vChatter CEO Wants Video Chat to be ‘Pandora for People’

Kristen Nicole | November 23rd

The web has transformed the way we communicate with each other, and until recently, there’s been a lot of worry that online correspondence is making things less personal.  But with things like Skype video chat,...»

Temporary Restraining for FilmOn, Copyright Infringement Issues Affect an Industry

Isha Suri | November 23rd

As a result of latest development in their copyright infringement case, has been issued a temporary restraining order by a judge. The case was filed by Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC, America's four...»

Apple Works Through the Holidays, Including Black Friday

Maria Deutscher | November 23rd

Apple was never too eager to revamp its efforts towards Black Friday, the biggest shopping day in the U.S. where dozens of retailers take advantage of the yearly inventory purge. But lately they have been...»

Horn Group: Expanding Beyond Traditional PR

Tom Foremski | November 23rd

I recently caught up with Sabrina Horn, founder of the Horn Group, one of the larger San Francisco PR agencies. Here are some notes from our meeting:

- Horn Group's New York based business is expanding and


Cable-TV Time Warner Seeks Respite from Poor Economy

Kyt Dotson | November 23rd

As the economy continues to flounder and the rift between poor and well-off becomes wider, people have begun to cut back on their luxury expenses. One of those expenses happens to be how much they...»

Oracle, SAP Battle Ends with $1.67B Ruling… But is it Really Over?

Madalena David | November 23rd

Although the court case is officially over, SAP and Oracle continue to refer to each other in not so friendly terms outside the courthouse. Oracle accuses SAP not only of starting to act unlawfully...»

Spotify Shows its Holes – Record Losses in 2009

Kyt Dotson | November 23rd

Does everybody remember Spotify? They’re the first music streaming service to hit the iPhone with free tunes—but now they’re making electronic broadsheet headlines because people have started to obsess over their 2009 earnings. ...»

Tim Berners-Lee on Net Neutrality

Jon Henke | November 23rd

In Scientific American, Tim Berners-Lee seems to argue right past the important policy issues facing the Internet today.  Instead of describing actual policy or technology problems, he suggests implausibly apocalyptic outcomes.  For instance, Berners-Lee says…


Scale Computing Scales Up with Ingram Deal

Kristina Farrah | November 23rd

Scale Computing, a storage solutions provider for small-to-medium businesses, is now available to the growing base of U.S. resellers.  Today Scale Computing announced a partnership with Ingram Micro, VARs and other solution providers, and...»

Quest Software Release Automates on VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V

Madalena David | November 23rd

Quest Software is taking advantage of some key players in the cloud market to offer an updated version of vFoglight, the firm's solution for application visibility and virtualization.   vFoglight 6.5’s release brings an...»