Ai-One Acquires Artificial Intelligence Services Startup, Auto-Semantics

Saroj Kar | August 4th

Ai-one, which provides technologies to build artificial intelligence into software programs, has acquired a local artificial intelligence services company, Auto-Semantics. Auto-Semantics provides solutions for big data and marketing problems like investor behavior and modeling consumer...»

Erasure Coding – The New Approach to Data Archiving

Bert Latamore | August 4th

Long term data archiving is a major problem for businesses of all sizes and market areas, but particularly for those who operate under regulatory environments that require long-term archiving of fairly large amounts of data...»

South Korean Cyberspace Under Assault From North Korean Hackers via China

Mellisa Tolentino | August 4th

Just as July was ending, the South Korean cyberspace was rattled when their social networking sites Nate and Cyworld were attacked by Chinese hackers.  Then just as August has started, the South Korean cyberspace fell once...»

Keep Budget Discussions at Lowest Business Level Amidst Debt Crisis

Bert Latamore | August 4th

CIOs should keep their language at “the lowest possible business level” when discussing their budgets with CFOs and CEOs, writes financial commentator Gerald Hallaren in a piece on titled IT and the economy:...»

Android Woes Grow as Developers Seek Revenues, Transparency

Mellisa Tolentino | August 4th

Google is fending off lawsuits from Microsoft, Apple, and Oracle to defend their Android OS platform.  The company has always stated that they have an open-source platform but their platform developers seem to think otherwise....»

Social vs. Serious Gaming: Zynga, EA Strategies Shift Gears

Mellisa Tolentino | August 4th

Zynga Inc.Electronic Arts Inc. and Walt Disney Co. have been dominating the social gaming scene ever since Facebook launched gaming in their network.  But most of...»

King of the Living Room?

Daisy Whitney | August 4th

Whether through apps, game consoles or connected TVs, Netflix is well on its way to living room dominance. The market for connected TVs with built-in apps for Netflix, YouTube and others is poised for massive growth in the...»

Sony Delays Launch of PS Vita, Focus on TV Sales

Mellisa Tolentino | August 4th

The holiday season is still a couple months out, but in today's rapid retail cycled environment, many manufacturers are planning release dates and timing product launches accordingly.   And people are getting excited for new...»

Pre-Earnings Recap on Fusion-io

Maria Deutscher | August 4th

Flash storage solutions provider Fusion-io is having its first earnings call today since it went public in June, making it a good time to recap on how the company has been doing in this timeframe.  The most recent...»

VoIP Wins Big as Carriers Chomp Data Plans, Skype Extends Android Device Support

Maria Pila | August 4th

Big things have been happening for Skype lately and the world’s best known VOiP app is only getting bigger and better, even more so since being acquired by Microsoft.  An updated version of Skype...»