Y2K Bug Deja Vu: Y10K Bug Hits German Banks

Kristen Nicole | January 6th

Y2K seemed like a real threat to us all, and that was only ten years ago.  Now a 2010 bug has affected millions of German bank customers, rendering their credit cards useless until the glitch


2010 Predictions: Trends and Companies to Watch in the New Year

Daisy Whitney | January 5th

Now that the new decade has started, what new media trends should you be looking out for? In this first New Media Minute of the year, Daisy Whitney shares five trends and


Have a Twitter Account? You Too Can Be a Community Manager! [Not Really]

Angela Connor | January 5th

It is very rare for me to devote a post on my blog to dismantling another posted elsewhere on the web.  And I’m not going to do that exactly, but I wouldn’t be able to rest 


Who Really Owns a Community?

Jeff Nolan | January 5th

Taunton Press is a respected publisher known for a family of publications beginning with “Fine” as in Fine Cooking, Fine Homebuilding, Fine Woodworking, and Fine Gardening, we well as series of hard bound books and


Why Twitter Should Worry about Seesmic’s Acquisition of Ping.FM

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 4th

Earlier today, Seesmic announced the acquisition of Ping.FM, a service that allows folks to streamline updates to around fifty different social networks as easily as they update any one of their social networks.



The Most Influential Devices of 2009, an Informal Poll

idarose | January 4th

As I sat pondering the consumer electronics device most influential to me, personally and professionally, in 2009, I am torn. I am never a foot away from my Palm Pre, a device I adore and use


My Short List From Past 10 Years

John Furrier | January 2nd

Top Macro Trends of 2000s 1. Demand for online, Internet, and web 2. Proliferation of wireless capability 3. Social media –old way: one way broadcast web - email; new way: two way web – consumer...»

SiliconANGLE’s Highlights of 2009 [Popularity Contest]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | January 1st

2009 was an interesting year.  A lot of folks have made mention that 2009 wasn’t the greatest year for many of us, but in my mind, it was an interesting year of recovery.  Personally, I started


Happy New Year

John Furrier | December 31st

2009 was the year SiliconANGLE was born. What a great year. In our first 10 month of existence we managed to produce over 1100 posts reaching over 600,000+ unique users. What's more exciting is the...»

2010 Predictions: Ken Camp and Sheryl Breuker’s Lists

Ken Camp | December 31st

[Editor’s Note: Ken Camp was one of the first to turn in his reflections and predictions posts here at SiliconANGLE, but he and his wife Sheryl Breuker wanted to sit down and talk at greater length about what