Amazon Readies to Compete with Apple, Plans Tablet Launch

Saroj Kar | July 13th

Amazon is gearing up to enter the competitive, but rather crowded, tablet PC market. It is planning to introduce a tablet computer by October. This move is seen as direct competition between Apple and Amazon,...»

Cisco CEO: “You will see us leaner and more focused.”

Maria Deutscher | July 13th

Speaking at a Las Vegas company gathering that was attended by 15,000 of Cisco’s customers, partners and others, chief executive John Chambers reflected on the company’s internal policies. The board-based decision-making system he set...»

Color And Cuil Headline FailCon Event

Tom Foremski | July 13th

Coming up October 24 in San Francisco is the next FailCon— a conference that celebrates failure and its lessons — much like Silicon Valley where more than 90% of ventures fail. The organizers Cass Phillipps and Diane...»

Choosing The Right Analytics Technology Starts from Understanding Your Data

Cherr Aira | July 13th

Big data is fast becoming the heartbeat of social enterprise. With its usefulness in analyzing patterns of behavior of customers through responses in online ads, common keyword searches in search engines and more, whoever acquires the...»

EMC Brings Better Cloud Service with VMware VMAXe

Jennefer Almirante | July 13th

EMC, the global leader in enabling businesses and service providers, has its new EMC VMware unit, which is taking on HP with a Virtual...»

Cisco Is Brewing Something Hot, Distracts Investors from Impending Layoffs

Mellisa Tolentino | July 13th

News of Cisco’s restructuring and their impending massive lay-off are making investors rethink their portfolios.  With the sales of network switches and routers dropping, you’d think that the company is slowly going down...»

EA Loses Investor Faith with PopCap Games Deal

Maria Deutscher | July 13th

Game maker Electronic Arts is expanding its business into new platforms via its latest acquisition, PopCap Games. The latter is responsible for hits including Plants Vs. Zombies, and had a price tag to match. EA...»

Round 2: SAP VS. Oracle

Mellisa Tolentino | July 13th

With the lawsuit Oracle filed against SAP last year, the court ruled in favor of Oracle granting them a $1.3 billion to be paid to them by SAP for their illegal downloads of Oracle’s...»

Dropbox Secure in High Valuation, but What About Your Files?

Mellisa Tolentino | July 13th

The personal cloud has been a hit with a rise in consumers as its products are made available on smartphones and tablets.  It beats having to save all your files on a thumb drive,...»

Dell Storage Forum 2011 Revisited

Greg Schulz | July 13th

About a month ago I was invited by Dell to make a quick trip down to Orlando to attend the Dell Storage Forum 2011 (e.g. twitter #dellsf11). Given that on