Can Casascius (Physical) Bitcoins Actually Spurn Legality?

Kyt Dotson | October 27th

The easy answer is probably still: “No.” Recently, an innovative Bitcoin enthusiast named Mike Caldwell from Utah decided that his beloved bitcoins were too virtual and decided to make a product that could represent them. Casascius Bitcoins...»

Amazon Simplifies Global Brand, Seeks Growth in China

Isha Suri | October 27th

Amazon has recently made some important updates to its China site - Joyo Amazon.  The company has renamed 'Joyo Amazon' to simply 'Amazon,' and has a new URL to match: "" It is believed that...»

Green Expansion Is the Key to Facebook’s Arctic Datacenter

Mellisa Tolentino | October 27th

These days, with the boom in mobile computing, companies need to accommodate the growth of data generated, especially when almost every company now offers some sort of cloud service.  But when it comes to datacenters...»

Skype Plays Third Wheel in Tango Mango Party

Saroj Kar | October 27th

Video telephony on Windows Phone Mango with Tango? Microsoft has now confirmed that the video chat app will be officially available on Windows Phone platform starting this November. Tango, the application to make video...»

Dropbox for Teams is Good for Business

Mellisa Tolentino | October 27th

File sharing and storage in the cloud is probably a top priority for businesses and consumers today, especially now that most companies are allowing use of personal devices in the workplace.  Everyone wants their office...»

Citrix Buzz: New NetScaler amongst Fresh Offerings

Maria Deutscher | October 27th

Virtualization solutions maker Citrix had a few major announcements this week, and here are some of the highlights we haven’t covered already.  The company launched a bunch of new offerings that represent a significant extension...»

Akamai Refreshes Top Level Execs with New CIO, Head of R&D

Maria Deutscher | October 27th

Web acceleration services provider Akamai announced a couple of significant hires this week: the company appointed Kumud Kalia as its chief information officer, and Rick McConnell as Executive Vice President of Products and Development. Both...»

RIM Faces Class Action Lawsuit over Network Outage

Mellisa Tolentino | October 27th

BlackBerry subscribers suffered a 4-day service outage a couple of weeks ago.   The incident led to a mob of angry customers as most of them are from the business sector. The outage cost both end...»

Sony To Acquire Ericsson’s Shares for $1.5B

Mellisa Tolentino | October 27th

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB is the joint venture of Sony Corp. and Ericsson AB.  For 10 years, the two companies brought some pretty cool, mostly musically inclined phones to the market.  But the demand...»

Papaya Mobile Seeks Android Success on the iPhone

Kristina Farrah | October 27th

It had always been just for Android, and despite tackling just this one particular demographic, social gaming network Papaya Mobile managed to grow to 25 million users earlier this summer.  It’s a 940