Your Facebook Likes are Now Bing Search Results

Kristen Nicole | October 13th

Microsoft is getting more involved with the social sector, powering instant personalization with Bing.  Microsoft’s Bing has been powering Facebook search for a little while now, but it was primarily focused around web results.  Relating...»

TweetDeck’s Android App is Official

Kyt Dotson | October 13th

Twitter aficionados with Google Android phones are about to get a new friend, TweetDeck just came out of beta and is available on the Android Market:

For those of you who haven't had the chance to test the

Amazon’s Hard Push for Kindle, Pre-Installs on Verizon’s Androids

Maria Deutscher | October 13th

Android has cut a fresh deal with Verizon, the ever-popular wireless voice and 3G data network provider serving over 90 million customers, to get the Kindle e-reader preinstalled “…on many Android devices…” running on their...»

Ning Stays Relevant, Continues to Chart its Own Course

Angela Connor | October 13th

I am always rooting for Ning.

From the very beginning Ning made things easy. People migrated to the platform for its ease of use and the sheer power it gave them to connect around an area of


4G Wireless Gets a Boost as Broadcom Acquires Beceem Communications

Kyt Dotson | October 13th

Broadcom Corporation just announced their acquisition of Beceem Communications amidst some fanfare from the wireless community. Broadcom is already a powerful player and innovator in the telecommunications industry and their acquisition of Beceem...»

Why Net Neutrality Rules and Broadband “Third Way” Reclassification Are Unnecessary and Unlawful

Glenn Manishin | October 13th

This is the opening paragraph of an article by this author appearing today in the Fall 2010 issue of Icarus, the newsletter of the ABA’s Communications & Digital Technology Industries Committee, Section of Antitrust Law. “If the


Drowning in Java: Oracle, IBM Deal Takes Aim At Android

Kyt Dotson | October 13th

At the heart of every Android phone is a platform that runs on a specialized form of Java. In fact, it’s at the core of the success of Google’s smart phone line, which is why...»

Apple Patents New Censorship Technology: Encore to Big Bro Status?

Maria Deutscher | October 13th

Apple, quite notorious for having a bit too much control over its products’ content than some would favor, has recently patented technology which would enable an even more advanced means of filtering communications on its...»

Sony Launch of Google TV Device: Go Blu-ray!

Sarwat Jabeen | October 13th

Sony has officially announced their range of Google TV products. This includes 4 HDTV's and the Google TV Blu-ray player. These products are priced in the range $399.99 to $1,399.99. You can give your pre-order...»

Apple Shares Hit $300, Mega Milestone for Consumer Electronics Market

Kristen Nicole | October 13th

Apple shares are at an all time high, rising above $300 for the first time.  It’s a major milstone for Apple, and confirmation of its influenc in consumer electronics within our current market.  Opening at...»