Comodo Compromise Demonstrates Need for DNSSec Migration

George Ou | March 24th

Comodo, a company you probably never heard of which holds one of the many master keys to the Internet’s SSL X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system, admitted that their root certificate authorities have been

Oracle Earnings Call – Prepping Something Big?

Maria Deutscher | March 24th

Software giant Oracle will have its earnings call on Thursday, a full month before rivals, and according to some reports, its prepping for something big – a new initiative, or even a


And Doggonit, People Like Me!

Jeff Nolan | March 24th

We have been using Rah Feedback for a while now and by way of feedback… I’m not liking it. Rah is a lightweight feedback tool that your colleagues can use to evaluate you on a...»

Augmented Reality Platform Total Immersion Raises $5.5M, Led by Intel Capital

Isha Suri | March 24th

Total Immersion, a provider of commercial augmented reality platform has raised a funding round of $5.5 Million by a group led by Intel Capital, including its...»

Color: A $41m Bet on a Radical Social Mobile App

Tom Foremski | March 24th

Last week I was in Palo Alto, drenched by torrential rains but happy to catchup with serial entrepreneur Bill Nguyen and hear about his remarkable new startup Color, which today launched its iPhone and Android...»

MocoSpace Announces First Recipients in HTML5 Mobile Game Developer Fund

Kyt Dotson | March 24th

Last month, MocoSpace—an HTML5 mobile gaming platform—announced a fund of $1 million to help accelerate the development of HTML5 games for smartphones. The fund would then become a jumpstart for a select few developers who wanted to


JiWire Location-based Ad Network Helps Japan

Kristina Farrah | March 24th

With the disaster devastating a fraction of Japan, there has been a lot of relief efforts from industries across the globe to support the victims. Technology, particularly mobile, has demonstrated an incredible potency in raising...»

iPad and Android Business Tablet Apps: Take It to the Cloud

Maria Deutscher | March 24th

Tablets have already started to bite into PC sales, and the technology is storming through the workplace. While tablets haven’t maximized their workspace potential just yet, there are quite a few noteworthy tablet business


Juniper Networks Joins Eclipse Foundation, Extends Open Software Development

Isha Suri | March 24th

Juniper Networks has announced its participation in the Eclipse Foundation, forwarding its steps in open cloud development. The Eclipse Foundation is a leading open source community, having millions of users working towards an...»

EMC Bashfully Admits Being Hacked

Madalena David | March 24th

Art Coviellos, Executive Chairman of EMC, admitted that EMC’s security division, RSA, is currently the target of an advanced cyber attack. RSA emphasized the fact that the hackers have not managed to steal important corporate...»