Google Augments Reality with Museum Views, Auto Check-in on Maps

Madalena David | February 1st

Google’s latest working update on Street Views is the Art Project, a collaboration between Google and 17 of the most famous museums in the world, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA in...»

New Media Minute: Augmented Reality Gets Practical and Social Gaming Ads Get Big

Daisy Whitney | February 1st

Augmented reality is one of the sexy new areas of the digital marketing business and it may finally be shifting away from gimmicky uses and to practical world applications. For more details, watch this week's New Media Minute...»

Microsoft’s Survey for Location-Based Services and Data Privacy

Isha Suri | February 1st

Did you know that last Friday was Data Privacy Day?  It sounds kind of geeky, but it's an important reminder of the era we live in, where your data could be used in ways you're...»

LinkedIn Updates Ad Options, Facebook Sees Low CTR

Maria Deutscher | February 1st

LinkedIn recently launched LinkedIn Ads, fresh out of beta and with the addition of specific targeting options for network marketing. The previous advertising options only included limited demographic targeting, like


Egypt Unrest Boosts Al-Jazeera Traffic, Citizens Tweet without Web Access

Maria Deutscher | February 1st

The Egypt Unrest is a receiving a lot of attention internationally, and from online viewers too. The TV network has seen its web traffic increase 2,500 percent at the time of its


Privacy and Do-Not-Track: Let’s Allow Some Nuance Into This Discussion

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | February 1st

I’ve been following the stupidity of EPIC and CDD’s war on the internet, in the form of their idea, the “Do Not Track” list for many years now, starting with my days at Mashable, and continuing...»

Mixtent Launches its Own Website to Track, Rank Professional Skills

Kristina Farrah | January 31st

After being in beta for several months, Mixtent, a website that tracks your professional reputation online, announced the official launch of its website this morning. The social network aims at helping people hire and...»