Anonymous Leaked Symantec Source Codes, Crippled Law Firm

Mellisa Tolentino | February 7th

Sorry everybody for being silent that much. You won't believe it but Symantec offered us money to keep quiet. @YamaTough

After weeks of silence, that’s the tweet that came from YamaTough, member of the hacktivist


VMware’s New “Cloud” Integrator: No More Wrangling Manuals….Really?

Alex Williams | February 7th

More often these days  I hear about the added complexity that hosting providers face when considering adopting an infrastructure of the "cloud variety." They all pretty much require a level of sophistication. Thus, it's no surprise...»

Yes – Amazon Web Services Drops Prices…Again

Alex Williams | February 7th

Last week, Amazon Web Services made the astounding announcement that it had stored 762 billlion objects in 2011. With scale like this, it's apparent you need efficiencies. And with efficiencies, AWS is recognizing innovations. And those innovations...»

Quick Post: Vendors Quibble About Forrester’s Hadoop Leader Board

Alex Williams | February 6th

Yesterday I posted about the Forrester Wave reportby James Koblieus that ranked Amazon Web  Services, IBM and EMC as the leaders in the nascent Hadoop market. Well, it looks like some vendors have a few critiques. In an Information...»

What Happens When a PR Guy Scratches His Own Itch? Totem Launches Beta Today

Kristen Nicole | February 6th

It’s always interesting to see what press people come up with when they try to change their own industry.  There’s often an element of self-serving product pushing that’s borne of a long-standing need for change....»

Gamesmanship: Fusion-io Sold Twice as Much Flash Last Year as EMC – An Interview with CEO Dave Flynn

Alex Williams | February 6th

This morning, I listened to an interview Wikibon Analyst Dave Vellente did with Pat Gelsinger, EMC's COO. Gelsinger and the EMC team thumped on Fusion-io today, casting it as a one-off, to gain attention for...»

Symantec Launches New Versions of Backup Solutions

Maria Deutscher | February 6th

Symantec has released the latest versions of two of its enterprises backup and recovery offerings, which the company said took two years of 1,600 developers’ time to upgrade. Backup Exec 2012 and NetBackup v7.5...»

Joyent CEO Tells How Node.js Fits Into Mobile Strategy [Video]

Saroj Kar | February 6th

Joyent, the California-based cloud computing startup founded by Jason Hoffman, caught up with John Furrier and Alex Williams at theCube to talk about Node’s strategy and technical impact (full video below).  He discussed...»

Microsoft on Mobile: Upcoming Launch, Shaky Competitor Relations

Maria Deutscher | February 6th

Software giant Microsoft is one of the many companies heavily invested the PC industry that have decided to apply the phrase “if you can’t  beat them, join them” to their approach with the mobile...»

Physibles Come to Town with First Downloaded, 3D Printed Pirate Bay Ship

Kyt Dotson | February 6th

The introduction of the Internet, vast amounts of storage, and the ability to copy what we see in high fidelity into an electronic form has exploded the copyright issue wide open on a multitude of fronts. However, the...»