Nokia Plan B, the Sound of a Shareholder Revolt

Kyt Dotson | February 15th

A group identifying themselves as “nine young Nokia shareholders” has written an open-letter to Nokia’s shareholders and investors in a blog post aptly named “An open letter to Nokia shareholders and institutional investors.” In their...»

The Tech Industry Steadily Invests, AOL CEO and Others are All Over this Bandwagon

Maria Deutscher | February 15th

There have been a great deal of significant investments going on in the tech industry these past couple of weeks, and AOL Chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong has hopped on the bandwagon.


Brightstar Seeks to Turn Wireless Operators into Mobile Customer Whisperers with Big Data

Kyt Dotson | February 15th

With the slow rise of infrastructure supporting LTE networks, more-and-more manufacturers are building into the Internet of Things, and this means further pressure on wireless carriers to support the upcoming onslaught. On one hand, the...»

Virtual World Makes Room for Anime Revolution, Social Mobile Gaming Still the Target

Cherr Aira | February 15th

The virtual world’s horizon seems limitless and freely opens its doors to anything out there, especially within the mobile realm. Just recently, the iPhone family welcomed Domo via a leading social engagement company, WeeWorld. TinierMe,...»

Adknowledge Heads to iOS, Rounding Out Platform Trifecta

Kristen Nicole | February 15th

Adknowledge is rounding out its platform offerings quite nicely, with the launch of its iOS software developer kit.  Announced on day two of the Mobile World Congress on Barcelona, the new SDK comes on the

How Videogames Are Changing the Economy

Andy Kessler | February 14th

This fall, the Chinese National University of Defense Technology announced that it had created the world's fastest supercomputer, Tianhe-1A, which clocks in at 2.5 petaflops (or 2,500 trillion operations) per second. This is the shape of the world...»

Akamai and Ericsson Team-Up in the Cloud

Maria Deutscher | February 14th

Akamai and Ericsson announced a team-up at the 2011 Mobile World Congress this week, to create a mobile cloud acceleration platform extending Akamai's reach even further. The exclusive deal between the two


Netflix Takes the Shine Off YouTube and Hulu

Madalena David | February 14th

A Nielsen report revealing the current trends in the TV and film industry shows that Netflix is the top player in the online video domain.  The time spent per viewer on its streaming website have...»

M86 Security Report Sparks Conversations as Cybercriminals Evolve

John Casaretto | February 14th

Editor's Note: the topic of internet security is always of interest for a publication such as ours, and it's always nice to get a second (or third) opinion on things. From mobile access to malware

MetroPCS’s Got the Spirit. Of Net Neutrality, That Is. Dares FCC to See for Itself.

Kristen Nicole | February 14th

Another formal response from MetroPCS, as the wireless provider appeals to the FCC and Free Press regarding the investigation positioned against it.  This time, they dare the FCC to investigate, proving MetroPCS's non-compliance against net...»