How to Ditch Your Cable with Netflix and the Roku

Art Fewell | December 30th

Not long ago, I set about the task of completely ditching my cable subscription, and stumbled upon a solution that is really cheap and really easy, withou thte need to sacrifice comfort or quality. If you...»

2010 Predictions: Art Lindsey’s List

Art Lindsey III | December 29th

Just like everyone else here at SiliconAngle, I have been asked (no, ordered) to do a predictions post for 2010.  That being said, we all know that everything in the tech world is open to interpretation. 


Open Standards and The Common Ground (As I See It) [DataPortability]

chrissaad | December 29th

Over on the Open Web Foundation mailing list Eran Hammer-Lahav who, despite his gruff and disagreeable personality, I respect greatly for his work in the development of open standards, is effectively calling for a complete shakeup of


Microsoft’s Mobicast Heralds a New Twitter Generation

Kristen Nicole | December 28th

  The new wave of the Twitter generation is upon us.  A new project from Microsoft's Labs in Egypt are working on a video synthesis product that recognizes when uploaded content from multiple cell phones are being


Headlines Proclaiming Things Dead are Dead [Recursion Error]

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | December 28th

I was just going to comment on this as a shared item, but I don’t think I can keep this rant of Andy Rooney-ish proportions down to few enough words to work for that little text


Nigerian Facebook Page: The Legacy of Mr. Sizzly Pants

Robert Lee | December 28th

Now this is just a little interesting. In the 24 hours following that stupid pants-burning "terrorist" attempt on the Northwest Airlines flight coming into Detroit from Amsterdam, over 4,000 Nigerians have joined a new Facebook page -


Vokle, the Virtual Town Hall

Robert Scoble | December 24th

A microsite application puts the functionality of a television studio — switching between cameras and remote video feeds, among other things — into a simple computer, and the video stream can be embedded and displayed in


Access will be Denied in 2010

Angela Connor | December 23rd

I don't have a list of ten predictions. I don't even have five. But I do have one and I feel rather strongly about it.

Okay, a great number of people are


2010 Predictions: Rich Wong’s List [Venture Capital]

Robert Scoble | December 23rd

I sat down with Rich Wong Sunday, to talk 2010 tech predictions, and reflect on 2009. He helped fund AdMob as well as a raft of interesting companies as one of the venture


2010 Promises More Real-Time and Convergence

Robert Scoble | December 23rd

Jeremiah Owyang and Ray Wong are two of the best analysts in the tech industry.

The two former Forrester Research Inc. analysts recently joined the Altimeter Group founded by  Charlene Li, who also