IE9 To The Corporate Rescue?

Anthony Farrior | March 17th

In the corporate world, we still use Internet Explorer 6.

Yes, I know how shocking and lame that is, not to mention how slow GMail is on it but in a software environment, IE6


What the Heck is Cyber-Anthropology [#SxSWi]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | March 17th



That was just about my reaction as well.  I met Diana Martin in the SxSWi Bloggers Lounge early Saturday morning, who is a UX (user-experience) specialist at The Planet (a large


Why SxSW Doesn’t Suck

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | March 17th

Like many of you, I woke up yesterday to a bitter post on Jolie O’Dell’s personal blog entitled “Why SxSW Sucks,” which has acted as some sort of magnet for many of the non-attendees of


The largest gaming companies in the world you didn’t think about

Ramine Darabiha | March 16th

When talking about gaming giants, people will most likely name drop Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and sometimes Capcom, Sega and Activision. All makers of “triple A”, mainstream games. Very rarely d o people think of casual


Leo Laporte Visits Austin. Has Lunch.

springnet | March 12th

Lunch with the greatest podcaster of our generation? Why not. He tweeted. “Lunch at Ironworks.”


Twitter Data Suggests A New Class Of Web User – 80/20 Rule Applies

John Furrier | March 12th

A report by Mashable that walks through data researched by Barracuda Networks Labs speaks volumes on what I call a new class of web user.  The fanatic, engaged early adopter.

We (SiliconAngle labs) were


Starting this Friday: The Cube, Broadcasting Live from Austin [SxSWi]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | March 11th

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a little gathering of geeks taking place in my home state, starting this week, called South by Southwest. Naturally I’ll be down there attempting to bring relevance from the chaos


Crowdsourcing and the Design Community

Hutch Carpenter | March 11th

This is an issue that I simply cannot wrap my head around. Spec work appears in the design field infinitely more times than any other industry. It absolutely floors me that people think that it is even remotely


Google Buzz and the Social Inbox War

Hooman Radfar | March 10th

Google has officially started a war.  With the launch of their life-streaming product this week, Buzz, competitors with established mail products such as Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL are now officially on notice.  Get social - fast. Buzz...»