Windows Phone 7 Has Arrived! Here’s the Rundown.

Kristen Nicole | October 11th

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has unveiled Windows Phone 7 today, in all its glory.  A handful of devices for AT&T and T-Mobile offer a good start for consumer availability, and the specs aren’t half bad...»

The Hitachi Content Cloud: Unified Portable Data at Scale

Dave Vellante | October 11th

At the Hitachi Information Forum late last month I expected to see Hitachi announce a big fast box for OLTP applications. It did—the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform – VSP. But beyond all the product messaging that you’d expect


Scoreloop Broadens Gamer Networks to Samsung’s bada Platform

Kristen Nicole | October 11th

Scoreloop has teamed up directly with handset maker Samsung to bring its Social gaming SDK to the bada platform, as well as its infrastructure to the World Cyber Games.  With this deal, Scoreloop’s SDK will be available...»

Samsung, LG Among First to Launch Windows Phone 7 Devices

Kristen Nicole | October 11th

Windows Phone 7 should be here any minute, and handset makers are all ready for the new Microsoft mobile launch.  Samsung and LG are both reportedly launching their first cell phones running the Windows Phone...»

Microsoft Pulling the Plug on Massive In-Game Advertising

Kyt Dotson | October 11th

Looks like Microsoft Inc. might be shutting down their in-game advertising department, Massive. The idea: Let advertisers release specially formatted ads for display in-game so that players get to experience a changing marketing...»

Former Cisco Executive Vice President and Facebook VP of Technical Operations Join Clustrix

Kyt Dotson | October 11th

Clustrix, a technology company leading in the development of Internet-scale clustered database platforms, is getting a few big names added to their rolls. Don Listwin joined their board of directors, hailing as a...»

Convergence 2011: HP and QLogic at the Eye of the Cloud Computing Storm

Dave Vellante | October 10th

Virtualization and cloud computing are changing the velocity, agility and economics of the data center. However virtualization, combined with the explosion of data is placing unprecedented demands on I/O bandwidth and creating constraints for users. Despite conventional wisdom,...»

Infographic: The Rise of Facebook Mobile

Kyt Dotson | October 8th

Flowtown has published a mammoth infographic entitled “The Rise of Facebook Mobile.” And risen it has, into the hands of 150 million mobile users (up more than 200% since 2009.) The monster covers almost three pages of


IBM Stares Into The Future of Cloud and Storage – It’s About Storwize and Real Time Compression

John Furrier | October 8th

As I prepare for the big Hadoop World conference in NYC (which IBM will not be participating at), I am reflecting on IBM's storage event that they held yesterday in NYC.  Is IBM positioned for the future...»

Daily Brief #23: Poor, Poor Baldy – No Love from Ex “Softies”

Steven Hodson | October 8th

Paul O’Flaherty and I talk about Google TV, Windows Phone 7 haters, and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.