TinierMe Builds Virtual Economy Around U.S. Anime Culture

Kristen Nicole | December 17th

Social gaming is one of those things that we think about when we’re bored, or we see a friend win a new badge on Facebook (so glad to see that trend died down on Twitter). ...»

Oracle Accelerates Scalability and Enhancements Via MySQL 5.5

Cherr Aira | December 17th

Oracle’s unrelenting pursuit to provide innovations to MySQL users has spurred another enhancement, this time targeting scalability and new performance via MySQL 5.5. This new version of open source database was released today ...»

VMware Runs Virtual Machines for Amazon’s Cloud Move

Madalena David | December 16th

VM Import is the new service which will allow Amazon Web Services to import their internal data stored on hardware to the cloud. For this procedure, Amazon has teamed up with VMware, using API tools...»

Apple Mac App Store Due to Open Jan. 6th

Maria Deutscher | December 16th

Apple’s much anticipated Mac App Store as downloadable software will be available in a few short weeks, launching Jan. 6. The App Store helped to seriously drive sales for the iPhone and iPod, meaning that...»

Yahoo Shutting Down Old Investments Amidst Holiday Season Layoffs

Maria Deutscher | December 16th

Yahoo is planning to shut down 8 products and merge others. EVP of Americas Ross Levinsohn and Chief Product Officer Blake Irving officially announced this news and the products due to shut down


Browser Releases: iPad Skyfire Version, Updated Opera 11

Maria Deutscher | December 16th

Today we’ve seen two notable browser releases. The first one highlighted is a release of Skyfire for the iPad. The Flash-capable mobile browser converts Flash to HTML5 which is supported by the


Group-Buying Upswing: a Great Deal for Users and Businesses

Madalena David | December 16th

The group-buying format is becoming increasingly more popular. The attention towards the Groupon deal has brought a high level of interest for the group-buying model. The first significant mean of interest was Google’s acquisition, thought...»

Allmyapps Public Beta: The First Ever Independent Application Store for Windows

Kristina Farrah | December 16th

Boasting ease, simplicity, and speed, Allmyapps today announced the availability of Allmyapps public beta for users to discover, manage, download, and purchase favorite Windows applications. You can also share your favorite applications with friends, colleagues, and family through...»

Bing Rolls Out Fall Updates

Maria Deutscher | December 16th

Microsoft’s senior VP of online services Satya Nadella today announced in a blog post today that the company will be rolling out some updates for Bing throughout the next few weeks. The post highlights 4


Nexon Chooses Playspan to Expand Gaming Payment Options

Cherr Aira | December 16th

The North American publishing segment of Nexon Corp., Nexon America, has decided to partner with Playspan and tap its platform to power payments of Nexon Cash (NX) virtual currency. Playspan is the leading provider of monetization solutions for...»