Co-Founder of RockMelt Eric Vishria shares about Social Browsing and Hints at Mobile

socialnerdia | March 1st

Eric Vishria is the co-founder and CEO of RockMelt, a social media web browser based on Google’s Chromium. RockMelt is backed by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen and

Boxee Lands $16.5M in Recent Round of Financing

Kyt Dotson | March 1st

The company who brought us the Boxee Box last year has entered a new round of funding and managed to come out with a pretty penny. After taking months to move through beta and other developmental hurdles,...»

New Media Minute: How to Increase Video Views

Daisy Whitney | March 1st

If you’re a brand, publisher or content provider producing videos for the Web, you want people to find those videos. But what are some ways you can make sure your videos are easily

Heavenly Cloud Match: Fusion-io and Supermicro Break Records

Cherr Aira | March 1st

Breaking Records has been Fusion-io’s tradition. Tie it up with powerhouse Supermicro, and you get a solid pair that can deliver any time of the day. Their partnership was recently sealed as they both...»

Cisco’s Jabber Binds Communication Tools

Madalena David | March 1st

During the Enterprise Connect 2011 trade show this week, Cisco announced its Jabber team-up product, a unified communications app that centralizes several communication tools, such as instant messages, voice and video messaging, desktop sharing and...»

Nintendo 3DS Debuts in Japan, Sells Out Almost Immediately

Kyt Dotson | March 1st

The spiritual and direct successor to the handheld gaming throne of the Nintendo DS, the 3DS has certainly not failed to impress the crowds with its hype. Sporting a screen that displays 3D images without the need...»

New Lunch Network Brings the Buffet Table to You

Kristen Nicole | March 1st

There's a lot of data being created and shared across various networks, turning consumers into content creators and curators alike.  We're in the era of curated extraction, with existing and emerging web companies seeking a...»

Personal Cloud Management Shines at DEMO 2011, Pushes Consumer Trends

Maria Deutscher | March 1st

The Demo Spring 2011 conference introduced us quite a bit of interesting new technologies (including educational mindreading headsets), but personal cloud management was a segment which got a particularly large amount of


Cloud Storage Soaring High! Scality Beefs Up with $7M Series B Funding

Cherr Aira | March 1st

While the hunt for cloud storage is predicted to be one of the hottest items in the cloud industry, pioneer Scality swiftly secures $7 million in funding. This Series B grant is led...»

Privacy As an Asset; Saving Your Skin

Madalena David | March 1st

In the past few months we covered numerous articles related to privacy issues, from Facebook’s worm that had been downloaded around 28,000 times to Facebook’s apps third party data leakage to third parties,...»