More Tools Target Mobile Payments Developers

Cherr Aira | November 21st

The cold breeze of the holiday season is already sending the chill of excitement amongst merchandisers and online stores like eBay and Amazon. They've brought out a variety of early gimmicks to lure customers and...»

Cisco Pushes Jabber Web Version in Post-PC Era

Saroj Kar | November 21st

Cisco Systems is looking to extend the capabilities of its collaboration offerings, including WebEx and Jabber, to address the mobile trends of what company executives agree is the post-PC era.  By opting for an approach...»

EMC Rolls Out Linux Support with Atmos Cloud v1.1

Maria Deutscher | November 21st

Storage vendor EMC updated the Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform today, extending functionality and support.  Atmos Cloud is an add-on application to the on-premise version of the software, allowing users to access the cloud storage...»

ICANN Faces Lawsuit Over .xxx Domain

Mellisa Tolentino | November 21st

Many companies, brands, famous people, and groups are securing their .xxx domain from the ICM Registry either to assure that they got premium or targeted .xxx domains or to make sure that porn sites or people with...»

Intel Caught in the Middle of HP, Oracle Battle

Maria Deutscher | November 21st

Intel has found itself in a very central position, so to speak, due to a couple of updates. The first one is the latest development in Hewlett-Packard’s suit against Oracle’s decision to halt support...»

Nintedo 3DS Limited Edition Bundles Available On Nov 24

Mellisa Tolentino | November 21st

Nintendo, the popular gaming brand that brought us game-changing innovations, announced that on November 24th, they will be releasing limited edition Nintendo 3DS bundles.  There will be two cool bundles available which will feature Nintendo famous...»

Heroku Adds Automated Support for Hadoop with Help of Stealth Startup

Alex Williams | November 21st

Heroku has added automated support for Hadoop through Treasure-Data, a startup that is still in "stealth," mode, according to its Web site. Heroku currently offers Hadoop support with Amazon Elastic MapReduce as a manual set...»

World of Warcraft Turns 7: Players Blow out Candles, Eat Cake

Kyt Dotson | November 21st

The world of massively-multiplayer online (MMO) gaming still feels like it’s in its infancy even while Activision-Blizzard’s most popular MMO World of Warcraft has reached the milestone of seven years running. A significant portion of the gaming population...»

iPhone 5 Rumors Climb as iOS Gets Secure for the Government

Mellisa Tolentino | November 21st

Though the iPhone 4S hasn’t even launched yet in some countries, rumors of an upcoming iPhone 5 are already buzzing.  Actually, the moment iPhone 4S launched, it seemed like people already moved on, looking for...»

SolidFire Preps for High Performance Cloud Products

Maria Deutscher | November 21st

Flash array startup SolidFire has released a new perspective on its upcoming, solution expected to launch in Q2 2012, which reveals several interesting highlights.  One of them is that SolidFire may  prove to be particularly...»