Stupeflix Make Holiday Greetings Even More Fun With New Themes

Sarwat Jabeen | December 22nd

With merriness in the air, Stupeflix adds to the happy holiday atmosphere. This new and ambitious video creation platform has launched holiday themes. It will help in making interesting and fun greeting videos for...»

If Windows Phone 7 numbers are silly, then Android and iPhone numbers are crap

Steven Hodson | December 22nd

One of the subjects that Paul and I were talking about recently on Daily Brief; before Skype died on us, was the fuss being raised around the released numbers for Windows Phone 7 Sales. At this point, the...»

Skype Eyes the Enterprise Market, Faces Downtime Today

Isha Suri | December 22nd

Skype's new CEO, Tony Bates has some great plans for the company, and is seeking the enterprise market. This internet telecommunications company financially separated from eBay last year, who bought it in hopes of...»

Ambarella’s New Android Chip Enhances Videos, Photos

Sarwat Jabeen | December 22nd

There is good news for android users with a thing for photography and video. Ambarella has launched the i-One System on Chip (SoC) for Android phones. This is a Camera Application Processor chip which enables advanced HD

Places and Tagging Now Available For “1.5 Million” WP7 Users

holdenpage | December 22nd

Or is it really 1.5 million WP7 users? I don’t know, and I wish I cared more. I’ve never been a numbers guy, and personally, I was more excited to...»

The contradiction of CDNs and no paid prioritization

George Ou | December 22nd

With the text of the just passed Net Neutrality rules under lock and key, the FCC is trickling out some of the details regarding the ruling.  ArsTechnica’s Matthew Lasar noted that the FCC was...»

Breaking the Piñata

jamesdelong | December 22nd

By announcing that it is outlawing paid prioritization, the FCC is declaring that equal treatment is discriminatory. Even if a service is available to all at the same price, which some might think is...»

The Next Big Thing: Embrace the Cloud

Kyt Dotson | December 22nd

As computer networks began to grow and the possibilities of offloading both storage and computing from local machines became a reality, the cloud as we know it today was born. It lives as an emergent phenomena in


Sony Targets 15M PS3 Sales, Hopeful for Move and Other Projects

Isha Suri | December 22nd

Sony has targeted to sell a total of 15 million units of its PlayStation 3 Game Consoles during this financial year, ending March 2011. Sony PS3 experienced a sale of 13 million units last...»