Betterment Raises $3 Million in its First Round

Kristina Farrah | December 2nd

A smart online investing service for people seeking a better way to manage their savings, Betterment has raised $3 million in its first financing. The funds will be used for the advancement of its...»

Motorola Mobility Expands Software Portfolio, Acquires 4Home

Cherr Aira | December 2nd

Motorola Mobility, a segment of Motorola Inc.,  has inked a deal for the acquisition of 4Home,  an acclaimed developer of original and software services platforms that provide solutions on predicaments between consumer and devices...»

The Battle for the eReader Market

Madalena David | December 2nd

The eReader market has been dominated by the Kindle from Amazon and by the  iPad from Apple, according to a survey conducted on over 2,800 consumers by ChangeWave. The Amazon Kindle, currently holding a 47 percent share of ...»

Where: A Friend That Takes You To Great Places & Deals

Cherr Aira | December 1st

Location media company, Where publicized the release of a new feature for its local services— a new mobile search discovery tool with curated content from local experts and more.  This innovation is designed for personalized...»

Amazon pulls WikiLeaks from its web services

Madalena David | December 1st

Amazon has reportedly pulled WikiLeaks from its web services. Although usually hosting providers do not meddle in such issues,  WikiLeaks has left or lost its web host, namely

The WikiLeaks website has undergone a series


Google Reader for Android: Another Stand Alone App Launch

Maria Deutscher | December 1st

Google today announced in its blog it has released Google Reader for Android, as a standalone app. Reader for Android has numerous features, and is only one item in an array of


Kikked in the Face with a Lawsuit, RIM Takes No Prisoners

Maria Deutscher | December 1st

The Canada-based RIM sued Kik yesterday for allegedly infringing patents related to BBM. No exact details were disclosed, but the lawsuit does include accusations blaming Kik chief and former RIM employee


HP Champions webOS, Ditches Microsoft’s MediaSmart Server line

Maria Deutscher | December 1st

Hewlett-Packard will officially remove Microsoft’s MediaSmart Server line, including, Windows Home Server codenamed ‘Vail’ from its support lineup, as it will stop selling it as of the end of 2010.It's a big


OS Wars Continue to Heat up Alongside Smartphone Struggle

Kristina Farrah | December 1st

Big players in the mobile industry want prime positioning in the future of smartphones and operating systems. Nearly thirty percent of U.S. mobile subscribers own smartphones that run full operating systems, according to the October...»

Where’s MySpace’s New Android App? They Used to Be Top Dog in Mobile.

Cherr Aira | December 1st

To further penetrate the mobile devices entertainment and social networking market, MySpace has updated its mobile website and iPhone applications this week. The move aims to expand and enhance entertainment experience of users every...»