BitTrust API Seeks to Open a Generation of Apps for Bitcoin

Kyt Dotson | July 15th

Bitcoin (BTC) has continued to rise from an esoteric cryptocurrency known only to geeks and enthusiasts into a media sensation. Of the major hurdles to its eventual adoption as a digital currency have been the lack of involvement...»

Adobe SiteCatalyst Tops Week’s Best Business Tablet Apps for iPad, Android

Maria Deutscher | July 15th

This week we’ve rounded up five of the best business tablet apps for the iPad and Android devices. There are countless apps targeting about every single audience imaginable, and with tablets being used more and...»

McCain Proposes a Specialized Committee to Tackle Cyber Security

Kristina Farrah | July 15th

There has been quite a large amount of cyber attacks these past few months –starting from the dissident Wikileaks for exposing highly sensitive government documents, to the recently disbanded LulzSec, and now its legacy, Anonymous,...»

ViralHeat Scales Out to Handle the Data of Human Intent

Kristen Nicole | July 15th

Big data is a big buzz word, but holds little meaning if you don’t know what to do with it.  In today’s technology culture, we’re all about data, from the tweets we send to the...»

Zinio Magazines Aren’t Just for Android Tablets Anymore

Jennefer Almirante | July 15th

Zinio, the digital newsstand boasting thousands of titles,  is now available on all current Android devices.   This is a follow up of the announcement made...»

Insecurities Surrounding Bitcoin Deny Them of Victory

Cherr Aira | July 15th

Sad reality says that privacy is a luxury nowadays. With the hacking spree that infested the world this summer, serious damage dawned on both established companies and emerging players alike.  One of the many


Microsoft’s Cloud Strategy will Involve Retail, Price Slashing

Maria Deutscher | July 15th

Microsoft is looking at a number of ways to maintain and grow its share of the personal cloud, one option being a second attempt to establish a retail front similar to that of Apple. The...»

WP7 Gains Market Share as Smartphones Still Dominate Connected Devices

Cherr Aira | July 15th

When you belong to an exponentially booming industry, the tendency is that your revenues will skyrocket. This is what the mobile marketplace’s members are enjoying right now. The latest Millennial Media mobile report shows...»

Transforming to a Post-PC World Through APIs and Mobile Gateways

Alex Williams | July 14th

Box today launched a contest for developers to create new applications that integrate on top of its storage and collaboration technologies. The goal is to get more developers interested in developing for the enterprise, which...»

Eversave the Latest Daily Deals Site to Get a Deal: Acquired for $30M

Mellisa Tolentino | July 14th

Today's consumers are getting wiser, utilizing daily deals sites to purchase something they want or need.  With daily deals sites like Goupon already having $644 million for their first quarter revenue of 2011, other...»