The Largest Data Breaches of All Time [Infographic]

Alex Williams | June 26th

I like to post an infographic on the weekends. They gives an entirely different perspective than a blog post. Each weekend, we'll run an infographic that tells a story about recent news and trends in...»

Open-Source, Virtualization Lead Recent Cloud Trends

Maria Deutscher | June 26th

The past week in the cloud featured updates encompassing several of the hottest trends cooking in IT right now, and recent developments in open-source cloud kicks off our recap. OpenStack, the Rackspace cloud OS platform...»

OpenStack Set for Stardom, Supporters Join the Ride

Cherr Aira | June 24th

The cloud is the future of enterprise, no questions asked. But, where it is heading is quite uncertain. Experts and big names in the industry like Cisco believe that driving open source...»

Big Data Security Arsenal Reinforcements, Now A Must!

Cherr Aira | June 24th

Big Data weaponry is in need of serious underpinning following a series of recent breaches. The 6-month downfall due to massive occurrences of hacking has placed the biggest names in the industry under stern...»

Diagram: Amazon Web Services Architecture

Alex Williams | June 24th

Soocial is a service that syncs your addresses on your phone, computer and online services. Their tagline:  "A million devices, one magical address book." Today, its chief developer, Stefan Fountain tweeted a link...»

LulzSec “Hack the Planet” Week TGIF’s with Leak of AZDPS Documents

Kyt Dotson | June 24th

Late last night, Thursday, the Internet highwaymen group of LulzSec finished collating through numerous leaks and other information they gathered from directing other hacker groups to attack government websites and released a megaton...»

Foodspotting Now On WP 7, Kills iPhone and Android Versions.

Ross LaRocco | June 24th

Recently I mentioned how Windows Phone 7 trails behind iPhone and Android app development.  Today, Foodspotting announced a version for Windows Phone 7.  Completely shattering the eyes of iPhone and Android versions.  So...»

CIO Intelligence: 3 Advantages of a Flat Network

Alex Williams | June 24th

Is it time to flatten  the network? It is starting to seem that way. Today's network is tremendously complex with its tree-type structure. It is not designed for mobile technologies nor the big data that...»

Facebook’s Road to Media Business, Hastings On-Board—a Key Factor

Cherr Aira | June 24th

The personal cloud is bringing massive transformations in interactive computing, mobile and web markets. The seemingly-limitless opportunities within this field have lured Facebook, which is now traversing the path seeking a personalized media offering in...»

SEGA and BBC Earth Unite to Create Interactive Multi-sensory Nature “Experience"

Kyt Dotson | June 24th

SEGA will be using footage and knowledge drawn from the immense archives of BBC Worldwide to create a giant themed interactive experience for visitors that allows them to experience natural history in a way not done before....»