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siliconANGLE.com Project – A Collaborative Hub of Peers and Colleagues

Introducing a new blog siliconANGLE.com

I’ve been thinking for sometime now about starting a new blog that is different than the current blogs out there today – one that adds something new, different, and interesting to the conversation.

I’m launching this new blog siliconANGLE in the effort to create a different approach to blogging and collaboration.  siliconANGLE.com is a blog that promotes quality content and quality people – “the Angle” on new and interesting things about the social web and new technology.

Silicon Angle hopes to leverage all the benefits of the ‘real time’ web and the growing user base of quality professionals out there who are blogging and twittering.  This blog is my hobby.  It’s not funded by venture capitalists or anyone else, so it probably won’t be as big and professional like CNET, GigaOm, Mashable, or Techcrunch.

My expectations are low, and I don’t look at this as competition with the big sites, but instead adding to them – I’ll link to them often.  I really want to know what I can add to this new blog and what features people would enjoy, need, or desire to see here.  All input is welcome, but most likely I can’t implement all of them by myself.

The goal is to create quality content, promote ideas, and create opportunities for people and companies.  We place the highest value on people that promote and create innovation, jobs, wealth, peace, and better global citizenship as well as to work for the intellectual and social achievement of society.

I’m looking forward to improving the site (yes it needs work if you have ideas then join and help make the site better), collaborating with new friend, working with other entrepreneurs, and  developing “The Angle” on new ideas and opportunities.

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Background – Why I’m Doing This Now

My personal blog Furrier.org has been gaining traffic over the past year where I have been posting only my opinion. I’ve been approached by many of my friends who want to post on my blog and have quality conversations with me, but they don’t want to start a blog and deal with the hassles of blogging (believe me there are tons of hassles in blogging).  Fact is, most quality people think blogging is boring – unless it’s part of a group of peers.  I’m now going to take the approach of peer blogging and make that the core mission of the siliconANGLE project (this blog).  It will start with my friends and colleagues then include their friends and colleagues and so on.  It is for people who have something interesting and deep to say – content that complements the current blogosphere and twittersphere.

The purpose is to develop The Angle with interesting and important people, ideas, and conversations.

Why create siliconANGLE?  Do we need another blog?

Why create a blog when blogging seems to be so “yesterday”?  Well blogging compliments the real time web in a big way.  For me it’s about innovation and invention.  This blog will be focused on the positive trends in entrepreneurship and new invention around the social web and technology.

Over the past year I’ve guided a few other entrepreneurs and business executives to succeed based upon my knowledge and experience.  I’m looking to continue that and see if we can create a new approach to sharing experiences and knowledge to help others.  My goal is to create a global collaborative hub.

This is a self-funded project, and my expectation is to take it slow at first.  So I’m  looking for advice, guidance, and support.  Comment, email me, or join.

Silicon Angle Imperative – A Mandate To Create Positive Change

The mandate of siliconANGLE is to promote entrepreneurship, discovery, and invention to create sparks of innovation which will spawn new venture creation.   The siliconANGLE group is dedicated to recognizing those ‘rock stars’ that have something interesting to say or contribute.  We place the highest value on people that promote and create innovation, jobs, wealth, peace, and better global citizenship as well as to work for the intellectual and social achievement of society.

Old School Philosophy – Power of Quality

Back in the early days of blogging I realized that there is a powerful impact of publishing quality voices, ideas, opinion, and analysis of people creating new products, companies, and markets.  What I’ve found is that the power of publishing about quality ideas and quality people not only creates a good user experience, but also creates relationships that can create positive change – one that causes people to connect and collaborate.

As an entrepreneur I see the value in a blog that creates a collaborative peer-group atmosphere that takes the ‘real time’ news and information and turns it into quality content with ideas, commentary, analysis, and opinion – a conversation.  A conversation among peers and colleagues.

Positioning of siliconANGLE – Social Science Meets Computer Science

siliconANGLE is a place where computer science meets social science.  This blog will be a open place for quality people to post content about the changes going on around the world in context to social and technology change.  siliconANGLE is a place for people who want to blog without all the hassles of being a full time blogger.  It’s a collaborative hub of peers and colleagues.  Everyone is welcome to join, comment, and share links, but only individuals that have been vetted and approved can post.

We’ll be doing podcasts as well as blogging and twittering in topics such as news, trends, social media, infrastructure 2.0, politics, research and development, companies that are innovating, venture capital, startups, and places of innovation like Silicon Valley and international equivalents.  We will have a strong editorial policy to provide the best content from the most qualified people and this will include people from companies.  There is no church and state business model here.  The group will allow content from corporations on any topic as long as it’s relevant.  The overall mission is to promote quality and discourage useless information.  The goal is to provide signal not noise.


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