Is there a new Zune HD on the horizon?

Steven Hodson | November 25th

“The big brown brick”. That is what the first Zune media player was often referred to as.  Then when the Zune HD was released it was generally well received, even by tech pundits who had previously discounted the


IBM and Samlink Ink New Agreement

Maria Deutscher | November 25th

IBM announced it has a signed a new agreement with Finnish banking and IT solutions provider Samlink to manage the company’s IT infrastructure across its more than 400 branch offices throughout the nation. The 28M euro and five-year...»

TiVo’s Revenues Dropped Again, Hopes Mobile Can Return it to Relevance

Isha Suri | November 24th

TiVo  just announced its sixth quarterly loss in a row, which is more evidence of bad times for the company.  It has reported a net loss of $20.6 million with revenues dropped by 12...»

Policy Lags Behind Technology, the Vanguard of Cyberwarfare

Kyt Dotson | November 24th

Cyberwarfare. The stuff of spy novels and giddily spiraling cyberpunk stories by the likes of William Gibson—while we don’t have vat grown ninjas yet, we do have the Information Age and the Internet and that means that...»

Kik App Unexpectedly Kicked-off BlackBerry

Madalena David | November 24th

According to Kik’s blog, BlackBerry has frozen the downloading service for the instant messaging application.  Also, the smartphone manufacturer has blocked access to the BlackBerry Software Development Kit and Signing Keys. There seems to be...»

5 Brilliant Indie Games You Haven’t Played

Ramine Darabiha | November 24th

Christmas is coming, and like every year, people are going to buy a lot of dull, expensive AAA games for their favorite console. I would like to share with you some different games I think you should

Nokia Appoints Jerri DeVard to Chief Marketing Officer

Kyt Dotson | November 24th

With Thanksgiving almost upon us, Nokia has a lot to be thankful about—they’ve just announced the appointment of Jerri DeVard to as its new Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. As a marketing mogul...»

Beating the Holiday Rush: Zappli Powers Social Shopping for iPhone

Cherr Aira | November 24th

Zappli has just revealed its new social features for its shopping too, the myShopanion app for the iPhone. Dubbed by Zappli  as the ultimate shopping companion, myShopanion breaks into the market in time for Black Friday and...»

Why Viacom and others are justified in blocking Google TV

George Ou | November 24th

Many in the blogosphere and advocacy groups are up in arms about Viacom and other television networks blocking Google from accessing their content on Google TV.  But there are many good justifications for this because content needs


Silicon Valley Goes To Oxford: Twitter Co-Founder Says It Would Not Sell for $5 Billion – Wants To Do More

Tom Foremski | November 24th

Every year the Saїd Business School, University of Oxford, hosts its "Silicon Valley Comes To Oxford" event and invites well known Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

At this year's event Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, was one of