HP Aims to Bring Seamless Experience Across All Devices

Jeffrey Kelly | May 25th

From desktops to tablets, there is no shortage of end-user computing devices on the market and HP has its hand in just about each one. Just today, in fact, HP released two new zero-clients, the HP t5335z and...»

SAP is Raising the Revenue Bar with Mobile and Big Data Analytics

Maria Deutscher | May 25th

Amidst HP’s software transformation under head Leo Apotheker, the former SAP CEO, the German software maker is also adoption a new strategy. Co-CEOs Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe have set the company a


Citrix Systems Stresses Proactive Support, Online Knowledge Sharing

Jeffrey Kelly | May 25th

Mike Stringer has been in the support services game for more than a decade and in that time he’s seen a dramatic shift take place. “Service was very tactical at one point,” said Stringer, managing director of support at...»

Millennial Media Acquires Condaptive Amidst Microsoft Buyout Rumors

Maria Deutscher | May 25th

Millennial Media, likely the largest remaining independent mobile ad network out there, is bulking up towards its plans for an initial public offering. The company made several moves as a part of this plan,


J. Tyler Rohrer: VDI’s Just Starting the First Inning

Doug Chandler | May 25th

Tech innovation is everywhere these days, and that includes the previously stodgy world of consultants and integrators who in the past were associated with dark suits, conservative ties and big expensive projects. “Services innovation is happening,” declared...»

The Bubble In Pretty Design: Flipboard Versus McClatchy Newspapers

Tom Foremski | May 25th

Silicon Valley investors love a pretty face especially if it comes with free content. That's what's working for Flipboard, a hot startup with an iPad magazine app with a very pretty user interface. Flipboard's ...»

Skype to Kill Asterisk VoIP Integration

George Ou | May 25th

There are reports that Skype will no longer license Asterisk integration after June 26 2011. Asterisk is one of the most popular open source software platforms for Voice over IP (VoIP)

BlueStacks Finally Makes Dollars and Sense; Android Apps on PCs

Kristina Farrah | May 25th

Bluestacks has been around for a couple of years now, but its founders Rosen Sharma, Suman Saraf and a couple other colleagues didn’t really know what to focus on. Not until Saraf’s daughter wanted to...»

Citrix’s Simon Crosby: Proprietary Stack for Mega-Clouds Don’t Exist … VMware Included

Jeffrey Kelly | May 25th

If you want to deploy a private mega-cloud -- that is, a cloud made up of at least 10,000 servers -- don't look to proprietary stacks, according to Simon Crosby, CTO of Citrix System's Data Center and Cloud...»

Speed the Key to SAP HANA’s “Fast Data” Approach to Analytics

Jeffrey Kelly | May 25th

SAP may be pushing its new in-memory analytics appliance, called HANA, as the company’s response to the Era of Big Data, but processing and analyzing increasing data volumes is just one part of the...»