This Week in the Cloud: Oracle-Salesforce Drama and More

Maria Deutscher | October 7th

This week featured the Oracle OpenWorld 2011 tech conference, and a host of other cloud industry updates.  Some of them directly relate to the enterprise IT giant, with the public cloud being one of the...»

It’s a Buyers Market in Tech: from HP to Sony-Ericsson

Mellisa Tolentino | October 7th

Acquisitions lead the path to expansion and growth for companies, as well as their reach to consumers.  This week, a lot of big companies finalized, announced or showed intent for acquiring companies that would supplement...»

Samsung’s Q3 Beats Analysts’ Expectations

Mellisa Tolentino | October 7th

Samsung's been undre a great deal of pressure these past few months, and between the lawsuits and successful sales numbers, there's several factors that could affect the mobile manufacturer's quarterly earnings.  But In an ...»

Curebit Taps Data to Fix What Ails You: a Study in Social Rewards

Kristen Nicole | October 7th

What’s in it for me?  It’s a question that springs to everyone’s mind when someone asks us to do something, and social media has gotten very lax with its calls to action.  Incentives seem to...»

Steve Jobs: Technology Doesn’t Change the World, People Do

Klint Finley | October 6th

This morning John Furrier wrote "In memory of Steve Jobs let all of us try to do some ‘amazing’ and ‘share’ it with everyone." That's a great challenge and one that everyone, Apple fan or not,...»

FlashSoft Update Spree Continues with 2.0 Release

Maria Deutscher | October 6th

FlashSoft announced the second and latest release of its FlashSoft SE software, which lets companies use SSD or flash PCIe  to supplement cache in the server.  This elimantes IO latency according to the company, which...»

The Perimeter is Dead, Long Live the Cloud Firewall

Nico Popp | October 6th

We are announcing Symantec O3 early access program, a new approach to securing enterprise clouds. But what is Symantec O3 really about? No doubt, cloud is an inexorableIT trend. However, CIOs and CISOs often cite security...»

Sony to Buy Out Ericsson: Mobile Takeover

Saroj Kar | October 6th

Sony is looking to buy out its mobile partner Ericsson’s share of mobile phone business, ending a partnership established in 2001.  According to reports, Sony is in the advanced stages of finalizing the deal....»

Big Data TV – Was This Steve Jobs’ Next Breakthrough?

Alex Williams | October 6th

Tim O'Reilly appeared on theCube earlier this year and made a remark about Apple's killer app. He said it was the app store. Why? It's the data that is in those apps that draws people....»

HP Acquisitions Take a Back Seat as Whitman Takes the Helm

Mellisa Tolentino | October 6th

Hewlett-Packard had another busy week.  Earlier in the week they announced that they already finalized their Autonomy deal, though investors aren’t too sure about the buy, especially when Oracle CEO Larry Ellison poked fun...»