The Reign is Almost Over as AT&T Revenues Drop and Loses iPhone Exclusivity

Cherr Aira | January 27th

After years of ruling the mobile service provider community, AT&T takes a setback with revenues and shares plunging down to almost 60%. The company only posted 400,000 net contract customers versus the 504,000 that Reuters’ experts expected...»

Preview SDK Tools for Android 3.0 Honeycomb, a Focus on User Interface and Design

Kyt Dotson | January 27th

Now that we’ve been waiting for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) for quite a while every little thing is magic, especially when it comes to preparing for the eventual release. Thus, when we heard about the release of a preview...»

Newest Skype Version for Mac Rolls Out, Delays on IPO

Kristina Farrah | January 27th

Skype has released their latest version for Mac, and its not in beta anymore!  It comes with a Premium Package deal, which features video calling, as well as a number of other user interface...»

The Truth About Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Dave Vellante | January 27th

You're Damn Right I Cloudwashed! In early 2009, members of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department from the University of California at Berkeley wrote a paper entitled “Above the Clouds, A Berkeley View of...»

IBM Embraces Cloud Adoption, Global Alliance and Improved Solutions

Cherr Aira | January 27th

Talk about starting the year with a big bang! IBM has made headlines again, with two important developments over the last few days: increased cloud computing adoption via LotusLive and building alliances globally. The New York-based...»

Bad News for Nokia as Profits Plunge 21% in Q4

Cherr Aira | January 27th

The world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer meanders through the highs and lows of the company’s global 2009 fourth quarter financial performance, and overall, it is quite a disappointing holiday period for Nokia as profits...»

We Have Seen the Future of Computers, Now if Only Microsoft Would Run with the Idea

Steven Hodson | January 27th

Up until most recently our computing experience really hadn’t changed much. Sure, we have seen some  advances, but there hasn't been anything revolutionary that has changed the common perception of what computers are and how we use...»

BlackBerry PlayBook Looking More like an Android Capable Platform Every Day

Kyt Dotson | January 27th

This particular rumor has been in the wind for quite a while now: that RIM might open up its upcoming tablets and smartphones using the QNX OS architecture to allow Android apps to run on their platforms....»

Coming Up: Paypal Mafia Godfathers At Inforum Commonwealth Club SF

Tom Foremski | January 27th

The former Paypal team is often called the "Paypal mafia" because of its size and its involvement in a tremendous number of new ventures. Coming up next week February 2 at Inforum at Commonwealth Club Max...»

Zune and Xbox Live in Canada? Finally, Some Answers

Steven Hodson | January 27th

One of the good pieces of news that came out of the Windows Phone 7 launch was that it would be released in Canada at the same time as it was in the United States....»