SAP Buys Leading Enterprise Mobile Development Shop and Announces $155 Million Startup Fund

Alex Williams | April 10th

It is all about HANA today at SAP's press event in San Francisco.  HANA as a real-time platform and HANA as the foundation for a major push to attract developers through a new $155...»

Anonymous Brings DDoS Fist Down on UK and Turns Attention Towards China Over Human Rights

Kyt Dotson | April 10th

The Anonymous collective brewed up a storm over this weekend by taking aim at government websites belonging to China and England. The cells involved have been communicating via Twitter and made warning of their attacks days ahead of...»

Amazon Appstore’s In-App Purchasing is Another Play Against Google

Mellisa Tolentino | April 10th

In-app purchasing is probably the best way for developers to monetize their products, something Amazon did not consider when they launched the Amazon Appstore for Android over a year ago. The Amazon Appstore gave Android...»

Is Your IT Service Provider Just Telling You What You Want to Hear?

Klint Finley | April 10th

Eric Garland, a futurist/strategic analyst, published an indictment of strategic consulting last week in The Atlantic. Although Garland is focused on the sort of foresight services provided to governments and CEOs and boards of...»

Auto HTML5 Switches for Mobile Ads with Jivox Update

Maria Deutscher | April 10th

Jivox is the developer of an interactive mobile advertising platform that lets marketers create their own ads using the solution’s self-dubbed “rich graphical user interface.” And today the company updated its flagship offering with...»

HP Opens Public Cloud

Alex Williams | April 10th

For months, we've heard the rumblings about HP's public cloud. Insiders have been offering invites.  HP's intentions have been no secret,  but now it is official. The HP Public cloud will open to the public...»

Instagram is Facebook’s $1b Bribe to Valley VCs

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | April 10th

Look, I’ve always derided pundits in the past for being trigger-happy on the “we’re in a bubble” talk, but when you objectively look at the tech sector today and two major acquisitions making headlines, you have...»

Fandroids Turn Elitist as Instagram Reaches 5 Million Android Downloads

Mellisa Tolentino | April 10th

Instagram, the photo-sharing/editing app, which recently received some animosity from iOS users when they launched the Android version of the app, is getting more popular as it boast of five million downloads in...»

NY Phone Booths and Cabs Get Mobile Makeovers with Tablets, Charging Stations

Mellisa Tolentino | April 10th

Technology is used many ways to make our daily tasks easier to accomplish.  But the people behind our awesome gadgets aren’t done innovating.  They want technology to be part of our lives, every moment of...»

How to Appeal to Your Developers in the Mobile Era? Team with Appcelerator Platform

Maria Deutscher | April 10th

Outsourced R&D provider GlobalLogic and Appcelerator, the developer of the Titanium mobile dev platform, announced a curious new alliance. The two companies will be integrating their engineering muscle, GlobalLogic’s 6,000 developers and Appcelerator’s massive...»