A Cloud for the Future

Art Lindsey III | April 4th

Guest post by David Messina, Vice President, Product Marketing, Xangati With so much cloud computing hoopla, it is challenging for all of us in the industry to narrow the technology’s focus and keep it from flying too...»

Recent Upgrades to FCoE Make for Hot Topics at SNW Conference

Kristen Nicole | April 4th

The SNW conference kicks off today, bringing another seasonal discussion on cloud infrastructure, architecture and several other aspects of data in our current era.  With keynote speakers including Steve Wozniak, and several segments dedicated

Google TV Being Merged with Honeycomb and Gingerbread to Create Ice Cream

Kyt Dotson | April 4th

After “I”ce Cream was hinted at by Google CEO Eric Schmidt at MWC last month there’s been a lot of speculation as to exactly where this would lead—now it’s beginning to come out in the wash. ...»

Startup Sauna Goes to Russia

Natalie Gaudet | April 4th

The Startup Sauna has just finished touring Finland, finding two promising teams in the process to participate in its seed accelerator program. The second leg of the program starts will take place this week in Russia,...»

Android Still Proves Powerful Platform for Navigation Firms, Including Russia’s Glonass

Kristina Farrah | April 4th

Russia’s OAO Mobile Telesystem announced the launch of the first smartphone to have Russia’s Glonass satellite navigation system. Dubbed as MTS Glonass 945, it runs on Android 2.2, Froyo and is prices at RUB 10,490...»

SNW Conference Kicks Off Today: What the Inside of a Cloud Looks Like

Maria Deutscher | April 4th

SNW, the largest storage and IT infrastructure conference of its kind, hosted by Computerworld, will be held in the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara through April 4-7.

The event will


Mobile Marketing Trends Show Tremendous Growth

Isha Suri | April 4th

The mobile world is making several developments these days, with Mpire raising $3 million in a round led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Following this funding, the company also changed its name to AdXpose, which...»

Amazon May Soon Explore NFC Service for Mobile Payments, Retail Therapy

Kyt Dotson | April 4th

In a move that will set them up to compete with current mobile giants like Google and Apple, Amazon appears to be seeking entry into what will likely become the most lucrative expansion to handsets over the next...»

Big Data and Customer Service: Analysis & Optimization

Maria Deutscher | April 4th

Big data is one of the fastest growing trends in the IT industry, simply because of its potential. That potential stretches beyond just ad campaigns and also encompasses customer service and experience and loyalty.


Cloud Companies Face Legal Fiasco, Federal Courts Become Battlegrounds

Cherr Aira | April 4th

With information technology shaping the world that we know today, the industry has been attracting all sorts of controversies, lawsuits and wrongdoings. Patent infringement has become a staple food of the industry. One of the...»