Mobile Today: a World of Gains and Losses

Mellisa Tolentino | January 24th

Last December, I wrote an article that lists which Android devices would get the Android 4.0 of Ice Cream Sandwhich update.  It was mentioned that Sony UK announced that Sony Tablet S and P would be...»

Nimble Hires Ex-Salesforce to Lead R&D

Maria Deutscher | January 24th

Nimble announced that it has put Jason McDowal in charge of spearheading the development of its latest solution. McDowal is now the Director of Product for the startup, which offers a unique CRM solution...»

RIM’s New Head Sticks with Plan, Even When Facing Patent Lawsuit

Mellisa Tolentino | January 24th

Research in Motion’s poor performance was blamed on the two co-CEOs of the company. Analysts were saying that RIM needed a more structured and streamlined chain of command in order for the company to function...»

3D Printers are Only the Vanguard for the Era of the Physible

Kyt Dotson | January 24th

As we adventure into our new-found future and legislation struggles to keep up with technology with Big Media companies fighting tooth and nail against digital copying what happens when we invent an era where physical copying is possible. This is...»

Video Vogue: Vimeo Reinvents Itself, Boxee Goes Live TV

Cherr Aira | January 24th

This year marks a major shift in advertising towards digital media, online videos in particular. A number of media companies and brands are heavily investing in this arena vis-à-vis the consumer’s redefinition of the...»

Visualize Mobile Threats Across Time, Space: Latest Lookout Labs Project

Kristen Nicole | January 24th

Launched last year, Lookout Labs delivers its fourth interactive app that allows you to zoom through time watching thousands of sparks light up the globe, each one representing a real person protected


Breaking News: Mark Lewis Head of EMC Ventures and Strategy Quits EMC Pat Gelsinger Takes Over

John Furrier | January 24th

I have confirmed that Mark Lewis, a long-time EMC executive has left the company. Mark Lewis was running EMC Ventures in Palo Alto and has stepped down to pursue an operating role at another company...»

Producteev Becomes a Universal Task Tool with New Apps

Kristina Farrah | January 24th

Aiming to “make everything taskable” across any platform, device service or channel, cross-platform task management provider Producteev is really spreading its wings.  Their service is now available as a web app, iPhone


Apple Denied Samsung Ban But Catches Up On Android Device Sales

Mellisa Tolentino | January 24th

The Netherlands is one of the battle grounds for a handful of the many lawsuits between Apple and Samsung.  And today proved that neither of them totally reign over that territory. Apple sued Samsung at a...»

“Don’t Be Evil” Takes On “Share Plus Your World”

Mellisa Tolentino | January 24th

Earlier this month Google launched “Search Plus Your World,” the integration of Google+ when users do an online search of anything.  Just a couple of days after the launch, privacy and anti-competitive issues were...»