Red Hat’s KVM Overtakes Xen and Service Providers Lead the Way

Klint Finley | February 22nd

This week Ubuntu sponsor company Canonical released the results of its latest Ubuntu Server User Survey. Over 6,000 Ubuntu Server users from around the world responded. Possibly the most interesting result is that although VMware still...»

SAP Reveals Integration Plans for Success Factors

Maria Deutscher | February 22nd

SAP’s $3.4 billion acquisition of cloud-based HR software provider Success Factors was just finalized a few days ago, and we now have additional details on how the two plan to integrate  moving forward.  In a...»

Infographic: Active UK Users of Social Media Platforms

Tom Foremski | February 22nd

My recent article about the true size of social media platforms has prompted a lot of people to examine how many real people are followers or friends, and there has been some interesting additional data made available. Social media...»

Thinking Big About Big Data

Jeffrey Kelly | February 22nd

There are, without question, a number of technical challenges and cultural implications associated with the Era of Big Data than can and must be addressed by the industry at large. It’s also important to identify the most practical uses...»

Google’s Internet-enabled Spectacles Will Bring Cyberspace to Your Eyes

Kyt Dotson | February 22nd

It looks like all those rumors about Google working on cyber-glasses are beginning to take shape and, according to reports, we might even see them on the market before the end of 2012. No more constantly flicking on...»

SocialVolt Channels Accelerate Brand Monitoring on Facebook, Google+

Saroj Kar | February 22nd

Social media becomes increasingly important in corporate communication strategies, or anyone who's seeking more visibility on the web. Monitoring is one of the main objectives to improve customer service, your product or marketing, raising the...»

Zettaset Adds Hadoop Security Layer

Maria Deutscher | February 22nd

Zettaset, a Hadoop startup that offers a self-healing data management platform which runs on top of the open-source big data muncher, unveiled its latest solution.  SHadoop is a new security layer that will supplement...»

Is Skype a Social Network?

Tom Foremski | February 22nd

Surely Microsoft's Skype should be counted as a social network. It fulfills many of the same functions that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can set a status 'mood' message, you can text message, use it as a group chat...»

Hackers’ Internet Shutdown Ploy Likely to Flunk, Experts Say

Kristina Farrah | February 22nd

Pundits say that the recent hacker threats of shutting the Internet’s root Domain System (DNS) servers and cutting online connectivity won’t be possible, at least not at the moment. The hackers are alleged members of Anonymous who intends to...»

New Media Minute: How to Build a Loyal Video Series Audience

Daisy Whitney | February 22nd

Since only one in twelve branded videos pass the one-million view mark, brands and producers are better off building an audience than going for a viral hit. There are several best practices that any Web producer, marketer or brand can follow...»