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DEMO 09 Class of Demonstrators!

siliconANGLE was lucky enough to obtain (through a new loyal reader) an exclusive look into the DEMO09 Palm Desert Conference that is taking place March 1-3, 2009.

Would you like to see what is in store for the conference as in – who is going to be there as well as the schedule of events? Download your copy of the PDF today, so that you’ll be ready to know what is happening next week at DEMO09!

But first, wouldn’t you really like to know who is going to be there?

Who Is DEMO’ing?

BitGravity, Inc.
Home-Account, Inc.
Zipadi Technologies, LLC
7 Billion People, Inc.
Liquid Media, LLC
eFormic, Ltd.
Coveroo, Inc.
Promptu Systems Corp.
HAM-IT, Inc.
Asurion Mobile Applications, Inc.
bluBuzz, LLC
Skout, Inc.
Always Innovating, Inc.
Avaak, Inc.
Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc.
Silverstone Solutions, Inc.
Ensembli, Ltd.
Evri, Inc.
Purewire, Inc.
Qubes, Inc.
Gazaro, Inc.
HowSimple, LLC
Primal Fusion, Inc.
Kutano Corp.
Xandros, Inc.
Symantec Corp.
Jadoos, Inc.
deskNET SA
AppZero Corp.

Where Will They Be Located?

Company – Station Location
7 Billion People, Inc. 12
Always Innovating, Inc. 7
AppZero 5
Asurion Mobile Applications, Inc. 3
Avaak, Inc. 2
BitGravity, Inc. 39
bluBuzz, LLC 13
Cc:Betty, Inc. 29
Citrix Online 11
Coveroo, Inc. 33
deskNET SA 34
Document Depository Corp., LLC 15
eFormic, Ltd. 20
Ensembli, Ltd. 27
Evri, Inc. 31
Gazaro, Inc. 30
HAM-IT, Inc. 4
Home-Account, Inc. 17
HowSimple, LLC 26
Jadoos, Inc. 8
Kutano Corp. 18
Liquid Media, LLC 19
Ontier, Inc. 37
Primal Fusion, Inc. 25
Promptu Systems Corp. 24
Purewire, Inc. 14
Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc. 1
Qubes, Inc. 22
Silverstone Solutions, Inc. 21
Skout, Inc. 40
SmartyCard 6
Symantec Corp. 9
Technicopia, LLC 32
Transformyx, Inc. 38
Vokle, Inc. 36
Xandros, Inc. 10
Zipadi Technologies, LLC 23
Zuora, Inc. 16

Need to know more? Just download the PDF and you’ll be completely filled up and informed with DEMO09 knowledge. We’ll add more, such as company links as we find that information out. d


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