Samsung Officially Unveils Galaxy SIII Mini

Mellisa Tolentino | October 11th

As promised, Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy SIII Mini today, though they’ve already dampened the surprise by confirming the news yesterday.  So if you’ve been eyeing the Galaxy SIII but thought it was a bit big, then the Galaxy...»

Big Data Bins Hope To Revolutionize Waste Collection

Mike Wheatley | October 11th

The trash collection industry has always been a pretty ‘wasteful’ one, what with garbage collectors sticking to their regular, pre-defined routes whilst out and about collecting their smelly cargo. Waste disposal is a dirty job all right, but to...»

Virtualization is Winning: VCE Marks Efficiency Boost for Colt Technology

Maria Deutscher | October 11th

Colt Technology Services, an IT service provider not to be confused with the iconic firearms manufacturer, is publishing new data about its massive virtual desktop infrastructure at VMworld Europe held this week in Barcelona. Colt leverages Vblocks from...»

Eric Schmidt Excludes Microsoft In “Gang of Four”

Mellisa Tolentino | October 11th

The always candid Google Chairman Eric Schmidt seems to have an opinion on most anything, especially matters pertaining to Google's business, which covers a range of industries, products and services.  In an interview this week with AllThingsD, Schmidt discusses patent...»

RSA Proposes Splitting Passwords In Two To Foil Hackers

Mike Wheatley | October 11th

Following a spate of high profile password leaks over the last few months, including breaches at Sony and LinkedIn, consumers have grown concerned that their passwords might not be enough to deter cybercriminals from stealing their...»

Springpad Adds More Content Management on the Go: iPad, Android Tablet Updates

Mellisa Tolentino | October 11th

As more people rely on their tablets and smartphones for productivity, there is a constant search for the perfect tool to help them go about their daily tasks.  And apps like Springpad, the social, smart cloud-based notebook app...»

Lenovo Overtakes HP As #1 PC Maker; Unveils Three Hybrid Laptop/Tablets

Mike Wheatley | October 11th

Lenovo has apparently knocked HP off of its perch, surpassing the American firm to become the world’s number one PC manufacturer, according to new figures by research firm Gartner. Lenovo - makers of the iconic ThinkPad and IdeaPad...»