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Not Quite Mainstream – Twitter

When does twitter become mainstream? That is a question I think that many truly wonder. It’s too mainstream for CenterNetworks to cover anymore. Allen threw his hands up in the air last month and declared that he would no longer be writing about every twitter app that is coming down the stream to him.

Every day we receive between 8-10 emails and phone calls about the launch of a new Twitter application. And everyday, I reply to each one with the same thing… we try to stay away from covering Twitter every single day.

This morning I was sent a link to a new twitter related site called TopFollowFriday. Many of you already know what #followfriday is.

For those that are not on twitter yet or who do not know, it’s basically something that people started to do on Friday’s giving out props basically to people they follow. It’s a viral way to get more followers. It’s not only for Friday’s as I just went there and someone updated 6 minutes earlier with that hashtag.

Evan Williams swears that twitter will be mainstream in 5 years. I’m thinking he is wrong. I’m thinking that with so many people focused on this recession as well as being victims of it, twitter is getting a shot in the arm at the right time. Either he stated that it will be mainstream in 5 years to be humble, knowing deep down inside that it was about to bust wide open, or he is just not in touch with how big twitter has really grown even in the last month.

Normal people are starting to use twitter now. For example, last night on the local news, right before the sports started, the weather person, the main anchor and co-anchor were talking. The sports guy broke in and said “It’s time for the sports, you all can go back to your twittering now!” Also, a local well known local sportswriter is now on twitter.

Congress is starting to embrace twitter like the stimulus package it doesn’t have for itself. You know twitter has gone into viral mode when John McCain who hardly knew computers on the campaign trail last year is fully onboard this twitter train. Missouri’s own Claire McCaskill tweets quite regularly, and the list of congressional tweeters is growing daily.

McCain 2.0 is now plugged in, sending multiple “tweets,” as Twitter messages are called, several times a day. “We have the most followers out of any congressman,” boasts his spokeswoman, Brooke Buchanan, “topping over 122,000.

John McCain feels that twitter is so important, he has two accounts! Here is the original John, and now the Senator John! Senator John has the reported over 122,000 followers.

Of course Hollywood jumped on, and it’s been reported everywhere about the elite on twitter.

The ranks of Twitter-using show business people are swelling: married actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Kutcher; “The Office” star Rainn Wilson; “The Closer” creator James Duff; Emmy-winning TV director Greg Yaitanes, who invested in the company; and talk show host Jimmy Fallon, among many others.

While John Stewart may be comically skeptical about twitter, it seems like the rest of the world and country are finally waking up to the service in a big way. Hopefully Grunter and Voweler get a boost from his video. You need to go watch the video to find out who Grunter and Voweler are!


Are you on twitter yet? When do you think twitter will be mainstream (or do you already believe it is)? Do you think that twitter going mainstream is a good thing?

We’d love to hear why you are on twitter or why you refuse to be on the service. If you are on twitter you can follow us here: siliconANGLE, John Furrier, Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins, Rex Dixon.

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