The China Cloud: A Discussion with Enomaly’s Reuven Cohen

Alex Williams | September 15th

Reuven Cohen is the founder of Enomaly, a cloud services provider. He is also one of the original CloudCamp founders. He travels more than most people I know. And a lot of that...»

Dell Invests Further in Force10, Still Teams with Brocade

Maria Deutscher | September 15th

Dell, just like its long-time competitor Hewlett-Packard, is ticking its game up a notch in the enterprise space as its consumer business starts to show signs of decline.  Networking is one of the areas the...»

mSpot Takes on Mobile Music Cloud by Playing the Field

Kristen Nicole | September 15th

As Songza, the free cloud-based music service went mobile and released free apps on both iOS and Android platform, they follow in a long line of music cloud services all vying for their...»

Data is what You Need to Change Consumers’ Minds

Maria Deutscher | September 15th

This week’s DEMO Fall 2011 conference has really brought some innovative attention back to the social enterprise space.  A lot of companies showcased here, and some – like Hewlett-Packard – discovered some interesting statistics that...»

Fusion-io Gets DOD Support, and the Navy Too

Maria Deutscher | September 15th

Flash-based storage acceleration solutions maker Fusion-io has been growing steadily for some time now, and this is true for most of the segments it operates in.  That includes the public sector and government agencies using...»

TappIn Is The New HomePipe, Taps Into Salesforce

Kristen Nicole | September 15th

HomePipe is undergoing a transformation, with a major update and a new name--TappIn.  An innovator in digital content access and file sharing, TappIn is also launching new features that cater to the needs of professionals....»

Netflix and Hulu Suffer From Their Huge Mistakes

Mellisa Tolentino | September 15th

After Netflix announced their 60% price hike back in July, they have been bombarded with harsh words from an angry mob of subscribers who voiced their anguish on Facebook and other outlets.  Netflix was...»

Google Plus Public API: What It Can and Can’t Do

Klint Finley | September 15th

This morning Google announced via the Google Plus Platform Blog that the Google Plus API is now available to developers. You can find more information on the Google Plus Platform site. The initial API release is...»

Skype Update for Mac Features Facebook Integration

Kristina Farrah | September 15th

Skype has been speedy with their updates this year, releasing features, a brand new interface, a video call control bar and HD-quality video calling, to name a few. The latest in this string


U.S., Australia Tie the Knot with Cyber Mutual Defense Treaty

Kyt Dotson | September 15th

The United States and Australia have been close partners for almost 60 years when it comes to warfare since the day they signed into a mutual defense alliance, which now will be extended to include cyberspace as well. The...»