UPDATED 08:14 EDT / FEBRUARY 27 2009

iPhoneMania Only in Certain Locations

iPhoneMania is only happening in certain locations. Japan as I just read happens to not be one of them!

From reading that article and finding out about journalist/author Nobi Hayashi’s phone, why would you want an iPhone? I mean come on, his phone is something that gadget freaks here in the USA would go absolutely ga-ga over.

The specs on his Panasonic P905i are something like this – “3-G, GPS, a 5.1-megapixel camera and motion sensors for Wii-style games” plus it doubles as 3 inch TV! Apparently having on the go television is the thing you really need to sell a phone in Japan. After you view that above video on the phone, you may also have to conclude that many US consumers are more about style and looks than the power in the phone. That Panasonic P905i is pretty ugly!

While Japan may never be the big market for the iPhone, the US market keeps growing no matter the 2 year contract that AT&T locks you into. Big media companies such as CBS have realized the content delivery vehicle that the iPhone can be for them.

They are not the only company to be taking advantage of the app store. Even though CBS’ app entry will likely be very popular since it’s bringing TV to the iPhone, the thing that is most enticing about the device and the app store are the smaller companies that are being created. While the early reviews on the new TV.com CBS app are so-so, that will mean only one thing. More developers are going to try to create a better app!

We found out that one of the many companies that are being showcased at DEMO09 is a company called Skout. @redg left a comment of disappointment that we were given a copy of the DEMO09 list early without the disclosure of it being under embargo.


While we have no advanced knowledge on what this app company is going to present at DEMO09, the link in the above comment does showcase a Skout app that promises to turn your iPhone into a dating machine!

The team here at siliconANGLE wishes Skout as well as all iPhone dev’s best of luck for a profitable future. Maybe if Apple can somehow make the iPhone a must have item over in Japan, it will really open up the big wave of opportunity for iPhone app developers in the not so distant future.

The Japanese market, if tapped by Apple iPhone, could prove huge. Not only that, with the items that were mentioned in the above article being fixed such as camera and video as well as contract and pricing, it would open up even more markets for those that are resisting being an iPhone owner. Currently in Japan, the tactic at spreading the word is giving the iPhone away for FREE. That will only probably work for a short period of time.

Price, contracts, camera – video capabilities – all things that Apple must seriously consider as the rumors have already been circulatating about iPhone’s newest version. I’m sure this new iPhone will be released in the very near future with all the proper fanfare surrounding iPhoneMania!

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