Quit blaming Microsoft for slow adoption of Windows Phone 7

Steven Hodson | January 17th

A lot is being made of a statement from LG’s team director of marketing and planning, James Choi, where he says that from an industry's point of view, Windows Phone 7 could have


This Week in Mobile: Verizon iPhone, Google App Updates and Apple Solar Patents

Madalena David | January 15th

This past week has been a pretty active one for the mobile sector, with the most prominent story being the highly anticipated partnership between Verizon Wireless and Apple.  It is to have a considerable impact...»

Verizon-iPhone announcement buzz is overblown

John Casaretto | January 14th

The iPhone was recently announced for Verizon, and the tech world is predictably aflutter.  I have to ask though, in all honesty, who really cares?  Is it worth this much coverage?  Is this really news?

I don't think


EMC Sees Rise in Shares, Still after Novell Patents

Maria Deutscher | January 14th

EMC has had quite a lot of things going on lately, including a rise in share price, to today’s $24.31. EMC’s shares are 48% above their lowest trading price in the past


What Precipitated the 1990’s Dot Com Bubble Burst [by Steve Case]

John Furrier | January 14th

The founder of AOL Steve Case wrote today on Quora, the Q&A site, great response to the Question: What factors led to the bursting of the Internet bubble of the late 90's? Here is Steve's response in...»

Cloud Startup Nirvanix Taps New Marketing Blood

John Furrier | January 14th

SiliconAngle has been covering the big data movement like a blanket since last May. It’s all about massive amounts of unstructured data, cloud computing and the confluence of compute, storage, analytics software and game-changing business models. Next week,...»

Android Apps Appear to Make Use of NFC

Kyt Dotson | January 14th

We just got the news that the Google Nexus S with Android 2.3 would support Near-Field Communication we’ve seen news that developers have already jumped on the bandwagon and produced the first NFC  applications. ...»

Android Malware = Marketing Fodder for Security App Makers

Madalena David | January 14th

We all know that Android has more security vulnerabilities when compared to Apple.  The OS is open, ripe for malware apps, and sometimes plagued with a more lenient approval process for Market apps.  On the...»

Google is killing HTML5 to harm Apple iOS

George Ou | January 14th

One of my explanations for Google’s decision to drop native HTML5 support for H.264 is that it is a masterful bluff to secure more favorable licensing terms for H.264, but it just occurred to me


Google Voice Now With Google Translate

Kyt Dotson | January 14th

Google Voice brought us a sort of bridge between the Web and voicemail—I’ve been using it for quite some time now—but what we’ve really been itching for is something that’s been hinted at for a while: the...»