Syria Spy Tech May Be Powered By NetApp, U.S. Senators Seek Investigation

Kyt Dotson | November 14th

Amid technology companies being implicated in oppression and censorship, U.S. lawmakers are seeking an investigation against NetApp for their potential role in Internet-surveillance infrastructure being raised in Syria after the recent political upheaval. A recent article in Bloomberg...»

Google’s New Attitude, from X to Music Stores

Mellisa Tolentino | November 14th

Google is always in the news, either because of legal issues, new products, Android dilemmas or whatever, since they’ve got their hands in almost every cookie jar.  They were quite busy in the month of...»

Google Offering 24×7 Support for Enterprise Business Customers

John Furrier | November 14th

Google announced today at Atmosphere, the CIO summit, 24x7 support for their business customers. Amit Singh announced the deal while promoting the Google success in the enterprise. Google's mission is all about cloud,...»

Sony, Competitors Expand Gaming Strategy Amidst Mobile Takeover

Maria Deutscher | November 14th

Electronics maker Sony is hoping to push the borders of its gaming ecosystem outwards by opening up for developers. No official launch date has been announced just yet, but a beta version of the PlayStation Suite SDK will...»

Social To-Do App Backed by Eric Schmidt Fund

Kristina Farrah | November 14th

If you know Taskos, then you probably know Any.Do, the team behind Taskos' development and success. The team recently revealed yet another To Do app that lets your create, organize and share tasks


The Road To Secured Apps Starts with Awareness

Mellisa Tolentino | November 14th

I know most of us have downloaded apps that were either useless or caused some problems with our devices.  That’s why I stick to apps with good ratings, or those made by popular brands.  But...»

How Mobile Shaped HTML5, and Why Flash Isn’t Dead Yet

Kristen Nicole | November 14th

Steve Jobs wins. He debarred Flash on Apple products to avoid his company from depending on Adobe. In the end, Adobe decided to drop the development of Flash for mobile, and with it


Buffett’s Berkshire Takes 5.5% Stake in IBM

Maria Pila | November 14th

Investor Warren Buffett says his company bought about $10.7 billion of IBM stock this year, giving him a stake of more than 5 percent stake in the technology company. Buffett revealed the new investment during...»

Diaspora Co-Founder Dies: Site Revamp is “Tribute” to Zhitomirskiy

Mellisa Tolentino | November 14th

Diaspora*, the open-sourced and distributed community of social networks run by users that enables users to own their own personal data, control with whom you share, and discover cool stuff throughout the Web, lost...»

Sony’s New Vision of the TV is a High Risk, but Necessary Move

Phoebe Mandap | November 14th

In this period we call PC era, we as consumers have been fed a lot of amazing products.  Things that we never imagined would be possible 10 years ago are actually here – who would...»