Apple Sets Publishers Straight: It Wants Money.

Madalena David | February 15th

Apple has struggled a bit for its subscription fees to maintain its "fair share" of app subscriptions. Back in January learned we learned that Apple received no money when publishers would bring an existing or...»

Cisco Reports Mobile Data Growth, Rolls out New Products at MWC

Maria Deutscher | February 15th

The Barcelona-held Mobile World Congress had seen a lot activity this week, and networking giant Cisco is also joining the mobile party with some news of its own. The first highlight is


VMWare Unveils Mobile Virtualization Platform on Android

Isha Suri | February 15th

VMWare has just unveiled a mobile virtualization platform to allow its employees to run a personal profile as well as have a separate profile for work applications. It's a growing necessity in the business...»

The Real Story Behind Cord Cutting Numbers

michaelturk | February 15th

The litany of posts and pontifications about cord cutting continues unabated, yet few people take the time to actually look at what’s really going on.  The Washington Post’s Rob Pegoraro recently touted the benefits...»

HP and VMWare Plan for Product Integration

Isha Suri | February 15th

HP and VMWare have disclosed their plans to collaborate once again for a product integration that involves customizing HP's TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System products with VMWare's vCloud Director packages. As reported by both companies, this integration will...»

Will Quorans Develop Enough Spine to Ensure Quality?

Hutch Carpenter | February 15th

On Quora, this question was recently asked:

Is the upvote bias towards more popular answerers a threat to quality on Quora?
One answer caught my attention, and it’s one with which I wholeheartedly agree:
I would say

How to Stream Videos from your Smartphone or iPad to Your TV

Daisy Whitney | February 15th

With the rapid rise in tablet and smartphone adoption, a number of apps and tech tools have emerged that allow users to stream videos from their mobile devices back to the TV. They include Airplay, Skifta, Eyecon, Rovi...»

Smartphones with Image Arrays Can Threaten Higher End Cameras

George Ou | February 15th

I was really intrigued by the Pelican Imaging array camera solution being pitched for Smartphones and other compact photography or video applications.  Since Pelican isn’t doing much talking right now, I did some thinking over the...»

Mobile Game Markets Take a Serious Leap Forward: The Android Symbiosis

Maria Deutscher | February 15th

GetJar, a leading cross-platform app store which reports 1.5 billion app downloads to date, announced it has raised $25 million in Series C funding. The sum was raised from Tiger


Nokia Plan B, the Sound of a Shareholder Revolt

Kyt Dotson | February 15th

A group identifying themselves as “nine young Nokia shareholders” has written an open-letter to Nokia’s shareholders and investors in a blog post aptly named “An open letter to Nokia shareholders and institutional investors.” In their...»