Are Microsoft’s layoffs signs of trouble for channel partners?

Tavis J. Hampton | August 8th

When Microsoft announced plans to lay off approximately 18,000 employees last month, it sent a chill through  its vast network of nearly 400,000 channel partners. While many of  the employees who will lose their...»

Adatao bids to make Big Data easy for everyone

Mike Wheatley | August 8th

Big Data startup Adatao Inc., is bidding to make business intelligence not just easier, but also more accessible. It's doing so by attempting to bridge the gap between data scientists and...»

Will the Ecuadorean ‘Bitcoin’ be the nation’s salvation?

Mellisa Tolentino | August 8th

Ecuador’s economy has been in deep trouble since President Rafael Correa decided to increase spending on public works projects and social programs designed to reduce poverty. Though the intentions were good, the policy has


IBM builds a “brain-like” chip that can sense its surroundings

Mike Wheatley | August 8th

After more than a decade of research, IBM Corp., has developed a radical new chip design that functions just like the human brain. Known as TrueNorth, IBM's new chip features a “neuromorphic” design that has...»

Google Hangouts will get a lot smarter with the aquisition of Emu

Kyt Dotson | August 7th

Google just enhanced its AI stable with the acquisition of Emu, a texting app with a built in artificial intelligence assistant. The assistant allows users to schedule lunches, share location, and set reminders without needing to go through the...»

Mimosa promises to bring Google Fiber speeds to Wi-Fi networks

Maria Deutscher | August 7th

While traditional Internet providers are still scrambling to come up with a response to Google Fiber, a startup called Mimosa Networks Inc. is leapfrogging ahead with new low-cost backhaul hardware and a suite of complementary cloud services for...»

Social Media Chat – Are Brands Always On? #SocBizChat

John Furrier | August 7th

Great CrowdChat today on the question of: Is Your Brand Always On? Think like a media company. Learn how businesses are developing successful brand strategies.     ...»

IoT developers feel the love with new API directory and conference

Mellisa Tolentino | August 7th

The month of August ushers in a new addition to SiliconANGLE’s Smart World Series, called Smart DevOps, showcasing the tools, platforms and products geared towards developers making apps for connected devices.

To kick things off, this week’s


Two Tap cuts out the middleman for in-app and on-site buys

Rachel Schramm | August 7th

Two Tap has released an automated checkout service that is designed to enable consumers to make purchases within apps and without leaving websites. The San Francisco-based startup, which has raised $2.7 million in seed...»

Bitglass nabs another $25 billion for public cloud firewall

Maria Deutscher | August 7th

With the workplace now extending beyond the four corners of the office into the public cloud and the mobile universe,  the traditional perimeter-centric approach to securing corporate data has become all but obsolete. Yet while much of the...»