranked the top vendor on several research firms’ charters for the industry, will report its earnings for the first quarter of fiscal 2012 this month.  The results are due in about...»