Secret Client Asks IBM To Build the Biggest Data Drive Ever!

Cherr Aira | August 29th

To realize IT-success in this day and age, there are two areas that you need to dedicate your time and focus: mobility and big data.  This is brought about by people tickled with the...»

Cisco Re-Affirms Commitment to Collaboration with Versly Acquisition

Klint Finley | August 29th

Today Cisco announced that it acquired little known collaboration startup Versly for an undisclosed amount. Versly sells collaboration tools for Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel and Outlook. In an interview today, Murali Sitaram, VP/GM of...»

Bitcoin Delivers Confidence for Online Casinos

Kyt Dotson | August 29th

Amid the Bitcoin community, gambling happens to be one of the first of the vices that most users stumble across. In fact, the prevalence of pyramid and Ponzi schemes plying for people to throw their bitcoins into them...»

Microsoft Takes a Jab at VMware, Salesforce

Maria Deutscher | August 29th

Microsoft is taking several approaches to try and grab customer interest to its products and away from what it competitors are offering.  Its recent marketing efforts, with no real surprise about their timing, come...»

Game Consoles are the Most Used Connected Devices: Great for Netflix

Phoebe Mandap | August 29th

Game consoles are very popular today.  It's not only kids that play with this interactive entertainment, but adults as well are enjoying all it has to offer, and that goes beyond gaming.  As a matter...»

HP Refocus Will Get Little Return on PC Branch Sale

Bert Latamore | August 29th

David Cahill does not like HP's stategic announcements last week. In a new Professional Alert posted Friday on Wikibon he picks the announcements apart and provides what he maintains are better choices. First he predicts...»

Drooling over IFA Leaked Gadgets: Top Contenders So Far

Mellisa Tolentino | August 29th

Companies are just about ready for the huge IFA event happening in Berlin on September 2-7.  There are already leaked photos or rumors preceding device launch which are making consumers drool with anticipation. The following are...»

SunGard Launches New Recovery Suite with VMware Support

Maria Deutscher | August 29th

IT services firm SunGard announced a new managed recovery suite called  Recover2Cloud.  The suite incorporates several services that encompass monitoring, troubleshooting and testing along with deployment as well as recovery.

“SunGard’s Recover2Cloud services enhances its

VMworld 2011: Industry Giants Show Support, New Products

Val Galin | August 29th

After last year's successful event, VMware officially kicks-off VMworld 2011 today in Las Vegas, Nevada. For starters, you can view schedules of our live coverage here, a list of the few topics that...»

The Apple-Samsung Saga, Samsung Takes Another Major Hit

Mellisa Tolentino | August 29th

Samsung is not getting any breaks from Apple as they continue to take hit after hit in the Apple-Samsung drama.  Last week, Samsung suffered from what you could call as an ‘epic failure’ as...»