NoSQL Company Basho Unveils New Cloud Storage Software

Klint Finley | March 27th

Today Basho, the sponsor company of the open source NoSQL database Riak, announced Riak CS, a new software platform for building multitenant cloud storage systems. Riak CS can be used to build public clouds, on-premise...»

The 5 Top Green Data Centers – HP is Getting There Too

Maria Deutscher | March 27th

In another one of those special posts on the Wikibon blog the research foundation looks into the seven most eco-friendly facilities out there. The green data center trend is picking up, thanks to vendor...»

Verizon Report: Cloud, Virtualization More Secure Than On-Prem

Matt Weinberger | March 26th

Late last week, Verizon issued its Verizon 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report, highlighting IT security issues. And while the telecom's own summary of the report highlights the rise of hacktivism - 58 percent of data...»

EMC Takes a Predictive Approach to Customer Service

Jeffrey Kelly | March 26th

There’s no better way to handle product quality problems than to prevent them from happening in the first place. That’s just what IT giant EMC intends to do and it recently launched an ambitious Big Data predictive analytics...»

Copperegg Updates Real-Time Monitoring SaaS

Maria Deutscher | March 26th

Copperegg has just revealed the newest release of its RevealCloud real-time monitoring software-as-a-service. The company proclaims its client base is in the hundreds range, deployed across thousands of servers, thanks to several advantages its product includes...»

Tracelytics Raises $5.2 Million For Web Application Performance Monitoring

Matt Weinberger | March 26th

Tracelytics announced today a a $5.2 million Series A round of funding led by Bain Capital Ventures. Tracelytics tackles the challenges of monitoring Web applications across an entire stack, between layers and hosts. In a blog entry,...»

The Hunger Games Wins Big: A Social Phenomenon

Saroj Kar | March 26th

After Harry Potter and Twilight, there's Hunger Games.  Like the other Hollywood sagas, Hunger Games is based on the bestselling children's literature by Suzanne Collins. Now turned into an epic film, Hunger Games opened Friday...»

DataDirect Reveals Two New Data Crunching Appliances

Maria Deutscher | March 26th

DataDirect Networks unveiled its two latest offerings today for general availability – the DDN SFA10K-M and SFA10K-ME appliances, designed to handle large data-driven workloads. “One of the key attributes of today’s Big Data is the lack...»

US Military Members Had More than 15,600 Accounts on MegaUpload

Kyt Dotson | March 26th

Megaupload proved to be an astoundingly useful resource for many people and fell quickly when they caught up in a feud with the big media industry in the form of the MPAA and RIAA. The picture painted by...»

The PC is Dead! Long Live the PC!

Steven Hodson | March 26th

The recent proclamation that the PC is dead and we are living in something called a "Post-PC world" are little more than some self-serving hyperbole. Just to clarify: PC actually stands for personal computer and if we go with that accepted terminology,...»